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Mr America is coming tonight on Smackdown. Any thoughts on tonights Smackdown or Last weeks Raw?
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Originally posted by NuclearMisfit
Mr America is coming tonight on Smackdown. Any thoughts on tonights Smackdown or Last weeks Raw?
I think they made the right move creating a Piper's Pit-style segment for Raw although I think Jericho is the wrong choice to host it. They need someone with a bit of an off the wall personality, like a Stevie Richards. I still think it would have been a smarter idea to create a segment for Angle on Smackdown then bring Piper back, they're even taking away from the whole angle with O'Haire they were building by just turning him into a lacky, that'll cost them all the heat he was building.

The Mr. America (Mr. USA) gimmick was old and worn out when it ran in the indy leagues 20 years ago, I just wished it stayed dead.
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RAW was complete and utter shite... and has been that way for months.

Smackdown is hit and miss... depends on the amount of matches, and given lengths.

You want just a few thoughts about the WWF (I will never use the "E"...)


Let's run down the Smackdown roster (as listed by WWF)...

This guy should NOT be making ANY money in the business... period. He's big, slow, sloppy and has less talent than Goldberg.

Oh my god... he's terrible. Just like A-Train, he's slow, sloppy, and a no talent in the ring. Shit, he's not even good on the stick (not like that means shit to me).

Nice guy, but it's in the ring that counts for me, and he's lost a lot since his last injury. Sorry Bill, but you're done.

Billy is a great talent. He's not amazing, but he's really solid, and the luckiest fucker in the world (he's engaged to Torrie). I say push this guy. He's over with the crowd, and entertains in the ring.

Spanky is the man. He's 21, super talented, and a wizz in the ring. The kid can fucking GO!!! His offense is unique, and he can play the goofy face, or asshole heel to perfection. Push this kid to the MOON!!!

Brock has been impressive since his debut. He's a great in ring worker, and seems to get better as time passes. He's even solid on the stick, and is way over with the shee, er, fans too.

Charlie is a huge talent, and is the future of WRESTLING. The guy is really solid in the ring, although he's still unpolished at times. He and his late brother Russ were a really strong tag team, and had a promising future. I'd push this guy as a tag specialist with off shoot singles matches til he gets a little more polished.

3rd generation from the GREATEST wrestling family in the HISTORY of the sport! Chavo has been a favorite of mine for a long time. He's solid... shit, beyond solid in the ring, and can play face or heel. Single or tag, he needs more airtime.

I didn't like Chuck in WCW. I didn't like the "gay" Chuck, but he's seemed to have found a good niche with the reformed FBI. Keep'm in a tag situation, and OUT OF HOT PANTS.

The appitimy of a wrestling machine! I can't think of a bad Benoit match... seriously! Even against The Rock, he carried 250lb of shit, to a 9/10 match!! This guys NEVER gotten the respect he deserves outside of Japan... GIVE'M THE FUCKING TITLE!!!

Crash is a solid worker, and is entertaining on the stick in small doses. They're kinda using him right now, but not right.

Ugly whore... no talent... ugly. I hated her in ECW, and I HATE her now. Thankfully she hasn't seen a bunch of TV lately.

He's on IR right now... another victim to the dreaded "neck injury". He's very solid in the ring, and has actually improved since his jump out of the tag ranks, and over to Smackdown last year. When he comes back, I wanna see him in a "respectful" feud with Benoit for the title.

Okay... I'm biased... Eddy's my fucking hero. He's THE man as far as I'm concerned. He's over as heel or face (although a better heel), people love'm AND hate'm, he's incredible in the ring, and can work a match like a magician. Push him to the MOON!!!

Ahh... the remaining member of Kaientai. He's just sitting back, collecting a weekly cheque, knowing he'll NEVER be used properly. Can he wrestle? Fucking right he can... just check out his Michinoku Pro matches from Japan. Poor Shioji...

Okay, I've been a Bob Holly mark for a long time, dating back to Sparky Plug. He's really solid in the ring, and plays a GREAT badass heel. Unfortunately, he's been in and out of doctors offices with his broken arm/steel plate. He'll be back soon, and I think released, cause Vince is an asshole.

