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flutie flakes should go play for miami or something, they could sure use him
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Saturday, Jan. 8

St. Louis over Seattle - It was both stinking luck and a complete fluke that kept Seattle in the playoffs. St. Louis swept them in the regular season. The post-season will be no different.

San Diego over NY Jets - I believe that the loss the Jets handed Schottenheimer's Chargers was a lesson learned. And I believe that the team will return the favor on Saturday, thanks to Brees, Tomlinson, and a tough-as-nails defense. The Chargers may be the spoiler of the AFC.

Sunday, Jan. 9

Indianapolis over Denver - In this weeks episode of "So I Married An Ass Murderer" (the ass being Jake Plummer), we have an opportunity to reflect on the ghost of playoff past. For those of you who saw the Colts lose yesterday, let me hearken back to last post-season, when the Colts had just lost to Denver in week 16, then came back to stomp a mudhole in the Broncos in the wildcard game. History will repeat itself.

Green Bay over Minnesota - The Vikings still have defensive issues to address. Favre is playing like he never will again after this year. And the Pack has already beat down the Vikings twice this season, once for the NFC North. It is over for Minnesota.

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I think we'll get some close games, except for the Indy/Denver game of course.. last year, Indy beat them 41-10.. and Denver scored a TD late in the game.. at half time, it was 31-3 for indy.. please, denver, atleast make this game SOMEWHAT interesting.
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Let me hand out the Regular Season awards based on my opinion:

Coach of the Year: Jim Mora Jr., Atlanta Falcons- After a miserable season last season, he helped make this team one of the best in the NFC, although Vick helps.

Offensive Rookie of the Year- As much as I want to say Kevin Jones...Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers- Not a hard one at all. The man was 13-0 and had a great season for a rookie.

Defensive Rookie of the Year- Need to figure this one out.

Defensive Player of the Year- Ed Reed, SS, Baltimore Ravens- The guy just went a step above any Defensive player in the NFL, and proved he may just be better than Ray Lewis.

Offensive Player of the Year- Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis Colts- Well, this is a no-brainer. Highest QB Rating Ever, most touchdowns ever, over 4500 yards, just a great season.

Most Valuable Player- Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis Colts- Look above. Easiest pick in a while.

I'll also pick the first round matchups:


St. Louis at Seattle: A most definite high scoring affair, because both teams have zero defense. Seahawks can't seem to hold much of a lead in the 4th Quarter, and well, the Rams are coached by Mike Martz. Although St. Louis won both of the regular season match-ups, I still think the Seahawks will pull out a win at home and actually move on for once.
38-24, Seattle

New York Jets at San Diego: An easy one for me. The Chargers want to win this game to prove they are infact a great team. There defense is dominant, The passing game is working, and the running game is excellent. Curtis Martin won't be able to get enough on the Chargers, and Pennington can't beat the Chargers.
27-13, San Diego


Denver at Indianapolis: This won't be as one-sided as last years game. But Denver showed their game plan yesterday and Indy showed nothing of it. Peyton Manning will throw all over and James will have another field day running. Plummer as always will make mistakes and Tatum Bell and Droughns won't be able to keep the pressure off him.
40-23, Indianapolis

Minnesota at Green Bay: The Green Bay Packers at home in the playoffs. The Vikings playing horribly. When the Viks can't beat the Redskins(although they are a tough team) and they got a lucky win on Detroit, that shows something. The Packers are rolling and may just win the NFC.
31-20, Green Bay

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Coach of the year - Mularky in Buffalo

Offensive Rookie - Roethlisberger (honorable mention ot McGahee)

Defensive rookie - Jonathan Vilma from the Jets

Defensive Player of the Year - Ed Reed (honorable mention to Takeo Spikes)

Offensive Player of the Year - Peyton Manning (honorable mention to Shaun Alexander)

MVP : Peyton Manning
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St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks - Tough game to predict, since both teams are horribly inconsistent. But in the end, I think the Rams will come out victorious. They've swept the season series against the Seahawks, so this particular game should be no different.

