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Till Death (1974)

Till Death (USA 1978)
Directed by Walter Stocker

this is a rather underseen little film from the 70s, filmed in 1974 but not released until four years later. Seeing that Walter Stocker, the director also helmed producing duties (appearantly the guyīs usually acting himself with credits including a movie called "They Saved Hitlerīs Brain") and that nooneīs heard about anyone involved again Iīm guessing that all it ever saw in terms of release were some local drive-ins. Yet I find that this movie sticks out from the bulk of indie horror films made in the usa during that time.

Till Death is low budget and it knows it - the story is very minimalist, there are about two charaters in the script for most of the time and over half the film takes place in the same setting. Iīd rather not get into the story so far since this is one of these films thatīs actually cooler not knowing what itīs about before hitting it. All I say is that the film is creepy, slightly morbid and sad but at the same time rather moving. The beginning is slightly evoking Jean Rollinsī The Iron Rose which hit cinemas about a year or so before this movie was made.

From a technical standpoint Iīd say this movie is quite well done for itīs limited means. Thereīs a lot more money given to lesser talents these days, Till Death is mainly an exercise in mood and atmosphere and it succeeds for the most part. Granted, some of the dialogue is a bit scatchy (this is one of those movies were the best parts are without dialogue), some parts feel a bit too drawn out and rough around the edges and fuck that cheesy theme song. But still, Till Death kicks ass. The opening scene is undeniable creepy as fuck and the fact that is only bears lose but poignant connection to the movie that follows makes it all more scary once the credits have rolled. From an acting standpoint you can tell that these guys arenīt going for the oscars anytime soon but they manage to come across as convincing and natural, especially considering the relationships of our main protagonists. And did I mention this film creeped me out?

Till Death is a movie to seek out - it will never be a classic but still stands as a shining example of vintage american low-budget horror.

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