Wanna free up some money Vince? Cut the big orange one! He's old... slow... boring... old... boring. I don't care if he's a "great guy"... he sucks, he sucks, he sucks!!! Gut'm and cut'm!

Another WCW cast off that hasn't been used right. Yea, he held the CW title for... EVER, but this "redneck" gimmick is silly. He's like a mini-Benoit, and I would LOVE to see those two cut it loose for like 20min... sweet.

HATE HATE HATE his rapper gimmick, but he shows more and more potential every week. He's not great, or even really good yet, but given the right chance (i.e. work somewhere else), he could be really good in time.

I love the new FBI gimmick, and I've liked Stamboli since his WCW stint. He's a big guy, but not BIG. He's really solid in the ring, when he's not botching moves. Push'm right, and he'll shine, push'm wrong, and he'll stagnate.

KURT ANGLE - KEEP... it's true, it's true
I'll be the first to admit it, but I HATED Angle when he debuted. He seemed like just another "legit" athlete, sucking at pro-wrestling. But in time... well, almost a year, he really grew on me, and is now easily one of my top fave guys in the WWF. Like Edge, he's on IR with a neck thingie.

MARK HENRY - CUT HIM NOW... if they haven't already.
Nuff said... a big fat sack of crap... feed'm to the sharks.

I like Matt. He's really solid, and obviously loves what he does. That said, take him out of the CW division. Create some fucking mid-card titles again, and give this boy one damnit!!!

Seriously... 2003 has been one fucking bust after another. And people wonder why I think Vince is TRYING to kill the company.

NIDIA - KEEP/CUT... don't care
She's eyecandy, and not even good eyecandy. She can bump, and that's about it.

James "Little Guido" Maritato is a fucking great wrestler. That said... "LET HIM FUCKING WRESTLE!!!" Shit, he's known as the "Cicilian Shooter" for a reason. He worked RINGS in Japan for years before getting into wrestling... the dude is tough... again, fuck you Vince.

Rey Rey... what can be said. He could easily be THE reason why high flyers became popular in the US. He can work a match wonderfully, and has a great arsenal of aerial moves, even being limited over the years due to injury. Giv'm the fucking CW title... and STOP making him work with sacks of shit like Show!!!

Rhyno, ex-ECW champ, being misused like ALL ex-ECW champs!! He's a good midsized big man, and works a good mid-strong style. Let'm use the fucking Piledriver as finisher, and he'd be more of a monster.

Cut'm... fuck his ties with Rock and Snuka... cut this sack of fucking blubber... NOW!!!

Why did they bring him back? Again, more of the proof that Vince WANTS his company to fail.

I know it's not nice to say to kill someone, but this bitch... jesus... she's fucking USELESS!! You can't even look at her without wanting to VOMIT!! The only time I wanna see Leatherface, is in Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!

I love his new gimmick... well, until the lumped him in with Piper. Why'd they do this? Think about it... O'Haire... duh... He's a good worker, but still shows signs of "Power Plant" tainting.

I've always liked him. Back to 3Count... he's been an entertaining worker. He's Spotty, but anyone that worked for Omega is spotty.

FINALLY... a good black worker!! Took fucking long enough. This guys got great timing, and talent... damn straight! Keep'm in the tag division for a while, then push'm big.

STEPHANIE MCMAHON - SLUT/BITCH/McMahon... hey, that was mean!
Uhm... the only thing good about her, is her boobjob. Keep ALL fucking McMahon's OFF TV!!! Egofucks anyway.

Tajiri is great, but has never, and will NEVER be used right by DickMahon. He's small, and doesnt speak english... oh yea, and he's got talent... so that means he'll never be pushed.

Hottest of the hot!! She sucks in the ring, but you can't get any better eyecandy!!

Put down the mic, and FUCKING SUPLEX THE SHIT OUT OF THE WORLD!! His choice (apparently) to be commentator. He's okay there, but MUCH better in the ring. I never understood why he jumped to WWF (musta been the pay cheque). He's a suplex machine, and a stiff worker... that don't work in the WWF.

10 years ago, I was a Taker mark... now I want him gone!!

================================================== ==============

Now, let's run down the RAW roster (as listed by the WWF)

Misused misused... poor Al. He's a really good worker, and a great guy. Bring back the Hardcore title, and let him keep it, and defend it EVERY WEEK!!

