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Sarah Jessica Parker

Looking at Sarah Jessica Parker's long list of movie & TV credits, she dates back all the way to a favorite show I loved to death but at the time did not last very long due to LOW ratings was the short lived CBS sitcom Square Pegs. YES, I watched this show & thought this show was tottally awesome....But like oh well.....
Sarah, bounced right into Footloose in 1984. Then followed, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun The Movie,L.A. Story,Honeymoon in Vegas, First Wives Club. Then landing and soon folding her role of Carrie on HBO's Sex & The City I love the show and shamelessly plugging them here so YAY...
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YAY for YOUNG Sarah, NAY for RECENT Sarah.

Sarah Jessica Parker used to be a very good comedian, playing the ditz in movies like The First Wives Club and L.A. Story. She was a free spirit, and acted it, running down beaches, and making statements like "Oh...God...this dressing...this is restaurant quality!"

Sex and the City is a silly show, and not my thing at ALL. I don't think she's at all funny on it, and her hair commercials get on myn nerves.

So, really, I'm right smack dab in the middle with her.
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NAY, cause
a) she is pretty, but boringly so (where's the attraction, man?).
b) she isn't much of an actress, rather one-dimensional: typical roles are sex-hungry airheads (L.A. STORY, THE FIRST WIVES CLUB and with brain, but still sex-hungry in SEX AND THE CITY).
c) she is way too thin.
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I used to like SEX AND THE CITY very much, and was has found her strangely attractive. But these days she doesn't really do anything for me in the looks or acting department. NAY.
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