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The Nameless 9/10

Just finished watching this bad boy on DVD and wow. Yet another great Spanish Horror Film (Thesis, Aftermath, Cronos etc)

Beautifully shot, the cinematography is well controlled and provides a real atmosphere of tension. The music is terrific with alot of brief piano notes that work perfectly with whats unfolding onscreen.

The acting all round is superb with the players providing memorable charecters that are distinct and individual. All the roles serve a purpose and balance out this melancholy, somber tale.

The script allows the audience to think and serves the facts in an intelligent way that entices us to truly question what we are seeing and kept me constantly engaged.

With more than a few genuinely creepy moments and a director that is not afraid to show us darker images than many would dare. Nameless delivers on all fronts story, cinematography and acting confidently directed to deliver a truly memorable piece of macarbe celluloid.

Highly recommended.
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Old 06-18-2003, 12:35 PM
Excellent downer ending, plus a dark and depressing mood throughout the film made me love it.

Only too bad that Balaguero's new film DARKNESS supposively isn't that good.
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