Keep'm but put'm back in OVW for some more work. Good big man, but he's limited. He's on IR... again... so I expect him to be cut soon... unless he IS HHH's buddy like rumors state.

Never a huge Booooooker fan, but he is good, and is over. His schtick is old... SUCKA!!!! I'd push him, but nothing major.

Sorry Bradshaw, but you're done dude. You're only a powerguy, and since nobody's allowed to work stiff, you've gotta go... unless they let me take over, then you can stay, and kill people.

Bubba is the better of the 2 Dudleys, but needs to stay in the tag division. Giv'm the fucking titles, and open up the rules a little... not just tables... but FLAMING TABLES!!!

Sean is a great worker, but rarely gets to show it (much like EVERYONE on the RAW roster). Drop the "evil Cheif" thing, and let'm work damnit!

To me, he should have the belt right now, feuding with RVD... but what do I know? He's the best mic worker in the company (well get to Rock soon), and is really solid in the ring. Push'm damnit!!

Didn't this no-talent LOSE Tough Enough 1? Why the FUCK is he here, when Maven keeps getting pushed back? He must be fucking the little known "second" McMahon daughter?

Jay's from my hometown, so he's kewl. He's a good worker, nothing amazing, and is entertaining on the stick. He's midcard, nothing more.

Give him and Bubba the tags, turn'm heel, and let'm RIP on people again!!

Always hated this dick... get rid of'm.

Yea Vince... you must just LOVE throwing money away. No talent fucking dick... nothing more. He'll be jobbing with Steiner by the summer... I hope.

Sorry Dustin, but your gimmick was old when you dropped it back in '99.

IVORY - KEEP/CUT... don't care
She's a great worker, but since she's not a "bombshell", she'll never see a push... unfortunate.

JACQUELINE - CUT/KEEP... don't care
Women's division... until they get some SERIOUS talent, that's more than just boobjobs, I don't care about it.

JAZZ - CUT/KEEP... don't care
Like the other chicks... she's good, but it's WWF woman's matches... meh.

All the hype about the Island Boys... and this is what we get? 3 Minute Warning... and that's all Vince books for matches NOT in the top card anyway.

He's a good big man, but... meh... turn'm heel and have'm kill people again, or cut'm.

Nash... go home and live off your Turner money dood... you're DONE!!!

Another MISUSED talent. Ex-ECW guy that get no'spect. Really good worker, but that doesn't mean shit to Vinnie.

Why is she listed as talent? Maybe I'll have to ask Vince that?

MAVEN - KEEP/CUT... don't care
See... told you winning TE didn't mean shit. Nowinski lost, and gets more of a push than Maven.

MOLLY HOLLY - CUT/KEEP... don't care
Molly is a REALLY good worker, but since she won't get a boobjob, she'll NEVER get pushed. She's cute, talented, but won't suck Vince's dick... I guess she'll be part on the upcoming cuts.

Either way, no big loss or catch. He's okay in the ring, but is just living off the "3rd Generation" shtick.

Time past you buy 10 years ago Ric... so long... c'ya!

He's good... but you'd never fucking know it.

Jesus... working for ECW must mean you'll NEVER get a good push. RVD is great to watch... is HYPER over... and will NEVER get repect from DickMahon. He should be trading strap carries with Jericho right now.

All the hype about the Island Boys... and this is what we get? 3 Minute Warning... and that's all Vince books for matches NOT in the top card anyway.

Jesus... what a waste of fucking money. Comes in under a huge push... get's 2 title matches... is now working with Nowinski... HAHAHA!!! Loser...

Again, biased, but unlike other guys that "retire" only to come back, Shawn can still put on a good match. He's got another year or so in him... use it right.

Spike's a kewl dood... great bumper... but alas, will be cut soon. See ya on NWA/TNA Matt!!!

STACY KEIBLER - KEEP/CUT... don't care
She's cute... that's about it. She's too tall for my tastes, and is JUST eyecandy.

Richards is a good worker. Nothing amazing, but solid. He hacks off all his hair for RTC, and now he's Victoria's bitch... way to go Vince... dick.

He's broken... washed up... boring... what? AHHHHH asshole!!!

She's not even eyecandy... bye bye.

