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Hey guys sorry about all the dumb posts. I just wanted to cause confusion. Basically those posts are saying that I was wrong(lowers head in shame) and yes women can make gruesome dark horror films it's just that I really haven't seen really any horror films made by women. I'd like to see more of the female gender make horror films. So there will be no more idiotic replies. Well... none by me that is.
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A woman director could put a new spin on a tired genre if you ask me.
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Great thread here! Although there's not many female horror directors, they do exist and have created some fantastic movies. Obviously, as mentioned American Psycho is a must see! Such a brilliant film and Bale's best role.

Has anyone heard about American Mary? It's a new body horror film directed by a pair of sisters and staring the woman from Ginger Snaps. From what I've read and the trailer, it sounds like a rather disturbing but fresh horror film. I can't wait to see it!


Oh, and Mary Shelley - surely the author of Frankenstein counts too!

Mary Shelly, American Mary and Mary Harron? I see a trend here!
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Originally Posted by TATU View Post
A woman director could put a new spin on a tired genre if you ask me.
Jennifer Lynch just might be that woman.
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