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Dirty Work (7.5/10)

I found this movie to be a fun comedy. The movie is about Mitch and Sam, two guys who can't seem to get a break. When Sam's dad has a heart attack, Mitch and him have to get $75,000 to pay for his surgery. After many failed jobs, they start a revenge for hire buisness called Dirty Work, which leads to many mishaps.

Norm MacDonald was hillarious as Mitch, he always cracked me up on SNL, and he did in this movie. Jack Warden was great as the dad too. The pranks they played were hillarious, but the one where they put the fish in the house leading to a big shootout went a little too over the top. There were also moments throughout the movie which tried to deliver in terms of humor, but they didn't. However, those moments were only small parts, as this movie was funny in different areas. I also loved the cameos, especially the ones by Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as the Bearded Lady! All in all, Dirty Work is a good comedy if you want to just have a fun movie-watching time. 7.5/10
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