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Kyle MacLachlan

I wouldn't say that this guy is the greatest actor in the world but he's cool as shit and what I've seen of his I liked. I know FeydRautha is a fan of his and I've just begun to really get into some of his movies so right now he gets a YAY from me.
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I'll give him a yay. He's done some pretty cool projects and he's a pretty decent actor!
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Even if he was in Showgirls <shudder>
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Originally posted by Hannibal21
I know FeydRautha is a fan of his...
You got that right!! I've been a big fan of Kyle's ever since I saw him on the big screen in "Dune". Spending years as David Lynch's token male lead may have prevented him appearing in more commercial films, but he shines in every performance he gives. The only thing I haven't seen him in is "Sex and the City", because I just can't stand that awful show.

Interesting story I heard about Lynch: he offered the lead in "Lost Highway" to Kyle, who turned it down because he wanted to break away from just being seen as Lynch's protege. So Lynch cast Bill Pullman...then had Pullman's hair dyed black and styled like Kyle's, dressed him like Kyle and even asked him to adopt certain physical and speech mannerisms...like Kyle's. Weird, huh?
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It's a shame he feels the need to break away from Lynch as his performances in those movies are undoubtably his best.

FeydRautha...that's a funny story about Bill Pullman.
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Yay, I guess.
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Kyle definately gets a HELL YAY in my book.....
(see the puppy.......................cute)

the movies that I really enjoyed Kyle included
Blue Velvet,The Hidden, Dont Tell It's Me & Showgirls

Now he's Charlotte's husband on HBO's Sex & The City I am so jealous....
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I'm a fan.
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Old 09-27-2003, 05:17 PM
A BIG YAY!!! from me. I fucking love watching this guy in film.
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I have a lovely PICCY of him in a spangly suit.
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Yay to the fifth power.

Agent Cooper is one of the best characters that the entertaiment industry ever formed.
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