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Easter Egg: Play Memento (LE) in Chronological Order!!!!!!

Memento: Limited Edition
Play the movie in chronological order.

To play the film in chronological Order, you must first insert Disc 2. On the first "Test" screen (page), select the alarm clock out of the series of pictures. Answer "(E)Always" to the question that will appear after the alarm clock is selected, "I find myself thinking 'How did I Get Here?' or Where did the time go?'" Then answer "(C)Reflecting" to the picture of the Woman in a Wheelchair. Then Answer "(A)Strongly Disagree to the question "The Best Jigsaw Puzzles are the ones missing a couple of Pieces". Then answer "(E) Always" To the question about repetitious behaviors like locking the front door. When the picture of the ladies laughing (and why) comes up, Select "(C)". The DVD will then ask you to put a series of pictures in sequential order. The pictures are of a woman discovering a flat tire on her car, then repairing it. If you put the pictures in sequential order(i.e. Woman discovers flat tire, Goes to trunk to retrieve tools, fixes tire, stands back to admire new tire) the DVD will take you to the text of the Short Story that Memento is based on, Memento Mori, by Jonathan Nolan. The trick is to put the pictures in reverse order, meaning select the picture of the fixed tire first, ending with the discovery of the flat. This mean the 3rd picture (from left to right) is selected as "Step 1", the fourth (from left-to-right) as "Step 2" , the picture farthest to the left as "Step 3" and the second fro left picture as "Step 4". The film will immediately begin to play in chorological order, starting with the credits going backwards into all of the black-and white sequences edited together and so on. One drawback to playing the film in this order is no chapter selection/skipping is allowed nor is rewinding/fastfowarding. This version of the film is located under Title 3, so I believe some DVD players can directly access it that way.

Info from ign.com

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