Winner: St. Louis Rams

New York Jets @ San Diego Chargers - This is such an easy pick for me. The Chargers are winning this game, no doubt. The Jets are looking incredibly weak right now, and Chad Pennington isn't playing very good either. There's no way in hell the Chargers will let this game slip through their fingers. They've come too far.

Winner: San Diego Chargers


Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts - Another easy game to predict. Peyton Manning is going to destroy the Broncos in this game. The Colts will show them no mercy.

Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers - It amazes me that the Panthers missed the playoffs, but the Vikings are in. I'm not sure they deserve to be in here. The Vikings are playing dreadfully, and showing no desire to win. Brett Favre and the Packers will take care of them easily, defeat them for the third time, and send them home to start fixing their many problems.

Winner: Green Bay Packers

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And the Pack has already beat down the Vikings twice this season
I just had to mention the fact that the pack won by a field goal each time....that three points, THREE.....Sure Farve may have drived it but with the Vikings crap ass defense almost every quarterback in the league could've done the same thing. Three points is hardly what i'd call a beat down. As for the game, fuck it. I'd come to terms with the fact that they had beat us twice agian this season, and then this shit happens. I'm a bias ass (as ive made quite clear) and ill but in an absoulte no confidence pick for my team. Partly because all of you know that nothing would please me more than to see this happen. And of course if the packers do win, it WILL be by a last second field goal, all because i've put in this faithless pick, the football gods will probably be planning agianst me and have this happen.
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coach of the year: Marty Schottenheimer - I figured the Chargers would go 3-13 at best, instead they went 12-4.. enough said

runners up: Bill Bellicheck, Bill Cowher

offensive player of the year: Peyton Manning - this one is pretty easy, Manning finished with a QB rating of 121.1.. that's supposed to happen over the span of a couple games, not a whole season

runners up: Muhsin Mohammed, Terrell Owens

defensive player of the year: Ed Reed - 9 interceptions, tons of big tackles, and amazing run backs on his picks.. this guy is just incredible..

runners up: Dwight Freeney, Donnie Edwards

offensive rookie of the year: Ben Roethlisburger - 13-0 as a starter, not bad..

runners up: Willis McGahee, Michael Clayton

defensive rookie of the year: Jonathan Vilma - this kid is incredible, and will be a Ray Lewis type player in a few years

runners up: D.J. Williams, Sean Taylor

most valuable player: Michael Vick - what everybody seems to do these days is just pick the best player.. but that's not what the MVP is all about.. sure, without Manning, the colts wouldn't be the same at all.. but they'd still have Harrison, Wayne, Stokley and James.. but the falcons without Vick, would be the worst team in the league! Proof: last year's 2-10 record without him.

runners up: Terrell Owens, Peyton Manning

best QB: Peyton Manning
best RB: Corey Dillon
best WR: Muhsin Muhammed
best TE: Tony Gonzales
best OL: Alan Faneca
best DE: Dwight Freeney
best DT: Kevin Williams
best OLB: Takeo Spikes
best ILB: Donnie Edwards
best CB: Patrick Surtain
best FS: Brian Dawkins
best SS: Ed Reed

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Technically, isn't McGahee a second year man? I mean, Carson Palmer would be up too, since neither took a snap last year.
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Yup, Palmer would be a rookie too... but the NFL doesn't count it like that, these are just my picks. They go according to anybody who got drafted in the most recent draft. The NHL however, goes by first full season played, which is the way it should be. So we'll just say McGahee is a rookie
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My Awards
Coach Of The Year: Bill Cowher(Pittsburgh) - At the end of last year everyone was talking about him possibly being fired and stayihng in Pittsburgh too long well.....