Sorry Andrew, but you suck... first Canadian to hold that title in a long time... ass.

Helms is great. One of the few Omega guys that cleaned up his style. The Hurricane gimmick is even funny... but let'm use the Vertibreaker!!!!

He's SOOO fucking overrated on the stick, it's not funny!! Go to Hollywood you talentless bitch!!!

I've said it before... ex-ECW = no push. He's rarely seen on TV, but when he is, he gets pops. He's over with the fans, push the guy!!

She's really impressed me since joining as eyecandy. She bumps well, and has really improved... and she even looks good too!!!

I'd keep'm and make him job to EVERYONE... and if he didn't like it... he' lose to me!!!

VICTORIA - KEEP/CUT... don't care
She's good in the ring, but like all women, it doesn't matter how good you are in the ring.

He's a great European style worker... and for the WWF, that's NOT a good thing. He's over as heel, but not 100%... he's hated, but more of a "yea, you're a bad guy... boo" way.

That's all that was listed on WWE.com, since Lita was "fired".


I'll do a "reasons why the WWF sucks right now" soon.

Just for the record, I'm a huge WRESTLING fan... remember... WRESTLING. I rue the day Vince DickMahon came up with the term "Sports Entertainment".

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for everything you have just said BRAVO!

also I hate shannon moore...he should be cut too.
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Time for Jacksons comments.

RAW sucked ass, like usual, until.....Goldbergs spear. That pretty much redeemed the show for me. That was just fucking amazing, spearing Rosey through the barricade like he did. They should done that the night Goldberg debuted in WWE but the made him fuck around with Rock and Christian to much and killed him from teh get-go. Now they are gonna make him the badass that he is, finally. Austin as new Co-GM was obvious, but its still cool with me. Austin is entertaining in the shit that he does and watching him drive Bischoff insane week after week is something I look forward too. I dont watch SM! so I dont give a fuck about that show.

About your comments on the RAW roster, heres what I agree with.

The ones to lose: Nowinski, Stiener and All of 3-Minute Warning, including Rico. All of those guys just piss me off when I watch them. They all suck, plainly stated.

As for the others, I like all of them, I think they are all good workers and entertaining in the ring. I do agree that if I was in charge HHH would job to everyone, and I mean everyone. I would have Spike Dudley whoop his ass even. I totally agree with you on the "ex-ecw=no push" thing. RVD is a blatant example of that. The dude debuts and is instantly huge, Vinnie tries to keep him a bad guy but to no avail, so whats he do, puts him in 2 title matches in 3 years. What the hell is that? Give the dude the belt and let him run, I guarantee he'll be the most entertaining champion in years.

But what do we know, we're just fans, the ones that keep the business alive right?
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Originally posted by Donnie_Darko
She's really impressed me since joining as eyecandy. She bumps well, and has really improved... and she even looks good too!!!
Damn right. Stratus shows some of the guys up each week on Raw. She is great at what she does and I'm not saying that becasue she looks good.
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Originally posted by NuclearMisfit
Mr America is coming tonight on Smackdown.

It's Hogan.
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yeah HM I knew because I read some internet rumors flying around and when his song hit "I am a real american" I knew it.
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Any thoughts on Nathan Jones??? I like this guy. One big tough psycho man. He needs to ditch the Undertaker and go off on his own. This is one dude that could give Brock Lesnar a run for his money. Whadda ya think???
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To quote myself...


Seriously... 2003 has been one fucking bust after another. And people wonder why I think Vince is TRYING to kill the company.
Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I don't see anything good about this guy. He's big, and that's about it. He's got ZERO charisma, zero ability in the ring, and can't even work the stick. When did you see him on TV last? Zackly... he's prolly in OVW working on in-ring, then he'll be cut.

It was great this week to see them let Brian Kendrick come out as Spanky. THAT was the funniest fucking segment I've seen in ages... funny, funny shit. Shit, Even stonefaced Cena almost lost it.
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Anybody hear one of the original divas,miss elizabeth died?
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Originally posted by XCoRyX
Anybody hear one of the original divas,miss elizabeth died?
lex luger was involved :-/
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yeah just read up on that...shame....
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That is sad news.

