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The World According To Garp. Wow!!!

Hey you guys I just finished this book and had to make a thread on it. It was so brilliant and defintely earned a plac e in my top ten. For me rarely ahve I read a book like this that was so bursting with ideas. So many topics were touched upon in this book including the process of a writer and also the insanity misguided polotical causes could inspire. All the topics were given just the right amount of time. It was such a sad book too. I wont reveal the end but lets just say I was rarely sad to say goodbye to these characters. Jenny Feilds and Garp are two wonderful character. Wow what a freakin wonderful book.

It also has the best last line of a book Ive ever read.

"In the world accoriding to Garp we are all terminal cases."

Next Im reading A Widow For One Year
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I read A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY and A WIDOW FOR ONE YEAR. Both of those books were not my cup of tea.

I will say that John Irving has interesting tales to tell, but in the end I don't enjoy reading them. There are many demented sexual endeavors in A WIDOW FOR ONE YEAR, and some of them are downright hilarious, while others are disturbing.
The reason for the wife being so detached to her young daughter - namely, the scene when we find out how her two sons die - is phenomenal. (That's not a spoiler BTW.)

As for A PRAYER FOR OWEN MEANY, it would have been much much better as a novella. I got so tired of Owen Meany and his silly antics, and the foreshadowing for the last part of the book is about half the damned book. I GET it, he needs to PRACTICE for whatever the end is going to be. You've beaten the horse dead and now you are pulverizing the bones and yet you're STILL talking about what's gonna happen eventually without saying what it is. The whole middle of the book is pretty useless reading, IMO.

Anyways. Based on the two books by him that I read, I think he has interesting elements, but in the end I don't 'enjoy' his books. I'm not upset about A WIDOW FOR ONE YEAR too much, because it had some great, great moments.

I love the movie THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP. It's one of Robin Williams' best.
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I've read all of John Irving's books. The only one I truly didn't like was "Setting Free the Bears". "Widow for One Year" wasn't his best.

I recommend "A Son of the Circus", "The World According to Garp", "The Cider House Rules", "The Hotel New Hampshire" & "A Prayer for Owen Meany". Those are his best works in my opinion.
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I told you chinton.

One of my favorites also.
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and you were absolutely right
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My favourite book I have ever read. It's heartwarming, depressing, happy, disturbing and so much more. It is just excellent on the whole. Never was there a moment I wanted to put it down although I had to at times...took me 3 days to read
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