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Comic Book Movie reviews

Spiderman, Daredevil and now X2 boy has it been good year(well 2002 for spidy) for comic book movies but besides them their are some good and bad ones. Lets review both good and da bad. I will rate mine. (includes both DC and Marvel)

Batman Returns-8/10
Batman Forever-7.5/10
Batman and Robin-7/10

Superman:The Movie-8/10
Superman 2-8.5/10
Superman 3-6/10
Superman 4-5/10

X-men 2-9/10



The Fantastic Four-6/10

The Punisher-7/10

Captain America-5/10


Howard the Duck-7/10

Thats all i can remember right now but please post yours.
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Batman: 6.5/10
Batman Returns: 6.5/10
Batman Forever: 7/10
Batman and Robin: 3/10

X-Men: 7.5/10
X-Men 2: 9/10

Spider Man: 5/10

Ghost World: 9/10

Daredevil: 3/10

Blade: 7/10
Blade 2: 8/10

From Hell: 7/10

Road to Perdition: 6/10
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X2: 9/10
Batman Returns: 9/10
X-Men: 8/10
Spider-Man: 8/10
Batman: 8/10
Batman Forever: 7/10
Daredvil: 5/10
Batman & Robin: 3/10
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Please keep it alive!!!!
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Batman Returns-9/10-The addition of Catwoman was great.Loved the dark atmosphere too.
Batman Forever-6/10
Batman and Robin-1/10

Superman:The Movie-8/10
Superman 2-10/10-Classic film(Kneel before Zod!)
Superman 3-6/10
Superman 4-3/10

X-men 2-10/10-Excellent sequel.Roll on X3



Howard the Duck-7/10-I remember enjoying the film very much at the time.Haven't seen it since though.

From Hell: 9/10

Blade: 7/10
Blade 2: 8/10
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