Maybe they will bring back the Macho Man to avenge Miss Elizabeth's death. (then and only then, would I consider watching wrestling)
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According to a police report Luger had bottles of Steroids some are legal in the U.S. others you need a prescription, painkillers, and 98 pills of Xanex an anti-anxiety drug. Plus there were 210 tablets of Dianabol a steroid that is no longer legally distrubited in the U.S., 361 tablets of carisoprodol, a sedative; and five pills of hydrocodone bitartrate, a painkiller six times as strong as codeine that more commonly is known as Vicadin.

Plus according to rumors expect Austin to re-hire Jim Ross, and Lita tonight and un-suspend the Dudleys, and he also spoke about bringing back a belt on an internet web show I think it was the WWE Byte This which could very well be the I-C title.

There are articles on the internet stating that Jeff Hardy failed a drug test and the WWE wanted Jeff to check into a re-hab which he refused and the WWE released him.

Speaking of RAW all of us Canadians will have to wait untill tomorrow for RAW unless anybody feels like staying up until 5:30-6:00 because of the Dallas-Anaheim game tonight which will be followed by the Canada-Russia repeat which will then be followed by RAW

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I gotta get this off of my chest, as its the biggest thing irking me about RAW. What the hell is with all the commercial breaks?!?! Seriously!!! RAW has been reduced to probably an hour and 15 minutes a night because they have 8-10+ commercial breaks every show. Its insane. Get back to wrestling, im sick of seeing all these fucking commericals!!!
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I'm surprised you aren't complaining about Stone Cold Steve Austin hoggin the show

.. especially with the 20 minute opening segment revolving around Austin lol
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Im a huge Austin fan, I could watch him all night.

Something I never thought I would ever, ever see: Austin & Goldberg, same ring, drinking beer together and toasting each other. What an awesome sight.

Also, I wanna ask this, if anyone has this happen to them as well: When you get pissed off, or are getting ready for something big, do you ever have like a wrestlers them song pop into your head? Kinda like in Me, Myself & Irene when Charlie turns into Hank and that badass drum beat goes off and he changes into Hank? I do. Lately when I get pissed I can hear Kevin Nash's theme and more often than not, Austins glass breaking in my head and when Im getting ready for a softball game, and im walking up to the diamond, I can hear Goldbergs theme. It helps pump me up really. But does this happen to anyone else?
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I almost shit my pants when Austin walked out

I wanted to see Austin V. Goldberg for the LONGEST time. I bet you ANYTHING.. that Austin V. Goldberg will happen down the line.. even though Austin is doing a Manager type role now
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I doubt we'll see Austin Vs Goldburg. They seemed to be friendly on Raw.
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lol give it time

It just doesn't happen overnight
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I bet you ANYTHING.. that Austin V. Goldberg will happen down the line..

Wasn't austin quoted as saying last week that it was over- he is never wrestling again?

