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Tears of the Sun

Tears of the Sun was one that I wanted to catch in the thearte but because of cicumstances and other releases out around the same time I had to make decisoins. I rented this one and I wish I would have cought it in the theatre. The film is about a team of special-ops who are sent to rescue a doctor, 2 nuns, and a priest. Events happen which lead to the team having to bring refugees across the land with a load of soldiers on their tails.

Bruce Willis give a good performance as the hard edged Leutinent. Monica Belluccia also gives a good performance, not a great one but it will due just fine. The supporting cast also does very well with the material.

I think that the director, Antoine Fuqua has a future ahead of him in the movie industry. I thought Training Day was very well directied. This is one of the reasons I enjoyed this film was I thought it was directed very nicely and was beautiful to look at. Especially some of the closing scenes with the airplanes and palm trees, Very Nice.

See it for Bruce Willis back on top. See it for the nice direction from Fuqua. See it if you like war movies. Just do me and yourself a favor and check it out.

Tears of the Sun- 8/10

Where This Reviewer is coming from:
Saving Private Ryan- 10/10
We Were Soilders- 7/10
Black Hawk Down- 7/10
Training Day- 8/10

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Tears of the Sun was awesome. It is #4 on my TOP 5 of 2003. IT was overlooked by so many people but I, loving almost all war movies, loved it! (8/10)
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Great military thriller with a good performance by Bruce and two good performances by Monia Belluci if you catch my drift. I agree I think it was overlooked by a lot of people by calling it a Black Hawk Down rip-off. I thought it's a very good flick with great action sequences.

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STORY -- A group of Navy SEALs headed by A.K. Waters is sent into West Africa to extract a doctor, two nuns and a priest. The commited doctor won't leave without 70 of her patients and the rebel forces are closing in.

Tears Of The Sun is a very underrated movie. It's gritty, emotional and thought provoking. I actually avoided seeing this in theaters beacause it seemed everyone was deeming it boring and ridiciolous. It's anything but. The first half is packed with tension and drama, the second half consisting of basically all action. Even when nothing is happening your still glued to your seat because the story is extremely interesting and the cinematography is beautiful to look at. The horrors of West Africa is an important story to tell and Tears Of The Sun does it justice. Although I would have liked some more backstory on everything, a little more with the politics of the country and some more points of view from the rebel soldiers. If the movie had of explored these issues further then it could have possible recieved a 10/10. As it is though, it's still a great movie.

Bruce Willis does a great job as lieutenant A.K. Waters who's mission is to extract a beautiful American doctor (Monica Belluci) from the hostile jungles of West Africa. He delivers one of his better performances as of late. Belluci does a solid job too. Her character needs to show a range of emotions and she handles the role well. The suporting cast was solid, the best of the bunch would be Cole Hauser. He's a very talented actor and brings life into his roles. I would have liked to find out more about his character. The refugees are also underwritten. I would have liked some more information. If only the movie was a bit longer and explored everything further.

Antoine Fuqua is a very stylish director. The whole movie has a very real and gritty look to it. He keeps the pace tight so your never bored. He handles the action scenes just as adept as the quiet scenes. Also, the cinematography and scenery is fantastic. The jungles of West Africa look beautiful and is a great contrast to the violence and murder within.

I wonder if this was the actual cut Fuqua wanted. I feel that there could have been more dealings with the political aspect of the country and more development in the characters of the refugees and revel soldiers.

When all is said and done, Tears Of The Sun is a well made war movie that works on two levels, one as an emotional drama and also as a tight action thriller. It sucks you in from the opening news footage to the final nail biting moments. I highly recommend it. 9/10

**Where Am I Coming From**
Three Kings (9/10)
Platoon (8/10)
Black Hawk Down (9/10)
We Were Soldiers (8/10)
The Thin Red Line (4/10)

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Originally posted by RickySlade
....and two good performances by Monia Belluci if you catch my drift.
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We all love Monica Belucci.

Tears of the Sun was a great action movie, and had some of the coolest modern military action scenes ever filmed.

I like how Antoine Fuqua handles possible romance in his movies--there's really no time to be giving goo-goo eyes and getting your groove on when people are shooting at you. For that, he gets big props.


What I really dig about this movie is how, at the end, there's no insane, impossible stunt that Bruce Willis pulls (even though those are cool), but he calls in for air support. Gives the movie that final, finishing touch of realism.


Tears of the Sun was fun. In the sun. Men with guns on the run. From a tall angry bad guy who thinks he's #1. Do forgive the pun. At least Monica Belucci's hair didn't look like cinnamon buns. Tears of the Sun gets a 8.5/10 from this young'un.
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