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The Coreys

After watching their new show on A&E last night, it got me thinking about Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Both had shown potential back in the 80's, but it seems their hard lifestyles had robbed them of their acting skills in the 90's (their crappy movie choices didn't help matters). Feldman seems to be clean nowadays and Haim has recently lost a ton of weight (though I question whether he is still on drugs). Hopefully this show can be the thing that re-ignites their careers.

Who is your favorite Corey? Mine would be Haim.
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It's hard to imagine that two guys who controlled the latter half of a decade with their immense popularity were has beens who couldn't get decent jobs in the business less than ten years later. I only watched The Lost Boys clip that surfaced online a couple of weeks ago but this looks like it will be a good show. As for who's my favorite? I don't know. I like Feldman's drama queen antics. They provide me with something to laugh at. Well thats all for now GOoD JOURNEY my fellow schmoes.
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Feldman is by far the more talented and charismatic of the two...
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i like them alot and i watched their show

it was pretty good and when i first heard about the show i thought it would be on Vh1(cause they do alot of those kinda shows)

they're really hott too and they're still good looking today

i loved their movies too

hmmm which one do i like the best that's really hard they're both funny, hott, and the had some talent back in the day don't know if they have the same ability it's a toss up they're both so great(aside from the drugs)
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Originally Posted by Drewza89 View Post
Who is your favorite Corey? Mine would be Haim.
Whose my favorite Corey?!?!?!?!?!?!? What the hell, man? I think I just had a freaking brain hemorage.
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I met Feldman a few years back and he was a really nice guy.
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License To Drive is classic.

There can be no favorite Corey. They are a package deal. It's like asking to choose between the devil on your right shoulder and the angel on your left.
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