I heard his neck is pretty much fucked.
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fairly good show last night, its the best one in a month. I wanted to see that backstage fight with Kevin Nash and Trips to go futher but noooo!! we always have to have those stupid refs and pricks try and break it up. Man that sucks. Remember when Austin had a supermarket match with Booker T? that was awesome and I think that could have happened last night. Im fairly happy they sent Coach packing back to Heat I never liked him anyways as well as Morely. Im hoping Linda will assign a co manager for Smackdown also and have Shane O Mac come back. And I dont really care if Goldberg and Austin fight I could never really understand why people want that (Baldy Vs Baldy match??)
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Austin and Goldberg are the 2 biggest badasses ever. Its like a dream match. People thought Rock vs. Hogan would never happen and it did. Austin isnt completely done, he can do a few matches a year still, and in the Informer section of the recent issue of WWE magazine he hints at an Austin/Goldberg match at Summerslam. Last night was good, Stone Cold has become even more entertaining then he used to and he is quite funny now. Being a Bischoff hater like I am, its awesome to see him driving him insane. I like J.R. and King a ton more than Coach, but I dont think Coach had to be stunned like that. Austin coulda just said, 'Look, we got our announce team back, so your back on Heat again' instead of stunning him. I loved what he said to Morely though when Morely was all like "Yeah im not fired, right?" and Austin was just like "No your fired". Then when he was talking to Jericho and Y2J was like "so who is it, someone I can throw around and man handle?" and Austin says "Yeah it is" and Y2J says "Who is it" and he goes "Umm, Kevin Nash" and just walks away. Last night was definitely the best night in a long time, and I too wanted to see the fight between Trips and Nash got a lot longer than it did. I suppose they'll play off an angle with the dude who's car got stolen by Trips like they did that one time when Flair punched a "fan" and had him arrested. WWE has away of redoing the same story lines with just different people. Oh well.
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Raw last night was pretty good until the "brawl" HHH and Nash had, then it went totally down hill. It started off decent enough, you can tell Austin is having a lot of fun in his role as new GM. His arguing with bischoff was pretty amusing and the way he handled Morely was pretty funny. It wasn't necessay to stun Coach, but then again it's only the Coach so who cares. What I"m really happy about is the return of the IC BELT. It was a total mistake to get rid of it, and now mid carders have something to mess around with. I even thought the match between RVD/Kane and Steiner/Test wasn't that bad. The Jericho highlight reel was fantastic, people were sooooo into Jericho and booin the hell outta Nash, it was soooo great. Then the show went to crap, one of the most boring brawl's EVER, the crowd was silent except for the Diesil sucks chant which even JR and The King couldn't even ignore. The brawl kept on goin and goin, it was terrible, I hope to god they injure each other at Judgment Day so they can go away for a long long long time. The end of the show was kinda cool but pretty pointless, just to acknowledge the fact that both Austin and Goldie are around. It was an ok show overall with a crappy second hour.
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Originally posted by Raw Chili
What I"m really happy about is the return of the IC BELT. It was a total mistake to get rid of it, and now mid carders have something to mess around with.
Me too! I thought getting rid of the IC title was a shitty idea and I'm glad to see it back. Nice one Austin!
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Old 05-08-2003, 08:32 AM
Bringing back the IC Title is so good, all these midcarders who have little or no characters can finally build themselves up in the ranks. Good deal. And I really think Austin and Bishoff can work together and it showed when Bishoff fired Morely and Austin set him up for another fire lol that was great.
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Maybe Morely will drop that character and go back to being Val Venis.
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Originally posted by NuclearMisfit
Maybe Morely will drop that character and go back to being Val Venis.
I heard Morely will go to Smackdown, I'm not sure why.

There is a report that Elizabeth mixed vodka and painkillers and while eating she started choking Luger tried removing the food, but she wasn't breathing after doing so.

The official cause of death won't be revealed until another month.
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Morely would be better off on Smackdown since he can actually wrestle. He would be better off feuding with Benoit, or Rhyno, mix with some good wrestlers such as Eddie G or whoever else.
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Well... first the return of the IC strap and now...

"Ultimo Dragon has signed with the WWE and will debut at the Judgement Day PPV!!!!"

Now... provided he doesn't get lost in the shuffle... which I feel he will... this is AWESOME!!! He's apparently gonna work a program with Rey. Whether this is tagging, or against, is unknown. Damn... could you imagine a 3 corner Tag Title Elimination match between Rey/Ultimo vs Los Guerreros vs Team Angle? FUCK YEA!!! Given at least 20min, this would EASILY be MOTY!!

For those who don't know who Ultimo Dragon is... SHAME ON YOU!!!

Morely would be better off on Smackdown since he can actually wrestle. He would be better off feuding with Benoit, or Rhyno, mix with some good wrestlers such as Eddie G or whoever else.
Couldn't agree more(ly) . Sean is a great technician, and has never really been used right as far as "in ring" work goes. There are some trades that can really boost things for both rosters...

Jericho, RVD, Helms, Morely, Storm from RAW to Smackdown.

Rikishi, Show, Taker, Hogan from Smackdown to RAW. This would keep the wrestlers, separated from the "entertainers". There are some guys that should be outright cut... (A-Train, Nathan Jones)... but that's another discussion.

They should also move the IC title to Smackdown, and reinstate the Hardcore title on RAW. That would give all the poor ex-ECW guys on the RAW roster, something to do.

My scenario would be...

