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First of all, I just want to say that I LOVED this film with all my heart. IMO it's the second best Hitchcock picture (first being 'Psycho). From the camera shots to the eerie music playing in the background which have a huge effect on why the film is so suspenseful and intriguing. I really cared for the characters, Joan Fontaine was excellent in one of her best roles and Laurence Olivier was very convincing as the man haunted by the past of his dead wife Rebecca, who, although never appear on screen, became one of the most memorable and horrific characters in my eyes, especially when we find out what she had done and what really happened to her. But the performance that struck me the most was Dame Judith Anderson's turn as Mrs. Danvers, one of the most chilling villains in movie history. She was so devoted to Rebecca that she couldn't stand having a new woman as the mistress, so she does everything she can to make her life in the house unpleasant, and scare her in sort of a psychological way. The scene that's just so brilliant is the scene where she's standing by the window with Joan Fontaine whispering to her, telling her to 'look down there' and just....jump. Everything about the film intrigued me and I loved the way the story built step by step to the shocking truth which is finally revealed to us. To me, this will always be one of the best psychological thrillers ever made. With the eerie setting, haunting score and realistic acting, I just can't go wrong with this movie.

10/10 (my 18th favorite movie)

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It's got a great score, great atmosphere, and great performances by it's cast, but I'll be damned if it didn't bore the hell out of me. I think a bit of the story was sacrificed for the visuals, which are very haunting.


Despite the low score, I bought the two-disc Criterion edition of it, which should tell you how much I'm devoted to Hitchcock.
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A truly brilliant Hitchcock film tghat features outstanding acting, a great script that is perfectly paced and constantly challenged. The iccing on the cake is Hitchcock's restrained direction, inventive camera choices and a truly eerie score.

Totally recommend this for fans of good thrillers that make you think and haunt you long after the final credits.
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