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Reviews: Ronin

JoBlo's 8/10 review of RONIN can be found here: http://www.joblo.com/ronin.htm
Your past movie reviews from May 1998 - November 2001 can be found there as well.

And what did you think of the movie? Add your comments below.


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Old 05-25-2002, 09:51 PM
Slightly above average adventure/thriller flick. Simple, unoriginal plot that is enhanced by a great set of car chases and DeNiro with a bazooka. Nice to see a film not pull many punches in the action area...we have innocent bystanders biting it and some nice bloody killings. (nothing is worse than an action movie in which everyone lives and no blood is shed)

Dont think enough was done with the title to warrant its use but that's a minor quibble. The speeding chases through cobblestone French streets and the sweet guns in the film make up enough for that one.

Worth a rental.
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Old 05-26-2002, 10:56 AM
Thrilling and well directed. Those are the two best words to define this movie. It sure is EXCELLENT entertainment. The music is great, the directing is great, the plot is suspenseful, the car chases are great, the characters are great, the acting is great (De Niro and Reno especially)...simple entertainment at its best.
Definitely worth seeing if you like popcorn entertainment.

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Old 04-15-2003, 01:32 PM
hmmm what to be said? i enjoyed this, but at the same time, i felt it was too long. if they had shaved 15 minutes off the movie, it would be have been brilliant, but it just felt a little too dragged out. however, the performances are great, especially Deniro and reno, as well as Jon Pryce kicked ass in his normal fashion. the dialogue was sharp, and the action set pieces were pretty cool. however, i think there was one high speed car chase too many, and much as i love souped up machine zipping down narrow streets (i am a james bond fan!), it just felt like over-egging the pudding. also, some of the twists seemed a little sudden and maybe a little poorly explained.

on the whole though, this is a pretty decent thriller

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