Runners up: Bill Bellicheck(New England), Marty Schottenheimer(San Diego)

Offensive Player Of The Year: Peyton Manning(Indianapolis) - Not even debatable

Runners up: Daunte Culpepper(Minnesota), Muhsin Mohammed(Carolina)

Defensive Player Of The Year: Ed Reed(Baltimore) - 9INTs just amazing

Runners up: Dwight Freeney(Indianapolis), James Farrior(Pittsburgh)

Offensive Rookie Of The Year: Ben Rosthlisberger(Pittsburgh) - 13-0 As a starter and is pretty much doing what Tom Brady was doing for New England when he came in his first season as a starter

Runners Up: Michael Clayton(Tampa Bay), Chris Cooley(Washington)

Defensive Rookie Of The Year - Johnathan Vilma(NY Jets) Haven't seen him a lot or the Jets this year but I hear he's good:

Runners up: Sean Taylor(Washington) D.J.Williams(Denver)

MVP:Peyton Manning - Seriously without Manning Indy is a 6-10 team even with all those great players.

Runners up: Donavan McNabb(Philadelphia), Ed Reed(Baltimore)

Now for my picks this week

Saturday's Games

St. Louis @ Seattle - I know this could be a good game but I have no idea who the hell is going to show up so

PICK: St. Louis

NY Jets @ San Deigo - The Jets have had a hard time beating teams with a winning record they are 3-6 vs teams that are .500 or better the Jets won the earlier meeting 34-28 but that was before we knew how good San Diego was

PICK: San Deigo


Denver @ Indianapolis - Wow Denver your so impressive you beat Indy without Peyton Manning that's so impressive but how long will it take for Indy to get to 49 points? I say by the end of the 3rd QTR

PICK Indianapolis

Minnesota @ Green Bay - Minnesota fans should thank the Saints because if they had lost to Carolina then Minnesota would be out and I would like to thank my team for beating Minnesota last week now to predict this game Green Bay is up by 14 with 5:00 left and oh wait a minute there goes Randy Moss is leaving the field already to go to the dressing room oh I forgot your Randy Moss you play whenever you want.

PICK: Green Bay
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well ed reed wins defensive player of the year deservingly and farrior is the runner up.. can't believe edwards wasn't even in contention because he's a better player than farrior.. san diego's probably the most underlooked team in the NFL, yet they're 12-4.. hope they make some noise in the playoffs
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i wouldn't say San Diego is overlooked, Brees won comeback player of the year....or was it most improved, i cant remember
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well brees has been getting attention but it seems that everyone's forgotten about tomlinson and edwards.. does anybody even know who foley is either? he's awesome.. this is one heck of a team all around.. can't wait for the game tonight.. there's a 92% chance of showers.. so that makes the game even more interesting.. chance of a thunderstorm as well.. abraham and chrebet are both out for tonight's game, ouch.

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An actually nice to watch game between Seattle/St.Louis, too bad Seattle had to drop so many balls.
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definately a good game, Seattle should have had it, but they fuckin had too many penalties thats for sure.
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tough loss for seattle.. they played a good game, especially hasselbeck.. but I'm kinda glad st. louis won because they're fun to watch..

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jets win in overtime, what a game! they did this without their best defensive player, john abraham.. what an impressive showing..
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Two great games today. I think the Rams and Jets respective victories are definitely huge upsets, since the home teams were the favorites to win. The Chargers/Jets game was amazing, but the outcome was a shock. I didn't think the Chargers would lose this game. Of all games to lose, not this one. I wish they would have won, though. I really wanted to see them make some noise in the playoffs. Nevertheless, they have nothing to be ashamed of. What Marty Schottenheimer did with this team is amazing. As far as I'm concerned, he's the coach of the year.

Two games left.

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Wow, would you look at that, THE PACKERS LOSE . I'm not going to say anything more than
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Originally posted by chilli pepper
Wow, would you look at that, THE PACKERS LOSE . I'm not going to say anything more than
. Now I feel bad. Damn the Packers for underestimating the Viks.
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on to next week....

