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This young actress has recently come to attention thanks to her lead role in Final Destination 2, and whilst it wasn't a film that was well liked by all, mainly critics, hopefully it will put her on the path to stardom. The 24 year old has such projects as The Virgin Suicides and the teen comedy Out Cold to her resume. She also ventured into the horror genre before FD2 with roles in the not-so-great straight to video outings Ripper and Wishmaster III. And whilst these aren't exactly the greatest films, she was the strongest actor. Apparently her next project will be called Living Neon Dreams, and if it makes to cinemas and is somewhat of a success, hopefully A.J.'s carreer will continue. What does everyone think o this star on the rise.

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Yes, she's very hot. And Count Chocula thinks so, too.


I haven't seen her act enough to properly gauge her acting skills...but man, she's a cutie.
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Damn! She's motherfuckin hot as hell! I'd like to hit that!
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Oh yeah I've wanted that for a while...

She appear nude in any of her movies?
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Yeah, she be pretty fine.
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Why don't you check for yourself vtadave?

She's damn nice, I can tell ya that!
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Okay, FilmBuff, enough already. Holly Valance, Keira Knightly, and now this bait. All these flavors are future Gretchen Mols.

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She's hot as a summer day in the hottest spot of hell.

Yeah, I guess I'd do her.
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...yup... we build'm well here in Canada.
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I don't usually post in this forum, but in this instance, I feel compelled to. A.J. Chocula is a goddess to end all goddesses! When the film is mediocre, her impressive acting chops shine through (along with her beauty) to make it worth your while. HERE is a thread I concocted awhile back in the horror forums, identifying A.J. as a rising scream queen.
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Oh god...so hot..want to touch the ta-tas...

5 out of 5 YAYS
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Added Final Destination 2 to my DVD collection, and thought i'd chime in on her, again. Hot, and natural. Hope to see her more on the big screen in the future.
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Yay. Whatafox!
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She looked really beautiful in "The Virgin Suicides" so yay.
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Damn just look at her!!
She's got a promising career.

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