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The Rock

What do we think of wrestler turned actor The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson. He wasn't really required to do a lot in The Mummy Returns or Scorpion King but he did what he had to do well, and I wouldn't of though a wrestler would be as successful with his film choices. He proved quite a good lead in The Rundown, and he's got a good set of films on his resume, including Be Cool aka Get Shorty 2 which I think could really do big things for him. He gets a YAY from me for having a good presence on screen, being a generally nice guy, quite a good looker and as shown on SNL, he doesn't have a bad singing voice either.

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I'll give him a YAY. He has done much better in the world of cinema thatn I wouldve expected. The Rundown doesn't open here till December so I can't really give him a good grade on his acting, but he still gets a YAY from me.
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Yay from me. The Rundown proved he is a great action star.
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He amazed in Scorpion King, very YAY.....
The Rock representing Pacific Islanders out there!
As long he's not in DRAG.... NAY!
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He's a good action actor, but I haven't seen any role that shows whether he can act or not, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being. Yay.
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i say he's a definite yay in my book. i can look past the scorpian king, and from what i saw in the rundown, he's gonna be a huge action star in the future.
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How can you NOT like The Rock?

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Meh. Sometimes he rocks and seems cool, sometimes he annoys the shit outta me. Depends.
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He's got much better comic timing than most people give him credit for.
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Yay. He's the man. Very cool and very charismatic. He was terrific in The Rundown and WILL be a huge star.
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Yay, he makes for a damn fine action star and I'm a wrestling fan so yeah I like him.
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The Rock is charismatic as hell and that translates well on the big screen. If you watch wrestling, the promos he cuts are too funny. Ever see the one he cut w/ Goldust and Booker T? Funniest stuff you'll see. Now if they can just get him a role where his comedic nature comes out on the big screen.....
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It's now official that he will be in "Be Cool"

It was just announced on the CNN headlines (on TV) that Dwayne will appear in the Get Shorty Sequel, Be Cool with John Travolta. Obviously Dwayne is going against being labeled the next action hero. He had this to say in a recent interview: "I don't think I'll ever stay with what's safe, because it's always been not staying inside the box that's helped me, even in the little world of wrestling, The Rock said. For example, not only am I going to kick this guy's ass, I'm going to sing to him while I do it."

From Countingdown.com

Not too long ago, hearing him in a role like this wouldn't of sounded like a good ide to me, but now I say it's a good choice. Very charasmatic guy, and this role is gonna take him places.
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He got a YAY from me, even before he went to the big screen. His promos on the small screen with the then-WWF were one of the most consistently funny segments, and really showcased his charisma and comic timing. YAY
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the man is terrific....yay
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Glad to see so many Rock supporters.

Gotta love the eyebrow
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nay, couldnt act in WWE cant act now.......none of them idiots can.....
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I used to love WWF and he was one of my favourites so I'll say yay. He was great as a heel back in 1997-98 and has a hell of a lot of charisma he has that by the bucket load.

He could be the biggest action star of the decade by my reckoning.
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