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ID for a fantasy/time travel/civil war novel

One of my history professors a few years back was telling me about this series of novels that dealt with a guy inventing a time machine.

Apparently he goes back in time, and gives the Confederate army a melee of AK47s that lead to the decimation of the Union Army and the rise of the South, and how that would completely of changed history.

Does anyone know about these sets of novels?

I remember him saying that it wound up getting extremelly silly in some of the later sequels with Aliens actually coming to Earth.
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The only thing I can think of that's anything like this is Harry Turtledove's Civil War series. It's set in an alternative dimension where magic exists and hypothesises how the war would progress if both armies could harness these powers.

He has a website here...


I've read a lot of good reviews of these books in the UK Sci-Fi mag SFX. They are reportedly excellent.
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Yup...it's him.

Here's the one your teacher mentioned.

Here's the synopsis.

"A "what if" story imagines what might happen if a band of white supremacists traveled back through time to alter the outcome of the Civil War."

Sound good.
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