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Old 06-09-2003, 05:51 PM
V For Vendetta movie in the works by Wachowski's

According to Dark Horizons.com, a movie of the famous Alan Moore comic book is in the works. Proof (no link though )

V for Vendetta: Brighton's The Argus reports that the comic is tipped to be turned into a screenplay by the Wachowski brothers.

This news is better suited here, since I doubt many people who frequent the upcoming movies board even knows about it. But this is great news for a fan like me, especially with the Wachowski's aboard (not because the Matrix Reloaded was great, but with their BO clout, they can probably do any project they want now). Opinions? Comments?

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Old 06-12-2003, 08:15 AM
I think this is old news, and it's been 'in the works' for a while. Like Preacher and Watchmen, there have been plans to make a film of V for Vendetta for several years, but nothing ever really happened. The difference with V for Vendetta is that pre-Matrix (and possibly even before Bound) the Wachowski Brothers wrote a script, which is available somewhere on the net. It may yet get made, but I doubt it somehow.
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