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God, you can't catch my sarcasm?
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It's pretty hard when you aren't talking and you're typing it.
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Originally posted by Jon Lyrik
God, you can't catch my sarcasm?
Fuck sarcasm

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Sarcasm doesnt come over well on internet message boards.
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I missed Smackdown can someone fill me in on what I missed besides Stephanies match against Harry Sac? Whos the Real Brock Lesnar?
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The spoilers are a bunch of posts up if you want to find out what happend.
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I just noticed something, the last 20 or so posts have been talking about Smackdown, yet no one mentions Raw. Hmm, could it be that Smackdown has a better program than Raw, or is it just that Triple H's ego is out of control so much that people refuse to watch Raw while he still has the title?
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Smackdown's been better than Raw for almost 2 years, but NWA TNA is better than both, and Ring of Honor is even better than that, and nobody talks about those two.
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Originally posted by TheAxeGrinder
It's pretty hard when you aren't talking and you're typing it.
Mr. Teeth disagrees.

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Ok whatever. Just remember: better safe than sorry.
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Anyone ever catch CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling) Its pretty sweet and very brutal they do things like barbwirematches and use lightbulbs and basically anything they can get their hands on, by far one of the best indy wrestling leagues.

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Yeah it's sick, but XPW took it to the extreme limit as much as they could, but their shitty wrestling and scumbag promoter Rob Black made the promotion suck.
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I don't know about these backyard wrestling style feds. Those guys take bumps so sick that it'd make Foley's King Of The Death Match runs a walk in the park. Not for the squeamish.
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Uh guys, I missed the first hour. Could anyone tell me what happened?
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Originally posted by MacReady
Uh guys, I missed the first hour. Could anyone tell me what happened?

Not much...

Nash lost his hair match vs Y2J (big surprise) so he has no hair anymore....Eric pulled some shite on Linda, and Kand has said he "wont do what they want"...meaning he wont set on fire RVD, who he kidnapped.

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How great. Kevin Nash went from long haired slow moving hippie to... Jeff Jarrett looking slow moving hippie.

How does a towel stay stuck in someone's mouth?

Kudos to Rob Van Dam and Kane for not bursting into total laughter after Kane not being able to light a match for like 45 minutes.
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Nash went back to his Oz look.
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Did anyone else catch Linda's mousepad when she was surfing the 'net? It was the old WWF scratch logo. Funny thing is, that the whole Linda segement was filmed on Sunday, so they practically had a whole day to review the tape. If you think about it, with the cat bashing by Rosey, could it be that the WWE is trying to take back it's old name?
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Originally posted by TheAxeGrinder
could it be that the WWE is trying to take back it's old name?

From what I gather, the WWF has no intention on being the WWE forever. The court orderd the change but they are and have been fighting it out still. Maybe things are progressing for them? Or maybe they wanted to be slick.
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I have to commend Test on a good acting job, for the first time in his career. I like the guy and all, but he could never act worth a shit, but last night he had me convinced. I actually thought he was injured until I realized "they never officially ended the match".

Also, seeing the cat segment with Rosey, and watching RVD stand there tied up and being unable to spit out the rag, for some odd reason , with Kane trying to light matches with no luck, was some of the funniest damn stuff I've ever seen.

I also have to admit, the La Resistance segment got me as well, I totally didnt see that coming. 2 weeks in a row with the Dudleys getting beating with the American flag, hmmm, I think they'll win this sunday.

Other than that though, RAW sucked. What else is new huh?
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I thought RAW was pretty good ...better then last week ... and who didn't know that Nash was going to lose the hair match, since he need it cut for his part in The Punisher movie.

The Test angle was good.

The hair vs. hair match was as good as it could be with Nash wrestling (Jericho is the man) oh ya the king of bling bling too.

Lil embarrassed of being a wrestling fan with the shity Linda McMahon Bishoff angle.

S.H.I.T. skits are funny Hurricane is great too.

La Resistance should of never had the tag belts, they straight up suck hopefully how things are going The Duds get the belts at SS.

I hate Orton trying to be too much like Triple H which we don't need another ego like his.

