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My first book review: The Talisman.

I know Im not a pro reviewer but here it goes...

"The Talisman" (1981)

Written By:
Stephen King & Peter Straub.

In order to save his worn out actress of a mother from a sudden death, Jack Sawyer must embark on a quest crossing America from side to side, to get a crystal globe known onlty as The Talisman. He will have to switch to an alternate reality called 'The Territories'. On his trail is his evil Uncle and one big array of monsters.

This will be the first book review I do, note that I will only review horror or horror fantasy books (like this one right here) and I'm a very slow reader so don't expect many reviews. And what better choice could I have done than to review my favorite book ever, let's get down to business now.

Walking into the bookstore, I had to face a choice: In my right hand, I had "The Talisman" and in my left hand, I had "Dreamcatcher", by the same autor...after an ordeal, I made the right choice and the second I hit home, I started. The very first few pages, had definitely drawn me into it's story like I rarely do. As opposed to "Black House" (the sequel to "The Talisman", which I will review eventually), this books narration writting is more taken by King than Straub himself and it shows. First off, I want to mention that this book has various elements I have always dug and they are well mixed, we have a quest, a very dark universe and even fucking werewolves (extremely cool ones at that). This story's horror starts quickly by setting a dark, brisk mood in the first chapter. The places and events are so very well detailed and explained that you have no choice than to join Jack in his adventure.

King and Straub are master storytellers, no doubt about it. The characters are appealing and you can identify with a lot of them, also, this book gave birth to my favorite character ever, anywhere, in this universe and the next (Wolf, yes). This is a character driven story, I gotta say. I loved the way King and Straub sunk you into Jack's shoes, you feel what he feels, you are scared for him and you want him to be safe. The story also pushes the envelope for fantasy and horror; If you are not being truly frightened for the characters, you are looking into awesome (and terrifying...) landscapes, realistic places gone hellish (The school, Gardener's home, etc...) and depressing moments where you wish you could slap the writers for making you go so depressed (you'll see).

There are also well written action sequences you could never believe that would fit the story so well (that 'war'-like scene, WOW!). Those final scenes in the hotel are breathtaking. I also loved how the darkness surrounding the characters makes the biggest contrast with the big-ass heart inside them.

In the end, I had the most amazing time with "The Talisman", I simply couldn't put it down until it's emotional payoff of an ending.

Yes, Ill add a 'gore' section. We get exploding sheep-cow things, a werewolf ramage that includes clawings, slashed throat, decapitation, ripped off arm and more, a melting head, exploding eyes and more.

Overall Rating:
10/10, this is my favorite book ever, I couldn't find a single flaw as much as I looked, I think I am in love with it. Horror, chuckles and a hell lot of heart. I was speechless.

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