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Queen Of The Damned

This is one of my all time favourite books, and the best of the Vampire Chronicles by far. I love this book sooo much. It's quite a hefty read, but it's completely mesmerising. Anne Rice is such a talented woman.

Have you read this or any of the other books from The Vampire Chronicles? What are your opinions?

(Please don't make any references to that awful movie version !)
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i've been reading the vampire chronicles lately. i'm almost done with the vampire armand. good book. so far, i've liked all of them, except memnoch the devil. yech. what a piece of garbage that was. waste of my time...way too preachy for my tastes.
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I loved The Vampire Lestat and Memnoch most of all. I may read the new one now. Damn, Memnoch sounded so convincing that it's my religion now.
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I'm working on Blood and GOld right now. I'm only a few chapters in so I really don't have a judgement on it yet. Thorne seems like an interesting character though.

My favorite of the series really might be Merrick. I just really enjoyed it.

My least favorite was probably Armande. It was just really slow and the whole homosexual aspect going on in Anne Rice has nevered bothered me at all. Well homosexuality doesn't bother, but I don't know....just too much of it in Armande. I constantly felt the need to go kick or someone's ass or something to prove my manhood whenever I picked the book up.
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I find Hemingway's description to be far more vivid than Anne Rice's. I don't think that millions of words are necessary to tell us what, for example, a tree looks like. A really good writer can convey the essence of the tree in a minimum of words. The better the writer, the less words that he needs to use.
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