My God will Trish just get it over and pose for playboy.
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Smackdown Spoilers

Full WWE SmackdownTapings [Spoilers]
Posted By Widro on 08.20.03

Rundown of all the matches and happenings for this week's show...


Angle comes out and he's mad at Brock Lesnar and wants
to fight him tonight before wrestling him at
SummerSlam. Vince comes out, and Angle lets loose with
the profanities UPN will have to bleep (asshole,
pussy, and SOB). The bottom line was Angle could not
get near Lesnar or McMahon tonight if he didn't want
to be suspended, stripped of the title, or fired, but
he could fight Big Show in a Street Fight where falls
count anywhere.

Rey Mysterio d. Matt Hardy - Good match, which seemed
to be given more time than most SmackDown! matches.
Kidman was with Rey, but kicked out by the ref early.
One blown spot had Rey making a decision of who to
give the 619 to, as Matt and Shannon were drapped on
the ropes at different sides of the ring. He ran
towards Shannon and stopped, because Matt Hardy did
not get up in time to attack him, so they repeated the
spot. No one chanted anything, and to some it may have
looked like Rey was just changing his mind about who
to hit. Rey won with a great looking West Coast Pop
after Zach Gowen hit Hardy with a crutch.

Basham Brothers d. Gunn and Noble. Short match. Gunn
KO'd either Doug, but Danny snuck in and played dead,
then small packaged Noble for the win.

Zach Gowen vs Brock Lesnar was announced, as Brock was
being a good sport and taking on someone to be on
equal footing with Angle. Zach's mom was interviewed
at ringside by Michael Cole.

Zach Gowen d Brock Lesnar via DQ. No official
announcement made, Brock just pretty much killed Zach
after promsing in an earlier segment to break his one
good leg. Gowen to the outside when Brock was taunting
his mom, but that was bout it. Double powerbomb and a
brutal chair shot lead to the DQ. Big blade job by
Zach after Lesnar smashed him with a chair. Lesnar
F5'd Zach on the post twice, then attacked him while
he was being stretchered out. The SummerSlam match
recap later in the show still showed Gowen / Hardy as
being on the card, but this 'match' really seemed to
suggest Gowen is seriously injured in storyline terms.

John Cena & A-Train def. Undertaker and Orlando
Jordan. Cena's freestyle on the way out was hilarious
(something like "You had to know Brock would smoke
Zach like a joint / he really sucks because he's from
Detroit, and something about Joe Louis Arena actually
being a big crack house) big heat for Cena for the
rap, but most people around us seemed thrilled when he
pinned Undertaker relatively clean. Taker had Cena up
for the Last Ride, but A-Train clipped Taker in the
knee. Cena fell on the Dead Man for the one, two,
three. Word life, indeed.

Eddie/Rhyno d. Benoit/Tajiri. Criminally short, but
good for what time it was given. A big "Eddie" chant
started during the break as people could see the
lowrider hidden behind the set. Rhyno won with a Gore
on Tajiri. Eddie hit him wit hthe US belt afterwards.
Rhyno got a good exit pop.

Kurt Angle d. Big Show in a Street Fight, Falls Count
Anywhere match. Angle has a knack for carrying Show to
good matches, and this seemed enjoyable live. The
match had some good near falls, despite the fact a
table was set up in the ring and never used until the
finish, making any fall prior to Kurt Angle Slamming
big show through it for the pin seem like an obvious
kick out.

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves.

As for attendance, about 5-7 tapred off upperdeck
sections on the hard camera side and some empty seats
in the top part of the upper bowl, but a good sized
crowd. From what I could hear, "TWOOOO" was in full
effect and the crowd seemed pretty good when they
weren't chanting "Let's Go Red Wings" during the
'commercial' breaks.

credit: Stephen Gray, wrestlingobserver.com
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Originally posted by jackson13
I have to commend Test on a good acting job, for the first time in his career. I like the guy and all, but he could never act worth a shit, but last night he had me convinced. I actually thought he was injured until I realized "they never officially ended the match".
To quote many a WCW fan, 'It was a Fit Finley finish.'
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WWE signed somebody new

WWE has signed Alexis Laree to a developmental contract. Laree is a regular on the independent scene, most notably with Ring of Honor. She has also been working with NWA: TNA as a member of Raven's Gathering group.

