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Humphrey Bogart

The American Film Institute named him the number one screen legend of all time, and I think they're absolutely right about that. Bogie is a guy that I just ADORE; he's not incredibly handsome but every time I watch one of his movies, his charm and charisma always speaks out, which is why I think he is *so* attractive. As for his acting ability.....well, he may be a great screen legend but as an actor he's really underrated. IMO he has given so many overlooked performances, from the cynical on the outside, but sentimental on the inside hero (Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, etc.) to the frighteningly villainous bad guy (Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Petrified Forest), the range is definitely there and he can play different types of people (see In a Lonely Place, The African Queen, The Caine Mutiny, The Big Sleep and the films mentioned above, etc. etc. etc.). He also has the sexiest way of talking, very smooth and fast but it never gets annoying, it makes him seem cool. Overall, what do you guys think of him? If you like him, cool. If you don't like him, it's cool too but just keep in mind that this is my favorite/best movie star, legend and actor of all time, my biggest idol as an actor.
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"Just like Bogie and Bacall....."

Bogart is the epitamy of cool. He's just such a smooth talker. Although he's only my third favorite actor (Jimmy Stewart and Dustin Hoffman before), Humphrey Bogart has given some of the best performances. He's just such a fun guy to watch, His best film, is of course, Casablanca, although my favorite role of his is in The Maltese Falcon. You just don't see them like Bogart anymore, and it's a shame. He really is a screen legend. YAY
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What they said.
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Worst actor ever, in fact, I can't even name a movie he was in. Now David Arquette, there's an actor Nay to this loser.

Just kidding. Bogart exudes cool, and he's one of the all-time greats. His performance in Casablanca is up there with the tops of all time.
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A homely, yet badass actor, oozes a badassed-ness on screen...
Huge YAY, who doesn't like this guy? He is quite possibly the most bad-assedness-y guy ever to grace the silver screen!

Bad ass.
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Just a small BUMP.
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I don't think he has the best acting skills ever, but he defines movie-star. He was the epitome of cool, and has been in some fantastic films. I also heard he was a really great guy in person, kind to folks and all. Plus, he's one of the great legends of the film world, so a big YAY from me.
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YAY! One of my favorite actors of all-time. The man was incredible in Casablanca, and has given fantastic performances in The Caine Mutiny, The African Queen, The Maltese Falcon, Key Largo, The Big Sleep, High Sierra, The Petrified Forest, Dead End, and lots more. Not to mention that he's the single coolest actor of all-time. I've got nothing but love for this man.
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Thanks for the kind words, guys.

Bogart always has and always will be the symbol of cool, and his best film/performance is no doubt.....

The film is a classic, and thus have gotten a lot of the 'o' word comments. But it is one film, along with CITIZEN KANE that is extremely important to me, it's the film that made me a film buff, and I suppose that maybe Bogie had something to do with it.
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Fuck, looking at your post made me salivate for that Casablanca 2-discer. Mmmmmmmmmmmm........
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YAY. Class act all the way.
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