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James Dean: Is anyone cooler than this guy?

Over the years, the title of "cool" has become besmirched with such uses as "Yahoo Serious is cool", "Punk'd is cool", and the unforgettable "Battlefield Earth was pretty cool" (alright, no one said that last one, but it's suitably dramatic). But if there's one man, nay, legend who will always be cool, it's got to be JAMES DEAN.

The man died young, making only three films, and leaving behind three great performances. His performance in Rebel Without a Cause has become it's own entity, that's how intense it is. In Giant he manages to upstage Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson by doing nothing more than acting. In the 50s, an era in which seemingly everyone over or underacted, Dean was perhaps the first guy to truly have his skills so honed he could just act. And although those skills only lasted him three films, we know what he did do with them, and what he would have done with them.

A big YAY for the coolest guy of all time.
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Hey bob,

Cool thread, I must admit. But I'll ask you to please stick to the Celeb-O-Meter Rules and place only the celebrity's name in the title.

Thanks! This thread is now closed.
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