She will start work in OVW soon.

Credit: 1wrestling.com

Cool, as she is agood female talent and thr hottest chick in NWA TNA, it sort of sucks that she has to leave The Gathering though.
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raw sucked again, but sd had some good wrestling.
Summerslam ooks ok, but no cena, hardy, wgtt, or rey?!come on, they could have put the wgtt vs rey and kidman again.
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as good as they all are nobody likes them. Im sure that plays into it./
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Originally posted by adamjohnson
as good as they all are nobody likes them. Im sure that plays into it./
I think you're being harsh with that one. People do like Rey and Kidman, and their gimmicks work well, as to Benjiman's and Haas'. Why say that when they all get a response, are talented and have some good stuff going? If you're going to say that crap, say it about some guys who it really applies to.
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Old 08-23-2003, 02:18 PM
well you know what i mean, In terms of sheer popularity they rank somewhere in the middle. And also this is Summerslam, The best of the best, next to Wrestlemania. Theres too many big matches for little ones. And yeay yeah i know youre gonna be like well TWGG are the tag champs! It doesnt matter, theire good heels n all, but it doesnt matter.
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Originally posted by adamjohnson
well you know what i mean, In terms of sheer popularity they rank somewhere in the middle. And also this is Summerslam, The best of the best, next to Wrestlemania. Theres too many big matches for little ones. And yeay yeah i know youre gonna be like well TWGG are the tag champs! It doesnt matter, theire good heels n all, but it doesnt matter.
Those four don't belong on SummerSlam yet A-Train, Shane McMahon, The Dudleys, La Resistance, Randy Orton, and Eric Bischoff do. I'm sorry but that is a pretty stupid thing to say as Rey Mysterio is one of the most over faces on Smackdown and WGTT are the best tag team in the WWE today. The fans care about those four more than the previous eight combined.

Last edited by Frank the Tank; 08-23-2003 at 07:53 PM..
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Old 08-23-2003, 08:41 PM
Meh, what do I know? I haven't seen an entire episode of Smackdown in a long time. I only watch Raw because it's at the start of the week and I get my fix that way. Smackdown's far too late in the week for me.
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Old 08-23-2003, 10:19 PM
who else is checking out ss tomorrow night?
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Old 08-23-2003, 10:29 PM
I am, but I'm going in with low expectations, as the only match that is guaranteed to rule is Angle/Lesnar. The Elimination Chamber could be good, and so could the 4way if it gets enough time.
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Old 08-24-2003, 01:33 PM
The only good match will be the Angle/Lesner match. Everyone knows that Triple H is such an ass and he won't drop the title to anyone, so long as Vince is so focussed on Smackdown.
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Old 08-24-2003, 02:35 PM
I think the four way IC title match has the potential to rule the earth, but it could be cut short due to time. They said that it would only be seven matches and that the matches will all get good time.

My predictions for the length of the matches.
Dudleys/Resistance 7min
Taker/A Train 12min
Bisch/Shane 14min
RVD/Kane 16min
Eddy/Benoit/Rhyno/Tajiri 23min if it's 12min or below it would suck.
Elimination Chamber 42min
Brock/Angle 29min
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Old 08-24-2003, 11:29 PM
Just got done watching SummerSlam and what a shitty ending. Here are the results with star ratings.

La Resistance beat The Dudley Boyz when Rob Conway dressed as the camera man and hit one of the Dudleys with a flag. 1 1/2* it was a fun, short opener with nothing wrong.

Undertaker beat A-Train with a chokeslam, after the match Steph comes out and has a catfight Sable. 1 1/4* not as bad as you would think.

Shane McMahon beat Eric Bischoff during the match The Coach turned heel by beating up Shane and asking that JR and King got their mics turned off. He then did commentary in the ring, and made fun of JR. Austin came out and The Coach accidentially hit him causing Coach to get his ass kicked. Then Bischoff hit Austin and Austin stunnered him, then Shane delievered an Elbowdrop through the Spanish Announce Table on Bischoff and got the pin. 1/4* for Coach turning Heel and the bump at the end.

