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:-: BEST WAY(s) to SEE a MOVIE :-:

What about emphasizing how (and where) you see a Movie as an aspect, especially since MOST cinemas now are multiplex cinemas -- smaller screens and more of them, so that finding a really great screen becomes harder and harder. If a movie is WORTH seeing in the first place, then isn't it worth SEE-ing, like on the biggest/best screen possible?!

The biggest screens (with FEW exceptions-- like the great ZIEGFIELD in NYC, over 100' wide; very rare now in an indoor cinema anymore) the really BIG screens are to be found at the Drive-ins, what few remain! ..

There were more than 5,000 Drive-in theatres in the U.S. and Canada in 1958 .. and now, something like 600 of those remain, but for anyone REALLY into SEEing a Movie, it's definitely worth the pilgrimage.

Anybody else into BIG screens .. know any really BIG indoor screens, where ARE the remaining few; can we get a LIST going of the 10-best or 10-biggest ?? and maybe favorite Drive-in(s) ?? .. I know there's a complete index to Drive-ins online at http://www.DriveinMovie.com .. anybody know if there's a site for the last best/BIG indoor screens out there? .. what can we DO with this topic ..

Another thought about the BIGscreens and the Drive-ins, if we DON'T support them, there won't BE anything to talk about and no matter what Movie you see, you'll only be able to see it on some puny multiplex screen.

NUFsaid. Last item: my vote for best in Texas: the Town & Country Drive-in (Abilene); 1 of only 3 Drive-ins in the world with DTS in stereo and a whopping 100-foot wide screen. Killer Bee! {I hear there's also a 100-footer 90mins north of Manhattan (NYC) called the Overlook Drive-in, which for any New Yorkers out there, is THE last Drive-in near to the Concrete Canyon.

YOUR turn ..

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I go see most movies at the local Century Cinema type theatres (big multiplex theatres)
But last year i saw Being John Malkovich in a small downtown theatre and it made #1 on my top 10 of 1999! Maybe it enhanced my viewing pleasure of the movie with such an intimite setting.

Also from this year saw High Fidelity at the same place which is still one of the best movies I've seen this year.

Granted both movies are very good and have received praise nation wide-but I believe that seeing both in a small cozy theatre may have enhanced my experience.
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