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Ok. Since I don't have a scanner. I'll do the next-best thing. Post a picture of what Voltage should look like.

Yeah, like that. Except, no gun, or any of that mask stuff. And a little younger.
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Originally posted by James Logan
Anyone can be part of the LOS...as long as they were created by a Schmoe. You're a Schmoe, right?
Nope, I'm Harry Knowles
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Originally posted by blankpage
Nope, I'm Harry Knowles
Die, then.
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Originally posted by TheMovieMinor
What does he do? Spit out dirtballs?
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Say Logan, when will those drawings of yours' be up? I'm really anxious to see those bitches.
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Originally posted by MOVIE-Maniac 8
Say Logan, when will those drawings of yours' be up? I'm really anxious to see those bitches.
Workin' on 'em, workin' on 'em...
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Originally posted by James Logan
Die, then.
And that's my cue to RUN!
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Originally posted by James Logan
Workin' on 'em, workin' on 'em...

We're all getting old here Logan....
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Originally posted by MOVIE-Maniac 8
We're all getting old here Logan....
Well, so am I -- except for me it ain't the years, "honey", it's the mileage.
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Take your time buddy. Better to have a good drawing, than an ungood drawing, I always say.
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Originally posted by MOVIE-Maniac 8
Take your time buddy. Better to have a good drawing, than an ungood drawing, I always say.
It'll be ready before the end of the week, and then it'll be the Christmas break for me so I'll have all the time in the world to start cooking up the story and screenplay for our number one issue...

Don't you guys and gals forget to get YOUR drawings ready too!
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Christmas break for me too Logan ol' pal. Maybe I can hit a friend's house, a friend who has a scanner, might I add.

I'm x'ing off the days on the calendar until Logans picture is up. I dream of what it will look like. I pray that my computer doesn't---

Ah, my incessant rambling.
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*Cough* Christmas break *Cough*
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Well, the Christmas break is upon us once again, and so I no longer have any schoolwork bogging me down over the holidays. Therefore, I may be able to have some artwork of The Mullet done by the end of the week. Be patient because I'm not sure about the scanner part of the plan. Also, my artwork isn't the greatest, so bear with me.

In the meantime, here is somewhat of a 'preliminary look' at The Mullet:
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Hmm... he resembles some country star I know...

Nice, nice.
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Bump God DAMMIT!
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I invented Uber-Man The German version of Superman. He can outrun a speeding U.S. Tiger Tank, he can leap over U.S. Bunkers in a single bound, he's more powerful than a speeding Kamikazee plane crashing into Pearl Harbor, and he can persecute Jews from several miles away. Uberman da, da, da, da, tada...... It's Uberman. Hitler's answer to Superman.
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I invented physics man. I couldn't think of a better name. His ability is his super understanding of physics and the laws of movement, which is much better then it sounds. He carries various steel balls, and can accurately bounce them off like 5 walls, and after the fifth bounce knock a couple guys guns out of their hands then knock them out as well.

He also can do stuff like survive really long falls by landing correctly (little known fact, if you time it exactly right, it is possible to have LESS PSI on your body from a 10,000 foot fall then with a parachute and landing on your legs.). And deflect bullets with a shield, hitting people in the eyes with them. I never did draw him or anything, but he didn't really have a costume, just wore a trench coat with various things hidden in it.
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The League of Extraordinary Schmoes would friggin' rock. At least you guys' creations are FUNNY.

I've been working on this story for a little while that answers this question of mine.

Y'ever notice how all the nerdy types are the ones who get the super powers? Y'know, Peter Parker, Clark Kent, etc. What if a popular kid, a total jock who wasn't the nicest guy in the world (but not a jerk), got super powers instead?

Reuben Vasquez is Shatter. Aside from the usual super strength and durability(and limited flight, but he doesn't know he can do that yet), Reuben can make ignite air molecules and make 'em explode. Think of the explosions from Independence Day, only he can create and control 'em. It's also not a very safe power, since if he loses control, he could blow himself up with his own ability.
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Old 04-23-2003, 12:46 AM
Originally posted by Anonymooo
Reuben can make ignite air molecules and make 'em explode.
Hello gentlemen.

All your thread are belong to us.

There is no way you can survive make your time.

Ha ha ha ha ha!!
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Old 04-23-2003, 07:37 PM
Name: NuclearMisfit or Shatter

Real Name: Jeff Taylor

Age: 19

Faction: The Avengers, The XMen

Story: Was born in War stricken Poland during WW2 to a poor Polish merchant and a waitress,born with natural powers. Kidnapped by the Nazis and taught by Hitler himself to be a ruthless killing machine for the Nazi war machine he became Redskulls second in command until one day he met a man by the name of Steven Grant Rogers (Captain America) and helped him against RedSkull. He was injected by a virus created by Redskull that needed The Super Soldier Serum in order for him to live when the Serum became unstable he then joined Captain America in the fight against communism. A bomb-loaded drone plane launched by Nazi technician Baron Heinrich Zemo exploded with Cap and Shatter aboard sending them both into the icy artic being frozen for years then being found by The Avengers. Joined Xaviers school for the Gifted afterwards.