Eddy Guerrero beat Rhyno, Tajiri, and Chris Benoit after hitting Rhyno with the frog splash. 4* It was only 10 minutes long, but it was the fastest paced and most energetic ten minutes I've ever seen.

Kurt Angle beat Brock Lesnar by forcing him to tap out. 4 1/4* Not as great as Mania, but still a classic SummerSlam bout.

Kane beat RVD by tombstoning hom on the steel steps. 2 3/4* Fun hardcore match.

Triple H wins the Elimination Chamber by beating Goldberg. 2* Just a disappointing match with a bullshit finish. First the match was mega short as they got only 20 minutes to work instead of 40 like in the first one. There were 3 minute intervals instead of 5 minute ones. HBK and Y2J start and have a classic encounter than Orton comes in, followed by Nash. Jericho eliminates Nash via a superkick by HBK. Triple H is in next and immediately gets superkicked by HBK laying prone in his chamber the whole match basically. Nash comes back in and destroys all of the competitors. Goldberg in last and Spears Orton eliminating him. Then in an awkward spot spears Y2J through the plexiglass, but basially speared him and then pushed him through it instead of spearing him. Goldberg than spears, Jackhammers and eliminates HBK, thendoes the same to Jericho. Triple H is still in his chamber, Goldberg takes Trips out as Flair tries to keep Trips in his chamber. Goldberg gets him out and preps him for the spear, Flair hands Trips his sledgehammer Goldberg goes for the spear, and Trips hits Goldber with the sledgehammer and pins him.

Some awesome matches from the Smackdown side save this one, but this is major bullshit that Triple H won. I mean I knew it was going to happen, but I just couldn't believe it, the guy was injured and didn't do anything the whole match, I stay true to the statement that the only way Trips will lose the title is that he retires or gets injured and they forfeit it.
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Old 08-25-2003, 12:25 AM
ARRRGGGGGG!!! WHEN THE FUCK IS TRIPLE H GONNA LOSE THAT GODDAMN BELT?! I'm sorry but it's been what, 8 months now? One question thought: why dosen't Vince stand up to this guy? What he gonna do, quit? Who's gonna miss him? Certainly not us since we hate him because he won't lose the belt and the fans who don't really know it's preplanned won't miss him cause he's a jerk.
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Old 08-25-2003, 12:53 AM
So wait, Goldbergs first loss come at the hands of Trips? Hmmm, who didnt see this happening? I wonder how Mr. #2 Backstage Ego, Goldberg, feels about being squashed so early into his WWE career? Think about it, he never beat anyone huge, cept for Rock, he fought many of the same guys over and over, and he never, ever, got the best of HHH. Ever. Trips beat him up somehow every week once he announced he wanted the title. I look to see Goldberg become extremely pissed about the way his character has been treated, maybe even to the point of quitting.

Oh yeah, and its official, apparently Trips will never lose the title. I guess no one on the face of the earth is good enough to earn it. Fuckin wanker.
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Old 08-25-2003, 02:22 AM
This is actually his second WWE lost, as he lost to Trips at a house show last month.
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i saw it and here's my thoughts.

dudleys vs la resistance-------ok and energetic opener. resistance win after the rob conway attacks the dudleys. i thought dudleys would win, but it makes sense since they could continue this feud, or have the champs defend against the face teams of raw (storm/goldust, hurricane/rosey) since there are basically no heel teams there.

taker vs a train-----bad, but not horrible. taker wins w/ the chockeslam, steph and sable(looking hot,actually) brawl and a train pulls out sable to huge heat. don't know where this is going, but apparently taker is moving back up to the main event scene.

bisch vs shane-------shane squashes bisch, until COACH! hits shane w/ a chair and turns heel. Stone cold eventually comes out, coach is pushed into him, stunner, then in a funny spot shane grabs bisch and makes him slap stone cold, so he gives him a stunner. shane wins w/ a flying elbow drop onto bisch thru the spanish announce table.

eddy pins rhyno in fatal 4 way-------very fun, crisp, and energetic match. benoit and tajiri fall outside the ring and eddy gives rhyno the frog splash to retain. a lot of near falls, i thought they would give somebody else the us title and move eddy up to the main event scene, but i guess not. hopefully they will move up benoit though.

