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Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series

Well this is very odd to be talking about books but hey what the heck I am an avid reader as well as a movie goer, and this series of books would make a fantastic movie series as well.

They are by Laurell K. Hamilton and are just being rereleased in anticipation of the latest installment, I believe there are 9 books out already.

Starting with the one above Guilty Pleasures

Now I have read many Vampire and Monster books and these will put them all to shame! These books are ones you can't put down once you start and they just get better and better.

If you think that he Vampire/Monster thing has been done before, well it has but not like this. I enjoyed these books much more than any of Ann Rices books.

You will not be disappointed if you read these but I warn you if you start the first one expect to buy them all, or at least get them from the library if you can get them before they are checked out again.

And this series has made my short list of books that have to be made into movies. So if I ever hit the big one expect to see my name as Executive Producer on this project.

Check them out.


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Very entertaining. Like an X-Rated Buffy The Vampire Slayer with lashings of the old ultra-violence. I read the first four over the course of two weeks and intend to get round to reading the rest sometime soon. The only criticism was the slightly repetitive nature of the stories. They each follow a very similar framework and certain descriptions of both characters and locations are used verbatim over and over again. It's a small criticism though. They are a great read and a must for horror movie shmoes who like a good, action-packed, horror novel to sink their teeth into.
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Well if you have only read the first 4 you need to continue on. They get much better and the story lines start to branch out from the standard Vamp fair into other lines.

They will not disappoint.

She has also started a new series all about the Fey and the Fairy worlds and they rock also, but she only has two out so far.

People if you like good kick ass take no prisoners horror with a bit of sex thrown in check these out!

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Can you imagine if a channel like HBO decided to turn the Anita Blake books into a TV series. HBO have both the balls and the inclination to do it right. It would be like Buffy the Vampire Slayer with lashings of violence, sex and bad language. Who would you cast as Anita? It would be fucking great. Ah, fuck!!! It'll never happen though.
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