Powers:Strength beyond anyone in the comic book universe, can touch things and make them shatter or break just by thinking about it,can create earthquakes by stomping. Can pick up and carry anything.

Weakness: speed is slow.

Villain: RedSkull

Sorry if this sounds kinda long.

Last edited by NuclearMisfit; 04-23-2003 at 07:41 PM..
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Old 04-23-2003, 10:19 PM
I wrote some crappy comics when I was in Math class. Here is what I came up with:


Willie Man- Porno star by day, crime fighter by night. Willie Johnson has almost nothing better to do with his rich and extrodanary life than to become a superhero in his spare time. Born with a gash on his right arm that always bleeds (Willie isn't effected by this at all, in fact, the blood lose doesn't even make him woozy), he armed himself in all-green and dons a fucking awesome hi-tech bow. (Think of Willie Man as a sicked version of Green Arrow) He leads a crew of his own members, called The League Noone Cares About.

Orgasmo- Once Willie Man's nemesis, Kaydence Mycock turned into Willie Man's lover. She has the super power of super orgasim. Her weapon is her whip, the Orgasmic.

Hot Dog the Skating Weenie- A mutanted Hot Dog (with bun) that loves to skateboard. While not a superhero, he does fight crime using his awesome skateboarding tricks.

Captain Pussy- Not a wuss by any means, Hummer McDaniels, first got laid in the 3rd grade by his teacher. He also comes from a long line of superheroes. His weapon....the Anal, which is in the shape of a triangle. He is Willie's best friend.

Mullet Man- Hilly Tim, a trailer trash loser, was relaxing himself in his outhouse, enjoying a copy of Wheels on Deals, and was hit by toxic chemicals. Luckily, they landed in his mullet. Soon, he was able to extended his mullet to any length and size. His arch enemy is Hemo the Homo.

Silicone Huntress- Amanda Biggins was a popular kid, but she hated one thing: her flat chest. The boob goddess Titillia granted Amanda's wish, but Amanda had to become the Silicone Huntress!

Jack of Cards- Drink and gambler, Jack Crad was hit by a semi-truck. To revive him, doctors formed a huge card, and gave him 'limitless' libs. He became the Jack of Cards.


Tree Dude- Arch nemesis to Willie Man, Tree Dude lost his pine when he was in middle school. He turned evil and dropped out of school to pursue to be a cashier at Taco Bell. Using his magic fireballs that shoot from his mouth and his army of tacos, the Tree Dude is aiming to plant Willie Man!

Jackhammer- Always picked on, Jackhammer was a nerd. Late in his life, he wanted to get laid. He bought a hooker, but he only had money for a handjob! He crumbled, and feel into obscurity. Jackhammer returned, with two balls for cheeks and a huge boner on his head. He dress up like a hammer (the hammer part being his lower half) and became the evil Jackhammer.

Hemo the Homo- Yep, he is gay. A big fruit since bitrh, Hemo uses his evil powers for the 'good' of all homos, aka Ass Rapers.

Condomatic- Nothing much is known about 'C', but he was once a dick who was chopped off. He fell into a substance, and, mutated. He now wers a huge condom on himself and fights shooting out cum.

Plastnito- RIP OFF ALERT! This evil old dude can use the power of plastic against people. AHH! MOUNTAIN DEW ATTACK!!!

Wallie Man- Evil porn maker and Willie's nemesis. He is a top notch archer. He suits in all black to fight Willie. His real name is Wallie Ronston.

How bout it?

Make an RPG
Have a major movie
Have toys

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BurbusJoe (copyright Rob), he's a stick man who wears a crown. His powers are taunting enemnies into bolivion and superior verbal prowess.
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Kind of like Sarcastro (still one of the greatest superheroes ever)?
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In third grade, I created a character called "Space Man." He was a robot who would bust through doors, say something clever, and proceed to whoop every bad guys' ass in the room.

I've been meaning to start a comic based on a character of mine, "Grim Hippie" (copyright). The comic, called "Hellions," (copyright) would be about a hellish character named Grim Hippie who lives in the dark, deep parts of New York City, as he tries to cope with life on the surface. I'm not sure where to go from there.
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Old 04-24-2003, 08:21 PM

The greatest super hero of them all!

" "I am Sarcastro, I sting at the enemy with the razor-sharp wit of sarcasm"
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