angle vs brock----great match, maybe not as good as wm but still great. great wrestling, brock cleanly taps to ankle lock after the ankle was worked on and put in the lock twice. could have done w/o the vince interfeence, but angle slam to him on the chair. why was this before kane vs rvd?

kane vs rvd-----ok match, a very funny botched spot where kane slipped off the rope and fell on the ropes and bounced off of them, prompting a you f'ed up chant. rvd went for a van terminator but kane moved.kane wins by tombstoning rvd on the steps. apparantly shane vs kane will be at unforgiven.

elimination chamber----fun match, but way too short. i was hoping jericho would. nash was eliminated earlier then i thought he would be.but he powerbombed every one afterwards to save face. once goldberg entered i thought for sure he would win. cool spot when goldberg speared y2j through the glass. i loved the steel outside the apron where the wrestlers landed. looked like it hurt. but h WON! what the hell. probably gonna be h vs goldberg at unforgiven. Triple h has had the belt for 8 months, really a year not counting hbk's charity one month run. utter bs. he'll never lose. ugh.

ok ppv, as sd did save it. i never want to see a train or bisch wrestling on ppv again.i am interested to see raw and what they have planned for the next ppv. sd has 2 months to build up to a ppv, hopefully one w/ wgtt, cena, and hardy.

here's 411's recap, as SK's rant isn't up yet.

A fairly uneventful showing for one of the company's top shows of the year.

WWE Summerslam Report
Announcers are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole and Tazz
Report by Widro

World Tag Team Championship
The Dudley Boyz vs. La Resistance (c)
The Dudleyz get a nice pop. They dominate the first five minutes or so, prompting a “tables” chant. Dudleyz clear the ring. Back in, La Resistance begins a double team on Bubba Ray Dudley, which draws a “USA” chant. Hot tag to Dvon, who clears house and gets a couple of near falls. Double team on Dvon, near falls for the champs. Bubba comes in, chaos ensues. Double team top rope headbutt to the crotch by the Dudleyz, followed by a 3D. Grenier pulls the ref out of the ring saving Dupree, then a “cameraman” takes out Dvon with a camera, leading to a Dupree pin.
Winners and STILL champs: La Resistance

After the match, the cameraman continues to brawl with the Dudleyz and unmasks to reveal Rob Conway, the fake marine from raw. Spike Dudley also came down to get beaten up.

Then the Coach interviews the Dudleyz who put over La Resistance for doing anything to retain the belts, then they vow to regain the titles any way necessary. Interesting.

Christian confronts Bischoff about being the IC champ and not booked. Bischoff blames Austin for booking Bischoff/Shane instead of Christian. Bischoff then refuses Christian’s help for the match with Shane.

The Undertaker vs. A-Train w/Sable
Yay. A Train and Undertaker trade offense early, Taker seems to be selling a rib injury. Undertaker goes up top to do it old school, and Train is down. Announcers really push a Vince McMahon/Undertaker rivalry. A Train controls for several minutes. Taker fights back and starts some of his patented offensive attack. Sets up for the Last Ride, but A-Train shoves Taker ino the ref, then hits the Derailer. Slowly goes to cover, and the Undertaker kicks out. Taker mistakenly knocks out the ref, then Train hits a big boot to Taker. Train gets a chair. Brings it into the ring, Taker kicks the chair into Train’s face. Ref groggily counts but Train kicks out. Taker sets up for a tombstone, Train floats back, but Taker hits a chokeslam for the pin.
Winner: Taker

Taker goes to powerbomb Train after the match, but Sable comes in and comes on to him to stop him. He grabs her by the throat, and out comes Stephanie McMahon to a very small pop. Steph attacks Sable who was still being held by Taker. A-Train comes to and pulls Sable out of the ring. This draws big heat. Taker and Steph stand tall in the ring.

