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Reviews: Spirited Away

JoBlo's 6/10 review of SPIRITED AWAY can be found here: http://www.joblo.com/spiritedaway.htm

And what did you think of the movie? Add your comments below.


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Spirited Away 2001/2002 (Review) By Stephen Palke

Director: Hayo Miazaki


A little girl named Chiriro, who has recently moved. She is being driven to her new school by her two parents. Her Dad canít find her new school and takes a short cut through the woods. They run into this tunnel. Chiriroís parents stop and decide to take a look what is on the other end of that tunnel. They make it to the other end and Dad thinks itís a shut down amusement park. Chiriro is scared and wants to go. The parents want to continue to look around. Dad smells good food and tries to find where this food is. They find it at a store. The parents gulf down the food. Chiriro looks around and sees this small bridge which leads to a huge Japanese style castle. A boy named Master Haku tells her to get out before it hits dark. Chiriro runs and looks for her parents. Her parents are still eating the food, but Chiriro has found that they turned into pigs. Now Chiriro must get a job at a bathhouse for gods and spirits get her parents turned back into humans. However she gets into many other adventures along the way.


The Japanese always make excellent films like Seven Samurai, Hidden Fortress, Akira, and The Samurai trilogy. This is another excellent film. Japan is known for itís animated films. Now when Spirited Away hits wide release in the U.S, Japan will be known for this animated film, Spirited Away. This film is much better than any Disney film, which is saying a lot when you look at Disneyís history. Ironically Disney has bought the U.S/European/Australian rights to this film, go figure.

I must say how very imaginative this film is and how colorful it is. The animation is brilliant as is the story and characters. You care you the lead character: Chiriro, which is hard to do in most other films. This will be a big film in the over the world.
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saw it, loved it. Unlike Joblo

Not to be confused with SWEPT away, Spirited Away is an anime film about a girl named Chihiro who at the end will overcome her flaw of selfeshness thanks to her visit in the "Spirit World." This is one of the few forign films (although I say this with every anime film except Grave of the Fireflies) that I reccomend the dubbed English track more. This is so you can look at the colorful and exotic scenery.
Getting back to the plot, Chihiro has to move away from her nieghborhood to another. Her parents are excited but she is laying in the car, selfishly complaining. On their way to the house that they are about to move into, Chihiro's dad (who's at the wheel) takes a wrong turn and they come across a road blocking statue that is set in front of a strange gate. Chihiro's parents are curious (especially her dad) about what lies beyond this gate. But Chihiro, being how she is, whines and yells telling her parents to go back but they won't listen, they go forward.
Beyond the gate, there is a huge grassy field with a few oddly placed structures here and there (that enough detail for you?) After a whie, their parents see a seemingly abandoned town. Again, Chihiro is whinning for them to go back but NOOO, her parents go foward. Then, suddenly, Chihiro's dad smells something, following his lea, her mom smells something too. Chihiro's dad is running towards the scent like a police dog smelling a criminal's footprints (by the way, there is NO ONE there). Chihiro's parents then find food, they eat like crazy. Meanwhile, Chihiro walks away from them (wise choice).

Alright, now enough of the detail, at nightfall, some strange creatures crop up. Chihiro runs for her parents they're not there (well, not really). Then, a strange boy suddenly comes and picks her up, away from the Spirits.
He takes her some place away from the spirits and gives her instructions for surviving in the Spirit World. Meaning, she has to ask a multi-armed spider kind of (old) guy who lives at a blast furnace for a JOB. He rejects her and then sends her to someone else for help. Chihiro now goes to this woman for a job and gets a (rather hard) job. Of being a attendant at this bath & spa/ hotel place. The manager there has a way with driving hard bargins. When the manager meets Chihiro, it's not the prettyest relationship. There are many laborous tasks (all contribute into making Chihiro less whinny) for Chihiro to complete, many things she has to take note of.
And the last 20 or so minutes are some very wild minutes.
score: 10/10 TOP 100?: Oh yeah
How it compares to other anime films: Obviously not as good as Akira but, I'd say 2nd best anime film I've seen.
How it compares to other disney: Beats even the great Nghtmare before Christmas (which technically isn't disney, its touchstone, a company made by Disney)

*did you know that (in the english dubbed version) the person who voices Chihiro plays Samantha Darko (Donnie's little sister) in Donnie Darko? She did.

