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Old 05-13-2003, 12:43 AM
Bless you, ilovemovies. Its so great to have someone quote my review and not tell me how much of a raving idiot I am for giving such a classic, genre stating movie a low rating.

I am eternally in your debt
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Old 05-13-2003, 01:11 AM
Originally posted by urbanlegend23
Bless you, ilovemovies. Its so great to have someone quote my review and not tell me how much of a raving idiot I am for giving such a classic, genre stating movie a low rating.

I am eternally in your debt
Well it is a cult classic, not a mainstream classic. So only a certain small group of people love it. Mainstream audiences know what an awful movie it is. And I'm extremely easy to please. I mean I liked Crossroads, The Adventure of Pluto Nash, Mission to Mars, Eye of the Beholder and Pay it Forward. So when I think a movie is crap it must be crap
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Old 06-14-2003, 09:34 AM
Worth bumping to the top as yesterday bore the title....

"Friday the 13th" 1980


Directed by: Sean S. Cunningham ("DeepStar Six")

Written by: Victor Miller

Starring: Adrienne King, Betsy Palmer, and a relatively unknown Kevin Bacon

Makeup/effects by: Tom Savini ("Dawn of the Dead")

Plot: Teenage camp counselors are mysteriously mudered at a camp with a grisly past history- two murders and a child drowning. Is there a curse upon the camp...and if so is it supernatural or just some run of the mill crazy?

Review: In general, I concur with most of what Cyclonus posted in his review. I'm apt, though, to give points for historical nature/impact. Rightly or wrongly this film is deemed a "classic" of the horror genre, or more correctly the slasher subgenre. In truth I am not a fan of the series but I can respect the feel of this film, the impact it has had on the field of horror, and awe at inspiring 9 (and soon to be 10) sequels. That, my friends is pretty incredible regardless of the quality of the follow-ups.

"Friday the 13th"wasn't the goriest or scariest film on the planet. It did, however, convey a wonderful sense of "creepy." It seemed to copycat "Halloween" with the point-of-view shots, repetitive creepy score (Chi Chi Chi......Ha Ha Ha.....), and great use of darkness but it managed to stand on its own with its killer/mystery and the surrounding sense of desolation in the scenery of the run-down camp in the middle of nowhere.

My favorite aspect of the film has to be the performance of Betsy Palmer (which was thoroughly ripped in earlier posts). She gets a role that at the time was pretty remarkable. Killers were inherently either monsters or men (or a combination of the two). Sure her performance is over-the-top but in a charming, psycho sort of way. She transitions from a caring mother figure to fucked up crazy bitch in a twitch of an eye....and does so with gusto that is a bit funny but seems to fit with the tone of the film. The rest of the "acting" is interchangeable but passable.

The ending is another fun part to the film. On its own, it leaves you an opening to question whether or not it's a dream or reality. In the scope of the series it sets up the path of camp trails littered with body parts and bloody hardware for the only killer I can think of that wears athletic wear.

Is this great cinema? No. Is this film the best of its genre? Not in my opinion. So why bother? It is an above-average slasher flick that was quite good for its time and has spawned one of the greatest horror dynasties of all time....it's well worth checking out what started all the fuss regardless of how you think the rest of the series fares.
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Old 06-16-2003, 04:04 AM
Friday the 13th
Genre: badly acted cheesy slasher movie
Rated: R
Directed by: Sean S Cunningham
Starring: Adrienne King, Laurie Bartham, Betsy Palmer, Jennine Tyler, Kevin Bacon
Rating: ***/*****

Plot crunch:
A few teens hike up to camp crystal lake to fix up the cursed place, instead the smoke, drink and fuck- and you guessed it- get bumped off by an unseen assailant

Chi chi chi, ha ha ha. The first in the seemingly endless Friday the 13th series is a delightful bit of fluff sure to entertain you for a few hours. It seems, I didn't know a good movier when I was first screeching at UrbanLegend23 for bashing the flick, I see it wasn't a good 10/10 movie like I had said. yes the movie makes no sense. yes it's pretty crappy, and yes it's so unbelievably cheesy you want to scream, but yes it is enjoyable. No it's not Gone with the Wind, or even Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it a far cry from the worst film ever (or even the worst of the series). The acting is over the top, and i hate Adrienne King's Alice, but I did like Betsy Palmer, and Bacon had some witty dialog. Thank god he didn't go pulling down his pants again. The story is interesting, atmospheric and fast paced. The script is jam packed with corny dialogue (but then so is Double Indemnity, right babee!), but it also a very enjoyable outing. The gore is trimemd, and I can't wait for these supposed 'special editions' to finally see the uncut versions on the big tv screen instead of on a dinky screen on my computer. Friday the 13th was a Halloween spin off that ended up having more sucess thenever thought. All that takern into consideration, I liked this one, part 3 and 7. The rest were either cheese to the max (4,5,6,X) or pure crap (2,8,9). Freddy and Michael have had terrible movie to, but at least Jason was cruel, not boring knife fights with hicks like Michael. I did like Halloween, but it was better than Black Christmas. Friday the 13th as a good film to watch on a rainy friday afternoon. pick up, leave your brain at the door and enjoy!
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