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And people lambast me for hating dramas. Guess what, people... here's your proof.

I pride myself on only falling asleep during one movie--TITANIC. I have never fallen asleep at any other movie. But I almost did during this one.

Faithless (Trolosa), a film by Liv Ullman, chronicles the story of a woman relating her heart-wrenching(ly boring) tale of adultery, misplaced anger, personal tragedy, and jealousy to Ingmar Bergman (Erland Josephson).

Marianne Vogler (Lena Endre) lives a charmed life--married to a loving and successful composer husband, mother to a bright and lovely young daughter. That is, until she meets David (Krister Henrikkson), an actor and director who works at the same theatre she does. What starts out as an innocent dinner meeting between the two of them grows into a passionate affair that starts bringing Marianne's life apart at the seams.

Yadda fuckin' yadda. How many times, how many different ways have we seen this story? In the back of my mind, I was begging for Marianne's husband to pick up a damn sword and rush, William Wallace-style, into the hotel room where David and Marianne are doing the wild monkey dance, but NOOOO, he has to take the easy way out--pouting and moping over why life is so unfair. Grow some fuckin' balls, husband-man.

GAH!!! It felt so refreshing to get that out. I think I'm gonna go watch something like Fist of Legend. I need to make sure my nuts are still attached. I hope I still scream for blood during well-choreographed fight scenes.

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