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Tremors and the beauty of practical effects

I was watching Tremors on tv, which means I didn't watch all of it. Whenever I watch a movie on tv it's like I get ADD haha but I did watch most of it and I couldn't help to appreciate the practical effects used in the film. This is a movie that is more enjoyable because of it. The scene where the monster crawls under the wooden floor is a scene that benefits from the use of practical effects. Also, the scenes where they kill some of the monsters. I hope movies that rely on practical effects never become extinct. If they do, we'll be missing out on a unique movie experience.

Does anyone know any other movies that are more enjoyable because they use practical effects?
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Tremors is one of my personal favorite movies, living in a small town at the time. Love the bickering between Val and Earl, I laugh so hard all the time with those two. A quote that I always think of is "We decided to leave town just one damn day to late!"

the one off the top of my head well the most obvious is -"John Carpenters- The Thing".
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I'm going to try to remember to run threw my DVD collection to refresh my memory of practical effects movies. But thought of some more off the top of my head that are:
-The Blob (Remake)
-An American Werewolf in London
-Jeepers Creepers
-Altered (personal hidden jem movie I recommend)
More in due time.
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