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Cheap places to buy books online?

Are there any cheap places to buy books online (other than used ones at Amazon or Half.com)? I think there should be a Deep Discount Book or something. We already have Deep Discount DVD, which is where I buy pretty much all of my DVD's. And then there's Deep Discount CD, which I have bought from once, however, that's just because I don't buy that many CD's. Is there any great place like Deep Discount DVD online to buy books from? I have a bunch of books I'd like to buy, and I don't know where to purchase them from.
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Have you tried ebay?
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Old 07-04-2003, 03:06 PM
Well yes theres Amazon.com, and half.com. Thats about it. Alright sorry for the stupid thing there.

Try textbookx.com and allbookstores.com allbookstores you will find your book with the cheapest price on each website, great site for school texts too.
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