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Reviews: Das Experiment

JoBlo's 5/10 review of DAS EXPERIMENT can be found here: http://www.joblo.com/dasexperiment.htm

And what did you think of the movie? Add your comments below.


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Absolutely dying to see this one (hasnt been released in Australia yet).

Any feedback would be cool.
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Old 06-16-2003, 11:28 PM
Das Experiment 8/10

Based on the "Stanford Prison Experiment" 20 volunteers are paid to be tested.

8 shy, anti social introverts are releagted to being gaurds for the duration of 2 weeks. 12 Confident, cocky, strong spirited volunteers are locked in cells and must live as prisoners for the 14 days.

As the male ego and territoriality take a hold the gaurds abuse power while the prisoners of course unite. All done in the name of human psychology we must watch man reduced from intelligent creature to a violent animal.

What unfolds is not unlike a cross between LORD OF THE FLIES and THE CUBE. Its subject matter that has been done before in cinema but often not with such quality results.

Intelligent and thought provoking this German film really is fun to watch. Sure it's nothing new at the end of the day but its done with flair and delivers its inevitable conclusion with a well structured, tension filled finale.

Another quality foreign thriller that deserves much more notice. (Of course the US are gunna remake it but hey when is that ever better than the foreign original)

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