Shane McMahon vs. Eric Bischoff
Shane is wearing a red jersey. They brawl for a long while. After a while, Coach runs in and turns on Shane, joining with Bischoff to beat down Shane McMahon. They both mock JR. Austin comes down to make the save, and Coach gets in his face, saying he cant touch him without being provoked. Austin attacks him anyway, and Shane is back for a double team on Coach. Austin leaves Shane to beat on Bischoff, but Austin leaves Bischoff with a stunner. Shane covers, but pulls up Bischoff and goes back to work on Bischoff. Shane puts Bischoff through the Spanish Announce Table with a top rope elbow drop. Falls count anywhere so Bischoff is pinned.
Winner; Shane McMahon

Backstage, Flair and then HHH make sure Orton knows who goes in the champ and who’s going out.

WWE US Championship
Chris Benoit vs. Rhyno vs. Tajiri vs. Eddie Guerrero (c)
This is tornado rules with all four men in the ring. Lots of action in the first few minutes. Benoit and Rhyno in the ring, Guerrero and Tajiri back in and they clear the ring then beat each other. All four in, Guerrero gets the lasso from El Passo on Tajiri, Benoit gets Rhyno in the crossface. Tajiri escapes, then Guerrero breaks up Benoit’s submission. Benoit and Guerrero brawl then Benoit gets the crossface on Guerrero until Rhyno breaks it up. Match continues. Tajiri gets the tarantula on Benoit. With the ref distracted, Guerrero uses the US title on Rhyno as Rhyno went for the goar and goes up top for a Frog Splash, but Tajiri knocks him to the floor. Benoit hits the diving headbutt on Rhyno. Guerreo clears Benoit and Tajiri to the floor, Guerrero hits the frog splash on Rhyno for the pin.
Winner and STILL champ: Guerrero

WWE Title
Kurt Angle (c) vs. Brock Lesnar
Amateur feeling out and takedowns to start slowly. Faceoffs and lockups. Armdrags and Lesnar takes a breather on the floor. Lesnar back in slowly, and Angles goes to work on offense. Angle brings Lesnar to the floor, they brawl, but Lesnar takes control. Lesnar brings Angle into the ring and slows it down with some submission attempts. Angle makes a brief comeback but Lesnar knees him in the gut. Lesnar does a cool cradle samoan drop type move. Lesnar works the lower back with some tackles into the corner. Angle takes down Lesnar, and begins his comeback. Angle clips Lesnar’s knees. Angle has Lesnar by the waist and does three rolling Germans. On the third he bridges Lesnar for a 2 count. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, Lesnar pushes off and hits a spinebuster. Lesnar goes for an F5 but Angle does a botched counter that Lesnar sells. They seem to redo it with Angle hitting a DDT off the F5. Angle takes down the straps – he is fired up STEEL CITY STYLE! Angle Slam, he covers and Lesnar kicks out this time. More maneuvering, and Angle gets the Ankle Loc. Lesnar grabs the bottom rope. Angle has some kind of weird submission with a leg scissors while holding onto Lesnar’s back. He shifts it to the Ankle Lock. The ref has been knocked down, and Angle has the Ankle Lock on with no ref to check. Mr. McMahon comes down and hits Kurt with a chair. McMahon beats down Angle a bit more, Lesnar hits the F5. Lesnar covers and the ref is up, counts but Angle kicks out. McMahon urges Lesnar to do another F5, but this time Angle counters and hits the Ankle Lock again. Brock in the middle of the ring and eventually taps out clean.
Winner and STILL champ: Angle

After the match, McMahon comes back in for another chair shot, but Angle fights him off. Angle Slam through the steel chair set up in the ring.

Goldberg trains backstage.

No Holds Barred
Kane vs. Rob Van Dam
Lots of brawling. RVD with some shoulder blocks into the corner on Kane. Kane tosses RVD over the top onto the STEEEEEL steps. Kane attacks on the floor with a ladder. Kane brings Rob into the ring and continues to control. RVD does a cool reverse enziguri before being dumped to the floor. Kane goes up top, slips up and bounces on the top rope and dropped him into the ring. He tried again and RVD attacks on his flight down. Kane hits a DDT on the floor. RVD drop toeholds Kane who was holding steel steps and Kane fell face first into them. RVD does a spin kick and sends Kane into the crowd. RVD gets up and does a spinning legdrop from the apron onto Kane draped across the security barrier. RVD has a chair and brings it into the match. RVD puts the chair onto Kane and does Rolling Thunder onto it. RVD then does a sitting dropkick sending the chair to Kane’s face. Then does a HUGE Van Terminator onto Kane but Kane moves and the chair bounces back onto RVD as Kane moves to the floor. RVD follows, and Kane grabs him and tombstones him onto the steel steps. Kane brings him into the ring and covers.
Winner: Kane

Linda McMahon slaps a stammering Eric Bischoff in the trainer’s room.

