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Well, where ever you got that from was wrong....very wrong, was released over here last week.

Do those in the UK get the Deckard briefcase edition?

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Originally Posted by m_burlock View Post
Do those in the UK get the Deckard briefcase edition?
Sadly not, just a collectible tin. A shame since the briefcase looks cool, I would have waited it out and ordered the briefcase edition but it would have cost twice as much . Oh well, I'm just happy this has been given the release it deserves .
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I just came from a Hock Shop and picked up 6 DVDs.
Point Break
Blade Runner
Reindeer Games
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They just flood us in december, don't they know we got Christmas coming up

and I double dipped, and I really hate to double dip but I couldn't pass up a steelbook and an upgrade on my current dvd (I have the one disk) for $8.99

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I just bought Harry Potter 1-5 on HDDVD. I didn't get that box set though....I'm content with just the discs, plus I thought the case looked dumb.
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Superbad Target 2 disc collecters edition

and haha, 3 ninjas trilogy (ONLY 4.99!!)
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Yesterday I got:

~Enter the Dragon (WS) (S.E.) (All-New Digital Transfer) (2-Discs)

~GoodFellas (WS) (S.E.) (All-New Digital Transfer) (2-Discs)
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and the highlight:

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Why the phuk (Vietnamese man lady) hasn't anyone else gotten Lost?

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Originally Posted by dman476 View Post
Why the phuk (Vietnamese man lady) hasn't anyone else gotten Lost?
Mine is the mail... can't wait to see LOST on Blu-Ray.

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Deadwood Season One
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ok now I am regretting now driving over to target for that cool 2 disk version of the film. I was at best buy to get the steelbook of Bourne and after 9 hours at work I really didn't want to drive across town to target, just get on the freewya and drive home and relax, oh well.

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Originally Posted by ChickFlick View Post
Ah, you lucky bastard!
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Yesterday I got:

~The Bourne Ultimatum (WS) (Steelbook) (Includes Bonus Disc)

~WWE - The Triumph and Tragedy of W.C.C.W. (FS) (2-Discs)
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On a bit of a fantasy kick, eh, Puck?

Anyway, this week I got:

"Reversal of Fortune"
"Grey Gardens" (single-disc edition)
"The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie"
"Lost: The Complete Third Season"
"The Chronological Donald, Volume 3"
"The Adventures of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit"

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DIE HARD 4.0 Single disc edition

I'm trying to keep my DVD spendings as low as possible because I know for sure that, in a couple of years, I'll be double-dipping on all my favorite films on some HD format.
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- Blade Runner, UK edition Metal Tin Packaging

- Bones, season 2

- Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Two-Disc Special Edition)

- Ratatouille

- The Jungle Book (40th Anniversary Platinum Edition)

- Spiderman 3 - Steelbook Spain edition

- Transformers - Steelbook Spain edition

- Ally McBeal, complete series

- Queer as folk, season 1

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Just a couple of newbies for me yesterday, both flicks that I've been looking to add to the collection, at somepoint, and now have


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In Canada, the DVD box set for Blade Runner is limited to 10,000 pieces. HD DVD and Blu-Ray to 2,500 pieces. Mine is #2252
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Yesterday I got:

Originally Posted by SamSanchez View Post
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Sony 32" Bravia M-Series LCD HDTV with Digital Tuner, KDL32ML130

To replace the TV in my bedroom...

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