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Bruce Greenwood

I've been a big fan of his ever since the tv show Nowhere Man was on. What do you all think of him? He's not a major star (though he deserves to be) but has been in some pretty big movies like Double Jeopardy, Rules of Engagement, Thirteen Days and currently in The Core. He's also known for his roles in Atom Egoyan movies Ararat, The Sweet Hereafter and Exotica.

His best role is :

Thomas Veil on the sadly short lived but brilliant tv show Nowhere Man.

Movies I've seen of his:

Passenger 57 ***
Exotica ****
Father's Day **1/2 (he has a really small part)
The Sweet Hereafter ***
Disturbing Behavior ***
Double Jeopardy ***
Rules of Engagement ***
Hide and Seek (also called Cord) **
Thirteen Days ****
The Core ***

So once again what do you all think of him ?
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Bruce is a fabulous actor. I also loved Nowhere Man (there were @ 250 of us). He's excellent in Egoyan's films, especially Exotica, and was absolutely brilliant as JFK in Thirteen Days. A real actor, who also gets to work in big Hollywood films. Best of both worlds.
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I just watched The Sweet Hereafter the other day, and was thinking about what a great actor he is. Quickly becoming one of my favorites.
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Great FUCKING actor, and extremely underrated. In my opinion he's like Kurt Russell, a great actor no one seems to want to give any credit to.
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Bruce also did the erotic film WILD ORCHID where he pays Carre Otis for sex (a very hot scene , BTW) in a Brazil hotel room. It is then shown she is the opposing lawyer on a land ownership case that Bruce is handling.
He had a memorable role as a surfer stud who marries an older woman for her money and is given a statue that is a literal representation of them. He conspires with the wifes daughter and bad things happen, on the TV show THE HITCHHIKER.

Greenwood is a solid actor.
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It seems to me that there are three kinds of roles he usually plays (this is not to say he doesn't do others because of coarse that is not true) and they are:

Villians (Disturbing Behavior, Double Jeopardy and, to a lesser extent, Rules of Engagement)

Grieving Dads (Exotica, The Sweethereafter and Here on Earth)

Authority figures (Thirteen Days, Below and The Core)

Has anyone noticed this too?
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