Ric Flair and HHH get mentally ready for the main event.

World Title
HHH (c) vs. Chris Jericho vs. Goldberg vs. Randy Orton vs. Kevin Nash vs. Shawn Michaels
Jeicho and HBK to start, thankfully. Orton was next, and there was some double teaming. Next is Nash to even the odds. Out of no where HBK hits a super kick on Nash and Jericho bridges him for the pin. Nash then powerbombs all three guys before leaving. Next is Hunter. Finally the last guy to come out is golderg and hes gots wild. Awesome military press powerslam on Orton. Jericho and Micahels team up against Goldberg. Goldberg does a huge spear on Orton through a cell. Michaels and Goldberg are left. Goldbergwith a spear and now goes for a jackhammer. Goldberg covers and Michaels are out. Jericho back up and he gets another spear. Jackhammer on Jericho and he’s out. Goldberg and HHH remain. HHH goes into a cell for protection but Goldberg mashes his way into the cage and goes to work on HHH. Goldberg is way over as a face, HHH getting heat. HHH nails Goldberg with a sledgehammer he got from Flair and covers Goldberg for the win.
Winner and STILL champ: HHH

After the match, Evolution triple teams Goldberg, who blades and is strung up with handcuffs to the chamber.
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I caught SummerSlam and I was somewhat half and half while watching this: The Dudleys and La Resistance match was an okay match and I actually thought the Dudleys would win this one. But thankfully they didn't which means this fued will continue which is a good thing. Hopefully they will end it by having a Tables Tag Title match, that should be good to watch.

The Undertaker and A-Train match was not too bad to my surprise, 'Taker came out as the winner though which was to be expected really but he did put Albert over with some of the moves. Pretty good but not great. The Steph and Sable catfight was pretty funny really.

Shane's match could of been better, I was expecting a whole lot more than what I got in his match. But still a good match with a cool finish (spanish announce table!!!) Coach turning heel? Why? Yes I didn't expect that to happen but why? I wonder if they'll actually do something with this.

The Fatal Four way match was great IMO, these four men did great in the ring. Yeah it wasn't really long once you think about it but it was so fast and energetic that it seemed longer while watching it. Eddie is a great heel/face but I expected him to drop the title. Still a good match.

Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar match was a good effort, I didn't catch the Wrestlemania match but if it was anything like this match then I would be happy. These two were great, Kurt and put anyone over.

Kane vs. RVD was a nice little hardcore match, nothing much really but did anyone catch Kane's "F*cked up moment"?
A good match overall.

Now, everything was going great and then this match came on. This years SummerSlam would of been a great event if this match was two things A) LONGER and B) Triple H loosing his title, both of these never happened sadly.
I didn't catch the Elimination Chamber match at Survivor Series but from what I saw on WWE(F)'s promo video it looked cool, very brutal as well. This was anything but brutal, they had their moments of throwing people through plexiglass but that was as brutal as it got. The sledgehammer attack was weak as well. I usually love elmination matches, in fact they are my favourite matches but this was a mockery of them. The wrestlers were elminatied too soon and were pretty much all pinned by Goldberg.
Order of Elmination
Nash- Eliminated by Jericho/Michaels (I can't remember who pinned him)
Orton - Goldberg
Michaels - Goldberg
Jericho - Goldberg

And what was Triple H doing throughout the whole match? He was lieing down on the job thats what. Disappointing match with a disappointing finish.
I hope Triple H looses that title soon, very soon to someone the fans will be happy to have as their champion. Maybe Goldberg, the fans seem to love this guy, I don't think hes anything special but still the fans seem to like him and two Goldberg fans in the crowd said they wanted Goldberg to win. Give him the title already, the fans will be happy at least.
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