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Originally posted by flowrchild
She is all kinds of hot.

Big fat YAY from the hetero gal.

Hell ya.

Ditto here.
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Originally posted by Hannibal21 *coughGrebdroncough*
Pay not attention to old man Greb, he's got that midlife crisis thing going on. He likes 'em a lot younger, and a lot blonder.

As for me, I think Monica is the definition of classic beauty. YAY.
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Originally posted by kidkre0le

Awesome pic

also states my thoughts
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Three YAYs.

One for her as an actress, another two for each breast.
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Old 04-10-2004, 01:02 AM

She is a good actress and its a shame she didn't have a longer role in The Matrix 2 and 3.
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There's been some serious lack of Monica Bellucci appreciation in the last year or two on the boards and I think it's time we fixed that problem.

Though Monica hasn't exactly shot to stardom in the U.S., she's still great in my eyes. And I'm hoping she chooses some great roles in the future cause I'd really like to see her in something better than the Matrix sequels or Brothers Grimm or even Tears of the Sun (which was pretty good). While in retrospect those movies seem like disasters, I think she's just had bad luck with U.S. films - as all of them have been by pretty well-respected directors at the time (Wachowski Bros after Matrix, Gilliam - well Gilliam's always respected in the film buff community anyway, and Fuqua after Training Day).

Looking back at this thread though, by god we all sound like stark raving idiots. But damn if she still isn't the hottest woman ever.

And it annoys me that I can't find the original cut of Malena in Canada on DVD. Gahh.

Anyway, some pics for your viewing pleasure.

The 7th one has always been one of my favorites.

Also my obsession for Bellucci hasn't abated and in Gr 12 graphic design class last year we had to take a photo as a base and do a vector drawing for it and naturally, I did Monica Bellucci. It took several weeks of work but I think it was worth it heh I did get lazy with the hair though and cheated using simple blue streaks/comic book-ish hair (It's attached):
Attached Images
File Type: jpg artwork-monicabellucci.jpg (89.7 KB, 101 views)

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She's got it all, and I mean... it all!
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Old 08-25-2006, 12:58 PM
Fantastically gorgeous and the one of the few women I would fuck.

The woman is perfection, plain and simple.... a HUGE, resounding YAY!!!

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Old 08-27-2006, 02:35 PM
She is not a woman. She is a goddess.
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Old 09-01-2006, 09:05 PM
Hell freakin' yeah YEA. The woman (excuse me . . Goddess) couldn't look bad or not hot if she tried. Definitely one of the msot beautiful actresses in the world.
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Old 09-02-2006, 07:45 PM
she's hot, but not beautiful. not a fragile flower, but a tulip that looks like a vagina.

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Easily the most gorgeous woman...ever, and she can act with the best of them.

She's phenominal in The Passion of the Christ, Malena, Irreversible, Tears of the Sun, The Dobermann, Brotherhood of the Wolf...

It's a shame the Wachowski's wasted her talent in the Matrix sequels, I was ecstatic when Gibson gave her a shot to show her acting prowess in a movie that would be widely exposed to an American audience in TPOTC.

She's absolutely beyond description and compare in every way.

She did a great job with a very subtle role in Malena, where she beautifully conveyed despair, lonliness, longing, and discomfort with very little dialogue through her eyes and mannerisms; she poured her heart out in take after take in The Passion of the Christ without a single faulty moment, which takes a tremendous amount of physical and emotional concentration; she had the single most demanding acting moment I've ever seen from an actress during the rape in Irreversible, which she sold so perfectly that anyone can get an understanding of what the victim of the act feels like to the point where it's a remarkably disturbing scene based primarily on her performance; she was a great eccentric villain in The Dobermann where she had to learn to depict deafness; she showed how much she can bring to a character to make it vastly more effective than what was on the page in Tears of the Sun; and the list goes on.

The first movie I seen her in was Bram Stoker's Dracula, where she did a nice job (along with the other two) of giving the brides a very otherwordly feel, again with very little dialogue. My favorite movie that she's in is The Passion of the Christ, my favorite role of hers would probably be Malena.
She's quite a chameleon as far as the types of roles that she's brought to life, it's tough to pinpoint a single performance as the best.

She can play subtlety as well as extreme beautifully(which can be a rare combination to find in an actress, many tend to be one or the other), and she can play a great b*tch(The Brothers Grimm) or the most sympathetic character possible(in Malena), or a tough as nails heroine(Brotherhood of the Wolf).

Monica, along with Naomi Watts is my favorite actress. Both can make a type of film that doesn't generally appeal to me into one of my favorites that I can watch time and time again without growing tired of it.
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Originally posted by therealjohng
She is not a woman. She is a goddess.
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