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Simon Cowell

The American Idol judges are in my hometown looking over the finalists that survived Round 1 that was held on the island. Taking a look at Simon Cowell who's next to Paula.The look of disapproval he's displaying like yaaay I'm so happy I could.........___________ inspired me to put him in here. Simon is Simon, and the way he shreds contestants to pieces will turn you off as a viewer OR turn you on asking for MORE! MORE!!!. I myself have become accustomed to who he is. I have seen him w/ no shirt on so he aint nothing special. I did cheer when he appeared in the trailer for the upcoming Scary Movie 3 So Simon, you get a NAY! Naaaaay!!!!!
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Nay. Him insulting the contestants on American Idol is like shit telling puke that it stinks.
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the guy's pretty harsh, but there's something about him that i like. besides, i think he only does it for the ratings anyway. either way i look at it, i can't help but think he knows what he's talking about most of the time. YAY
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