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Blood for Dracula.?

This movie is considered to be a Warhol film but was actually made by Paul Morrissey (sp?) with Andy's vague knowledge and approval. Not really a horror flick it is really more a bizarre camp comedy with lots of unintentionaly (?) funny lines and sight gags. I had seen this film a few times on video and finally saw it in a cinema under the influence of certain substances and it was even better! I have seen it a few times since, it's a real favourite of mine. So please I would love to hear any thoughts you have on this cult classic.
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It's a psychadelic masterpiece baby...it's shag-erific...Paul Morrissey always struck me as a wierd-looking german dude...wasn't he the head of the vampire council in "Blade"? To be honest, I much preferred his film "Flesh For Frankenstein"...
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Flesh for Frankenstein is good too, it has much the same cast and Little Joe Dallesandro as the hero. Little Joe is probably the greatest bad actor in modern cinema, he was doing shonky playboy "erotic thrillers" a while back. Both these films are visually stunning masterpeices but for my money you can't go past BFD, Mainly for the strange speeches and those Italian girls ( oh baby!) I don't know if Morrissey was in Blade I haven't seen that film and I don't know what he looks like anyway. Did you notice Roman Polanski pop up as a smart arse peasent? It was great to hear from you Brock, I'm glad you enjoy Morrissey films too. p.s. Have you seen mixed blood, it's a laugh riot!
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