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Slashers: The List

What is everyone else's favorite slasher films? Whether they be from the big three, or are lesser known everyone has their favorites. So list 'em all here!

My Favorites (alpahbetically, of course):

Alice, Sweet Alice
Black Christmas
The Clown at Midnight
Friday the 13th
Halloween: H20
Home for the Holidays
Return to Horror High

Honorable Mentions:

Dr. Giggles
Friday the 13th, Part 2
Friday the 13th, Part 3
Halloween: Resurrection
I Know What You Did Last Summer
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
Night School
Prom Night
Scream 2
Scream 3
Sleepaway Camp
Terror Train

I would have included Psycho and the When a Stanger Calls films, but I feel that they have more in common with Silence of the Lambs than Friday the 13th.

Favorite Heroine/Final Girl
Favorite Boyfriend/Love Interest
Favorite Best Friends
Favorite Ass Hole
Favorite Bitch/Slut
Favorite Geek
Best Setting
Favorite Killers

Also, if you could take certain characters from your favorite slashers to be the cast in a new slasher film, who would you choose? Base your choices on the charcters not the person playing them. Example you would choose Laurie Stode, not Jamie Lee Curtis. Get it?

Best Friend:
Ass Hole
Other Roles (Detective/Cops, Reporters, Teachers/Profs., Parents)

I'll be choosing my choices for the last two categories later. Post away!

P.S. ~ I doubt many will remember me but I was the former schmoe mjg15. I hadn't posted for quite some time (over a year infact) so I figured to start over. I hope to post more often now and considering my life is a lot less hectic now it should happen.

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I am a huge slasher/giallo fan, here are my favorite slasher movies:

Halloween 4
Alice Sweet Alice
Just Before Dawn
Chopping Mall (fun fun and super entertaining film)
F13th 6
F13th 4
Sleepaway Camp
The Hitcher (not really a slasher movie in fact)
Terror Train
My Bloody Valentine (my favorite slasher movie of all time)
Scream (90's)
Anatomy (very good german slasher)
Lighthouse (very good british slasher)
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Re: Slashers: The List

i'm just doing this part!

Favorite Heroine/Final Girl- Laurie Strode (Halloween) (yeah...don't judge me...)
Favorite Boyfriend/Love Interest- Nick (Friday the 13th part 7)
Favorite Best Friends- the Elm Street kids (ANOES 3) or Tatum (Scream)
Favorite Ass Hole- Axel (Friday the 13th part 4)
Favorite Bitch/Slut- Melissa (Friday the 13th part 7)
Favorite Geek- Randy (Scream)
Best Setting- Haddonfield (Halloween)
Favorite Killers- Michael Myers (Halloween) and Candyman (Candyman)

Rockin' Like Dokken

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I'll post the second part for now. I'm still thinking about the third section.

Favorite Heroine/Final Girl: Chris (Home for the Holidays)
Favorite Boyfriend/Love Interest: Jimmy (Halloween 2)
Favorite Best Friends: Monica (The Clown at Midnight)
Favorite Ass Hole: Barry (I Know What Youd Did Last Summer)
Favorite Bitch/Slut: Barb (Black Christmas)
Favorite Geek: Randy (Scream)
Best Setting: The opera house (The Clown at Midnight), the Morgan ranch (Home for the Holidays), Camp Crystal Lake (Friday the 13th), Haddonfield (Halloween), Cripen High (Return to Horror High).
Favorite Killers: The raincoat killers (Alice, Sweet Alice and Home for the Holidays), Mrs. Vorhees (Friday the 13th), Michael Meyers (Halloween), the Cherub (Valentine).
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