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Another Demise Game

Hello, all! This is the game i saw being played. So, I decided to start my own. This is simple. I say a death (i.e. beheading) and you say a movie that includes a beheading. Got it? Then, after you say what movie the death was from, you say another death and the game goes on!!!
I'll start.

Death by crochet needles. (crochet is like sewing for those who don't know)
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sorry dude, but this is probably going to get shut down for being a duplicate topic. Since the original is still out there.
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you can't have your own room based on another room

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Hey hey..sorry, dude. I wasn't thinkin! Don't hold it against me-I'm kool.
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Don't worry man, stevereno doesn't bite, and if he does he can only gum you (he's a pirate, and as everyone knows pirates don't brush their teeth).
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Duplicate topic, read the rules before you POST!

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