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Jerry Seinfeld

I happened to love his special I'm Telling You For The Last Time so he gets a Yay from me. What about you guys?

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His show was great. Probably the consistently best of all time. But he's kind of annoying by himself.

So a nyay.
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A savvy businessman , an above average stand up comic , a true class act , and obviously an American icon , but i agree , he's way more effective working in an ensemble cast , just like his other castmates on Seinfeld , they all brought out the best in each other , but by themselves , they are underwhelming . Look at all of the other castmate's failed attempts at going solo with their own shows , they were disasters .

Telling you for the last time was an allright experience , most of the time only average , mainly a pseudo nostalgic trip for rabid SeinFans in the post Sein sitcom world , the ones who just couldn't get enough of him . I heard his other film , a documentary about his new stand up routine is much more effective , but i haven't had the chance to watch that one yet .
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Fuckin' yay
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I had the pleasure of seeing him do his stand-up bit this spring, and it was so funny it by itself would qualify a YAY from me. It doesn't hurt that he starred in and co-created the best television show of all time.
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Very funny man. Very, very funny man. Yay.

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HUGE YAY. One of the funniest people around.
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Originally posted by James Logan
HUGE YAY. One of the funniest people around.
I second that. The show cracks me up every time and so does his stand-up act.

That means yay.
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Originally posted by Grebdron
His show was great. Probably the consistently best of all time. But he's kind of annoying by himself.

So a nyay.
I'm agreeing with greb...

I feel dirty.
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He is a genuine legend , and even though Seinfeld took a little while to really get going with a wacked out Kramer , an ultra neurotic George , a self assured , confident but still vulnerable Elaine , an evil conniving nemesis of Jerry named Newman , and a terrific go to guy Jerry ( the Rock of the whole group ) , once it did all come together , it was magical . The storylines are ingenious and insightful in addition to being gut busting funny .

It is one of the few sitcoms that are still hilarious even after numerous viewings , and even when you know exactly what is going to happen . Not too mention the excellent supporting cast , the regulars and the ones who only were in one or two episodes , they all contributed to the all around excellence and brilliance of Seinfeld the tv show .

I'm still not a fan of his standup routine , his observations , although mostly dead on in their insight and wit , are better in small doses , rather than an entire show . Like when he would open up an episode with a little routine . That was perfect , i'm just exactly impressed when he does a routine for an entire hour . Now , i realize in person people do seem funnier , so who knows how i would have felt if i did see him live .

Anyway , yes i give a big yes , but mainly because of his show and the supporting cast that made it possible .

Newmanium , Man Hands , Festivus , Kramerica Industries , Uncle Leo , Serenity Now , Loyd Braun , Hoochie Mama , Yoyo Ma , Spongeworthy , the show never gets old , and surprisingly , in my opinion when Larry David left some of the best episodes were created . Then he came back to write the finale , what a disaster that was .

The finale and the underutilization of Newman are probably the only negatives in this TV series .
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He is the ultimate stereo-typical comedian. He loves the press, and the press loves him.

And he still manages to make me laugh my ass off, there will be Sienfeld syndication going on for the next 60 years.

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I just don't know what the hell everyone finds so funny about him. I mean, he just states things that happen around him, and by repeating it, it's somehow funny.

I don't hate him, and I'm sure he's a really nice guy, but I would have to say NAY.
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Old 06-29-2003, 12:52 AM
He was funny for me at one point, probably the mid 90's, but the guy just needs some better material. His jokes and their subject matter have become so over used it's just boring. I did like his sitcom, but not because of him, more for the supporting cast of George, Kramer, and Elaine.

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It was great seeing him in the documentary Comedian. Seeing how vulnerable a veteran comedian really feels was refreshing, not to mention he looked like an angel compared to the very cocky Orny Adams.
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YAY all the Way.
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Old 07-04-2003, 10:09 PM
Big big Nay from me.
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