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Reviews: Beautiful Girls

JoBlo's 9/10 review of BEAUTIFUL GIRLS can be found here: http://www.joblo.com/beautifulgirls.htm
Your past movie reviews from May 1998 - November 2001 can be found there as well.

And what did you think of the movie? Add your comments below.


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Just as I've posted dozens of other times on this site, Beautiful Girls is one of the most underappreciated films in some time. I honestly can't think of one thing to complain about in this movie except for the fact that Rosie O'Donnell was in it. I loved the small town feel it had going on in it. If you come from a smaller town you will know someone in your life who reminds of most of the main characters in the movie. Each performance was great. She may be only 13 or 14 at most in this movie, but I don't think its possible not to fall in love with Natilie Portman here.

9/10 losing one point because of the Rosie O'donnel facor
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Beautiful Girls 8/10

A truly under seen gem that warrants more attention. With picturesque Cinematography, visual metaphors , a script that runs the full range of emotions and a stellar cast all at there best this film is one to watch.

Scott Rosenburgh's script is poetically written and creates well rounded charecters who we empathise with. Ted Demme's direction is confident and not overly sentimental.

Matt Dillon and Timothy Hutton are both superb as are the rest of the cast (even Rosie is tolerable here). Natalie Portman as usual shows a maturity and grace beyond her years and Micheal Rapport and Martha Plimpton get some good material to work with.

Definetly a must see film for fans of believable romance and drama......hell Im not a fan usually but when its done this well its hard to ignore
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