Jericho wins the IC strap at Judgement Day PPV.
Goldberg is "given" the #1 contendership for the IC by Stone Cold on the following RAW.
Jericho/Goldberg juke and jibe each other for a month (Jericho can make it entertaining)
First RAW only PPV, Jericho vs Goldberg for the IC. Jericho wins thanks to Austin "screwing" Goldberg. (now, the fans will ultimately decide who's the heel after this... my vote, Goldberg would take that prize)
RAW after the PPV, Jericho "isn't scheduled" for the show.
Goldberg/Austin start their feud which would culminate at the next RAW only PPV, with Goldberg taking on Austins "hand picked replacement" the debuting Sting. Match ends in double DQ after Austin interferes (playing the heel... or at least trying). Can't have a clean finish til SummerSlam.
Meanwhile, on Smackdown...
Jericho shows up with the IC strap, saying "This belt has been around the waists of the best talent EEEEVER in the WWE. Myself being at the top of the list of course. Every other name that carried this belt with pride, is over here on Smackdown. So, the belt has come home where it belongs." (Benoit, Eddy, Edge, Angle)
Meanwhile, on RAW....
Austin/Goldberg/Sting heats up with Austin "paying" guys to attacck Goldberg at every chance. Dreamer, Dudleys, Al Snow, 3Min Warning, Rico, Goldust... and getting sick of the "odds", Bischoff decides to reinstate another title, this one will NEVER jump to Smackdown, and that's the Hardcore title. Anyone who wants it, will have to beat the newly crowned champ, Goldberg!!
Goldberg then defends the HC title 1-2times a week, never losing, leading up to SummerSlam.
RAW before SummerSlam, Goldberg decides that he's "done with the garbage belt, and is moving on to bigger things". He drops the title, and it's put on the line in a CLT (clit) match... Cell/Ladders/Tables. The one to get to the top of the cell, and retrive the title, is the new HC Champ.
Goldberg then announces that he's calling out HHH to put his title on the line at SummerSlam. HHH tells him to fuck himself, and walks away. Bischoff then uses HIS control to ORDER a match... Goldberg vs HHH vs Sting for the World Title at SummerSlam.

I would go on, but that's good for now.
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Old 05-08-2003, 03:03 PM
Rey and Dragon doing tag would be so awesome, imagine the high flying skills and the risky manuvers in the ring. What do you think about tonights Smackdown.
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Old 05-08-2003, 03:29 PM
who's wrestling tonight??? I don't even know.
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Old 05-08-2003, 03:32 PM
tonight they will announce 2 matches for Judgement Day

Brock V. The Big Show (Stretcher Match)

Sable V. Tori (Bikini Match)

I could care less for these 2 matches. I could even care less for Nash V. HHH

I just wanna see the crowning of the Intercontinental Title in the Battle Royal. Christian is gonna win it hands down
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Old 05-08-2003, 04:02 PM
I am still waiting for them to give Chris Benoit the title...it will never happen, and it's a shame, because he is the most talented wrestler around right now, and one of the best ever...maybe even best. My favourite anyway.
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Old 05-08-2003, 04:02 PM
The IC battle Royal should be good, and the tag team ladder match between Eddie and Chavo vs. Team Angle should be pretty sweet, other than that Judgment Day is gonna be crap.
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Old 05-09-2003, 12:20 PM
It's been 5 and a half years now can we let the you screwed bret thing die please.

Ultimo Dragon has said a lot about possibly debuting at Judgement Day, but WWE management could end up changing that scenario before the PPV.

There is a rumor that the LOD will debur on RAW Monday helping out Goldberg against 3 Minute Warning setting up a 6 man tag match at the PPV

Badd Blood the first RAW PPV appearently has their poster going around web sites featuring HHH and Goldberg, but take that for all it's worth.

The poster is at
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Old 05-09-2003, 09:52 PM
Does anybody here dig Rodney Mac as much as me??? He's like a bigger more intense version of D-Lo. Whadda you guys think??? Good bad. Rember don't be hatorizing. Don't go drinking that hatorade. Rodney thuggin' and buggin' or just barely chuggin'? Any thoughts????
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Old 05-09-2003, 11:15 PM
Rodney Mack just looks like another generic big guy with no perosnality stuck in a dead end gimmick that will not get him over. After watchin the dude in the ring I have not been impression, slightly amused when he broke the ropes against a jobber on heat, but not impressed. It's obvious he's only around because he's a big fella, and Jazz's hubby.
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