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Original Sin (Antonio Banderas And Angelina Jolie)

Original Sin: 8/10

"Original Sin" is a film set up with Luis (Antonio Banderas) ordering a mail order bride (nothing wrong with that) and finds the beautiful Julie (Angelina Jolie) is his wife. Luis falls head over heals in love with her. But a problem lerks: is Julie everything she says she is?

What really drives me wild about this movie more so then performances or directing, is its pure wit. Fresh dialogue and clever plot twists make for a good time. Every time I thought I had this movie figured out, it turned a 360 on my ass! Practically nothing turned out the way I thought it would. It's the whole reason I watch movies.

The film features two great performances from Banderas and Jolie. They can pull off sex scenes like no one else. Say what you will about Banderas, the guy is underrated. Hisrole is the heart of the movie. He has great screen presence and his real acting ability shines in this film (he's usually put in real junk though). Jolie shows off them lips and that body. She pulls off playing a woman who reeks of mistrust, just not to one man though. And there's also an affective performance from Thomas Jane as our residential bad guy.

I did have my little quibbles with the film as well. It certainly has its mellow-drama. There is a soap opera feel to a certain degree. Perhaps a bit stagey, but it wasn't really a bother for me.

Director Michael Cristofer pays close attention to detail, style and sets to create an early 1900's Cuba. He apperantly indulged into the look of the film and it pays off. Film students should probably check out this one just to see how set designs in period pieces should be done.

I would definetely say this film is harmless at its worse. The film was not exactly a top critic choice. But for me, "Original Sin" is a witty story about chasing love down even when it's actually running away.

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I actually never saw "Sin", but it is Angelina JoliE! Sorry, it was just bugging me.
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I thought it was okay. It was a blind buy for me because the unrated version was $9.99 at bust buy. 6/10
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It's been a while since I saw it, but I guess I'd give it a 6/10. You're right, SLAW, this one really does feel like big scale soap. It had some corny dialogue and way too many unbelieveable twists for my liking. Jolie and Banderas, while not horrible are far from their best. This is a disappointment coming from Chrisropher who got the performance of her careeer out of Jolie in 'Gia" (9/10).
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