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Stephen Hawking...

Just wondering what everyone thinks about his books and lectures. Am I the only one who gets lost after 2 chapters?
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I'm sure your not, but on a lighter note: did ya see The Simpsons episode he guested on? Funny stuff.

"Hey- Larry Flynt's right!"
- Homer(when referring to Stephen Hawking)
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Steven Hawking: Your theory on the doughnut shaped univerese is intriguing, Homer, I may have to steal it.
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"Wow. Someone I've never heard of his hanging out with a guy like me."-Homer
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The Simpsons and Steven Hawking rule!

Lisa:" Oh, Dr. Hawking, we had such a beautiful dream. What went wrong?"

Hawking: "Don't feel bad, Lisa. Sometimes the smartest of us can be the most childish."

Lisa: "Even you?"

Hawking: "No. Not me. Never."

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I've always had a lot of respect for Hawking. He got me interested in science when I was 15 and I haven't looked back since. In fact, the reason I read A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME when I was fifteen was because I was sick of a few boys in my school who used to talk about Quantum Mechanics all the time even though I knew they didn't know anything about it. So, I bought A BRIEF HISTORY at the start of our midterm break and started reading it and I was amazed how readable and entertaining and understandable it was.

In fact, during the week it took to read it, I couldn't sleep. I went to bed every night with my mind full of ideas about the universe! I couldn't stop thinking about that stuff - it was like my brain had been opened wide and filled up with all sorts of new concepts. A lot of people tell me they couldn't read the book - but I think they would understand it if they persevered.

However, A BRIEF HISTORY is the only really good book Hawking wrote. His follow-up, BLACK HOLES AND BABY UNIVERSES was very disjointed and was really nothing more than a random collection of essays, lectures and interviews. It's enjoyable to read, yes, but it won't expand your mind the way A BRIEF HISTORY will.

There's another science writer called John Gribbin who I would also recommend. Gribbin has written a huge number of books on QM, genetics and all sorts of thrilling aspects of science. He's easier to read than Hawking because he spends a lot more time writing about and explaining science than coming up with theories. Actually, Gribbin doesn't come up with any theories - he just explains other people's theories and he does it extremely well.

I recommend IN SEARCH OF SCHRODINGERS cat as the most exciting book on Quantum Mechanics. It's also a great 'bluffers guide' on the subject!

Read IN SEARCH OF SCHRODINGERS CAT and then give A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME another go - I guarantee you'll understand most of it then.

And after you've read those books, give Richard Dawkins a go. His books CLIMBING MOUNT IMPROBABLE and THE BLIND WATCHMAKER will explain lots of mysteries to you...and it will give you amazing ammo for arguing with creationists and fundamentalist christians!

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I want a badass computer that speaks to you like stephen hawkings has.

i havent read any of his books but that computer is badass.
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