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Ashes of Time (10/10)

WKW's underrated best film

The first time I saw this movie. I was REALLY confused. I still loved it though, but after a few viewings of this film I've grown to love it even more. This is undoubtably Wong Kar-wai's best work. Alot of people however hate this, but there is a good few who love this film, so it's a love it or hate it film.

The performances are all good. Leslie Cheung was brilliant as the cynical and bitter Ouyeng Feng. Tony Leung Chiu-wai was also great as The Blind Swordsman. Maggie Cheung's ten minutes torward the end is the most jaw-droppingly beautiful, yet haunting and sad scene ever. It is the best scene ever in a film, the film is worth it for that scene alone. Maggie Cheung is an actress you'll never forget, once you see this movie and the scene that she is in. The best performance is by Bridget Lin as Yin and Yang, who are really one person in one. I REALLY thought those were two different actresses playing those characters, amazing work by her.

The directing and cinematoaghy is off the hook. The images you see on screen are truely amazing and unforgetable. Wong Kar-wai does a brilliant job of putting this film together. This is one of my top ten favorite films.


But please get the H.K DVD and NOT the horrid U.S DVD. The H.K DVD may have no menu or chapter stops, but the sound quality is good and the picture is good enough to fully appreciate it.
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