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Madeleine Stowe

I was watching Terry Gilliam’s wonderful Twelve Monkeys a few days ago and was very impressed with Madeleine Stowe’s performance. This reminded me of her other fine roles in films like The Last of the Mohicans, Unlawful Entry and especially the little-known but very solid thriller Blink directed by Michael Apted in which she plays the role of a woman who regains her sight after losing it while she was a little kid, and the film sees her being stalked by someone trying to kill her. Among her other films one can name We Were Soldiers with Mel Gibson and before that in The General’s Daughter. Recently she was seen in the mega-flop and, IMO, underrated Impostor and in Sylvester Stalonne’s (another) straight-to-video film Avenging Angelo.

Despite some messy choices I like her. She’s a good actress when she gets the right role and I think she is very beautiful, too. What do YOU think?
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one of the reasons I liked 12 m was stowe's performance.
she has got that thing that makes you like her.
and I agree imposter was a really good movie,well I think it was anyway.
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I'm not too impressed with her work in films, but she does have potential to be much better if she chooses better roles. So a 'meh' for now.
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Old 08-14-2003, 02:58 AM
well...like I said somewhere else...life is full of unfair shit...like how come Ms Diaz & Ms Big-Butt Lo can have a better shot at this stardom stuff, & real talented gals like Stowe are left behind....

IMHO Stowe does have the range to go much further as a serious contender....to be mentioned in the same breath as Julianne Moore or Nicole Kidman, but for some cruel irony of life...she's seems to be there for the leftovers....

AN Yay, & really hoping she'll grab the honors one day...
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"Unlawful Entry" = Great tit shot
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Originally posted by vtadave
"Unlawful Entry" = Great tit shot
Same in Blink

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Questionable roles, but when she gets a good one, she does punch it through. YAY. And she is quite a lovely lady.
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She's a gorgeous woman and a talented actress, we need to see more of her.

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Madeline Stowe is a gorgeous, underrated babe. I especially loved her in The Last of the Mohicans.
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"Unlawful Entry" = Great tit shot
I couldn't agree more. I thought she was great in this movie. How old is she now?
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Originally posted by mikeyD
How old is she now?
*looks up imdb*

She recently celebrated a birthday so, that makes her....(ahem) 42

Mild yay from me. She has'nt been doin the memorable roles like Last of The Mohicans as already mentioned. Her last bigee was opposite Mel Gibson in We Were Soldiers which was awright....
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Yay. Her work in Blink, an underrated thriller, was superb.
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I think she's great.
I also see some resemblance between her and Laurie Metcalf (same voice, and even their faces sometimes) or is it just me?
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Old 10-14-2003, 06:03 AM

Not a bad little actress. Not a bad little ass too.

Check out Revenge if you don't believe me on both counts.
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