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Are Sports Games Getting Harder?

After getting my XBox One, I bought NBA 2K14 and Fifa 14. I don't have too many complaints about Fifa except for career mode, where the AI will get randomly difficult at certain points in your player's season regardless of the rival team (e.g. beating Chelsea 3-0 away and then losing to Crystal Palace 4-0 at home).

NBA 2K14, though: is anyone else not getting this? I've talked to three other people who bought this game and agreed that it's almost impossible to play defense. I've played several other 2K titles, which is often frustrating as hell because they pride themselves on being super-realistic at the expense of fun gameplay. I'm starting to think that sports games are creating a learning curve that simply might be too hard for the average gamer (i.e. me). It's pathetic to admit, but I can only play these games on the easiest mode, which is always insultingly easy but the next level up seems like an impossible step to take.

Either I just suck at sports games or there's something wrong here.
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Can't say aside form the one franchise i play which is the NHL series by EA.

Alls i can say is i traded in my NHL14 cause it was too damn easy to score. Enter the high slot, cross the net and shoot top corner in the short side and BAM almost always a guaranteed goal.

Want to know how easy it is? In my short lived Be A Pro i played 18 games and had 53 goals. So easy it wasn't even fun anymore.
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I find that on semi pro mode it is way to easy to score in FIFA but on pro mode it is way to hard almost frustrating to play.
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I think yes, EA is not directly trying to make games more difficult to play, they are making them more realistic when we play. Therefore, the more realistic, the more difficult to play. I'm playing NBA 2k15, and it requires me to practice more and more to master my playing skills than any games before.

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