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The Turner Diaries

This book is very controversal. First things first. The book is supposed to be written by "Andrew Macdonnald", but in reality, it was written by William Pierce, the leader of the Aryan Nations, one of the largest neo-Nazi organazarions in the world. The book is supposidly a rant against the American goverment. In the book, there is an attack on an FBI building. It is said that this book is the reason that the Oklhoma Fedrial Building was bombed. When the poliece arrested the bomber, a copy of this book was found on his dashboard. I found all of this out on the History Channel, while I was watching a special on Nazi's. I have not read the book, and I dont know of I ever will. Has anybody else read the book, or heard about it?
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Yeah, I've heard of it. I suppose I would be curious enough to just flip through it, only because of it's infamous notoriety. But I suspect at the very least it would be just what it is, trash literature hate propaganda for feeble minded, misguided loser individuals.
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