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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The movie adaptation of this comic series is coming out soon, and I was wondering who here has read the comics and if they can tell anything about it.
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It's similar to those Justice League of America comics (or I think it is, never actually read any) where you have a bunch of characters coming together to fight a common foe. Except this is set in the fictional realms of Victorian England, so you have Mina Harker (from Dracula), Allan Quatermain (who I was ignorant of until TLOEG, I have to admit), Capt Nemo, Jekyll and Hyde, and, er, someone I can't remember.

It's not up to Alan Moore's standard in terms of political comment, but it's good fun, and the art is excellent. It does have a couple of uncomfortable moments (in a good way) and most of the characters are flawed and morally ambiguous, which is always a good thing.
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I don't know about the comics, but the movie looks really bad. And it'll flop too, mark my words.
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The owner of the comic book shop I regularly go to reccomended me the tpb a few months ago. It was probably one of the best trade I've read recently.


The character I believe you're looking for is The Invisible Man.

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Fuck me!!! Is anyone reading the latest 6-parter. I just read part 5 and I must admit I was more than a little shocked (and amused) at the way Hyde dealt with The Invisible Man's treachery. For anyone who hasn't read it and doesn't mind spoilers here's what happens. Edward Hyde, the bestial half of Doctor Jekyll, discovers that The Invisible Man has sold out the human race to the invaders from Mars (the one's made famous by the H G Wells novel). He then proceeds to rape The Invisible Man to death and mutilate his still invisible body. Afterwards some people arrive for dinner (one of whom is Captain Nemo). During the course of the dinner splashes of blood begin to materialise on the table and all over Hyde's clothes. It transpired that while they ate The Invisible Man was slowly dying from his injuries in the next room. At the moment he finally shuffled off the mortal coil the blood that splashed around the dining room and onto his attacker lost it's invisibility. So within a few minutes of him dying the room in which he was attacked takes on the appearance of an abbatoir. This is truly NOT a comic for kids. Oh...and did anyone else spot Rupert The Bear among Doctor Moreau's human/animal hybrids? Hilarious!!!
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It's an excellent TPB, and a surprising change of pace for the normally elaborate plots Alan Moore conjures up. Kinda like Stanley Kubrick making an Indiana Jones movie. I'd recommend it, but don't expect a completely faithful story. They changed Mina Murray's story around, added Tom Sawyer (as a government agent), Mycroft Holmes and Dorian Gray, changed the villains from Moriarty (from Sherlock Holmes) to some guys called Fantom and Dante Inferno, and changed the plot around. Should be fairly interesting
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