*directer: Hayo Miyazaki AKA the director of Princess Mononokee (yes, I've seen it, yes Spirited Away is better)
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Spirited Away: 10/10

taken directly from my website at moviereviews.cjb.net

Alice in Wonderland, eat your heart out, there's a new fantasy that surpasses you. Spirited Away is one great film with superb animation and characters you actually care about.

Chihiro is voiced by Daveigh Chase, aka Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. She and her family are moving and are almost at their new house when a wrong turn leads them into a tunnel. It begins like a Scooby-Doo episode. Mysterious characters running around an abandoned theme park. But the rest of the movie unfolds like no other. A feast is layed out, and Chihiro's parents start pigging out and-of course-turn into pigs. Soon other characters come out and Chihiro flees for her life. Various, and odd, events ensue.

I have got to say-if there was ever a movie for everyone in the family to enjoy, this is the one! Interesting characters, interesting events, and interesting visuals encourage a very interesting moviegoing experience. We have got to hand it to Miyazaki (the director), he's created another world that will stick with us for the rest of our sane lives.

I'm not into animŤ at all, but the animation was-wow! It looked like two different settings-the very realistic background and the obvious characters. The emotions on the humans were very real (or as real as this movie could be). All of the various "others" from the opposite world were life-like and seemed real. However, there was one thing that I didn't fully understand-what was the purpose of No-Face? He could have been just in there for linking purposes, but it doesn't really bother me one iota.

A lot of times, my heart was a'going th-thump. There were many tense moments, many funny moments, and many, many powerful, dramatic moments. You smile when Chihiro is happy; you're sad when she is sad. There are some movies that can make you do that, but not many. A very creepy moviegoing experience.

The 124 minute runtime seemed to run by quick. It felt like awhile for the movie, but you hardly noticed it. I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen. When I walked out, I heard some other kid say, "It was OK, I guess." Spirited Away is not really a little kid's movie. They'll be too scared and will not be able to fully grasp the potential of the film. They also seemed upset because it was "so long". Don't go to many more movies, kiddos. This'll seem like a commercial.

Miyazaki, if I could, I would shake your hand. You've created a masterpiece, plain and simple.
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I've never been a fan of anime. In fact, for a while, I almost hated it. Then my roomate picked up SPIRITED AWAY..and literally, I was taken away by its enchanting story, interesting characters, and wonderful animation. I was shocked to find how much I got into this movie, and will hopefully not be the last anime I watch. I'm not saying I'm a die-hard fan because of this film, but it's given me a different perspective on the genre and I hope to be able to expand my horizons. One thing that stood out to me in the movie was the score. It's rich and perfectly fits the images on screen (and it's not cheesy for the most part). The theme that was playing when Haku(sp) and Chihiro were falling from the sky was just glorious--makes my heart jump everytime I hear it.

Maybe its not one of the best movies ever, but as far as anime goes, this is a masterpiece, and a great film to be enjoyed by people of all ages. 9/10
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like they said, for all ages

Spirited Away is really awesome and really is a must-see.The only problem for western audiences is the culture clash. Many of the spirits and icons are very japanese and might not be interpreted well. But the themes of love in the movie are pretty much universal.

Hopefully enough people will watch it and it will break the mold people put "anime" in. That is, anime is a medium, not a genre. A post above compared "Spirited Away" to "Akira", but the two simply can't be compared; one is science-fictions, the other is a fantasy. It's like saying " As far as American movies go, Titanic is better than Star Wars."
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"Spirited Away", while not Miyazaki's best film (that title still goes to "Princess Mononoke"), was quite an entertaining feast for the imagination. The story and characters are just so bizarre, and fantastical. I liked the storyline, and the whole "Alice in Wonderland" feel. As JoBlo said, it does run a little long, but I think it all pays off in the end. Many of the scenes are quite puzzling, but the visuals are very vibrant, detailed, and beautiful. You could reall "feel" the movie. Chihiro is an excellent main character, and very different from the lead children in American animation films. As was the supporting cast, which was one of the strangest, most diverse animated casts in a long time. I especially liked No Face, Boiler Man, the fat mouse and bird, and those little black soot creatures. As JoBlo said, many kids probably wouldn't enjoy this movie. It's very thematic and symbolic, with creepy and sweet scenes. Very different from anything else out there. I mostly enjoyed this film for its gorgeous animation, likable and interesting characters, and the way it takes you away into a whole different world, and makes you feel like you're a part of it. Definitely deserving of that Oscar.

My Rating: 7/10

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