Pittsburgh over NY Jets - this will be a low scoring affair, and Pittsburgh will win it the same way they've won games all year, with solid defense and power running

St. Louis over Atlanta - rams are going up against an even weaker secondary and I have a feeling they'll score alot and Atlanta's lack of a passing game will ruin their chances of keeping up with the Rams

Philadelphia over Minnesota - McNabb and Westbrook will torch that Minnesota defense, and I don't think Culpepper will be able to repeat this week's performance with a banged up Randy Moss

Indianapolis over New England - if Law and Poole were playing, this would be an easy pick.. but Manning will FINALLY get over the hump and Indy's receivers will be too much for New England's depleted secondary

AFC Finals: Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh
NFC Finals: Atlanta @ Philadelphia

Superbowl: Indianapolis over Philadelphia

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Why don't we all take up a collection and put up a bounty on Randy Moss's spinal cord for the upcoming game with Philly? I'm dead serious. I'd love it for Brian Dawkins or other Eagle to put his helmet square in the back of Moss and end his career. Then after doing so instead of acting like he's mooning him actually moon him then say I kicked your ass on national tv. My only regret would not to have seen it in person so I can cheer and applaud with the Eagles notoriously evil fans.

I honestly don't have a problem with a funny original td celebration, but mooning the crowd and sayin on natinal tv that we kicked their ass is about the most classless display I've seen since TO in Dallas. I'm actually not sure which is most classless. It's really close in my mind.

Between he and Vince Carter this week I'm about ready to snap and just give up on pro sports all together. If their not assholes then their steroid pumped up freaks and very often both at the same time.

Something really needs to be done. If the NFL doesn levy some huge fine against his dumb ass I'll have no respect whatsoever for Paul Tagliabue. If Tice or any Viking players don't publically come down on Moss the Viking organization have no balls and deserve all the heat dipshit brings down on him.
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Originally posted by bmain77
Between he and Vince Carter this week I'm about ready to snap and just give up on pro sports all together. If their not assholes then their steroid pumped up freaks and very often both at the same time.
And some don't play at all (NHL).

Chris Berman chose not to show the actual mooning gesture on his show earlier (my back was turned when it happened live) so I had to tune in to the local sports channel to see it for myself.

I think the Vikings organization should do something to save a little face. If I were a Packer, I would've rammed him when the game ended for disrespecting the fans.
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what a dumb move by moss and his comments after the game were ridiculous.. but he'll get his next week when philly beats the crap out of minnesota and lito sheppard shuts his ass down

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Randy Moss is a fucking asshole. What he did was a slap in the face to the Packers and their fans. He's a classless piece of shit, and I can't wait to see what he has to say once the Eagles defeat the Vikings next week. Seriously though, something needs to be done to Moss. His behavior for the past two weeks is totally unacceptable. The NFL needs to punish him in some way, because it's not going to be the Vikings organization, because he seems to have them all by the balls. Randy Moss is a stupid son of a bitch, and he needs someone to physically beat the living shit out of him.


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Anyway, I'm still in a state of shock that the Vikings actually beat the Packers. This was, without a doubt, the biggest upset of the entire wildcard weekend. Here, the Vikings were coming from a dreadful season, surrounded by a lot of negativity, and going into this game with a 2-20 record of playing outside, but they still won the game. For that, I give them props. They turned all the negativity into a victory. This is the only playoff game they're winning, but it's still a surprising win.

As for the Packers, it was nightmarish day for Brett Favre and the offense. I was speechless watching the horror taking place. I thought the Packers had a good chance to get to the Super Bowl, but that's not happening - not this year. There's always next year. I don't think Favre will dare consider retirement. He can still throw the ball, he still kicks ass, and he's still having fun. At least, I hope not. I know it's going to happen eventually, and when it does, it's going to be incredibly tough to swallow.

The Colts/Broncos game turned out the exact same way as last year's matchup - a total wipeout. Just as expected and predicted, the Colts annihilated the Broncos. No contest.

It was a great wildcard weekend. The games on Saturday were the best, however. Two awesome thrillers. And the outcomes of three of the four games were unexpected. That's the greatest aspect of the NFL - the unpredictability. Anything can happen in the NFL. Well, the Rams, Jets, Vikings, and Colts are moving on to the divisional playoffs. it'll be interesting.

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Originally posted by bmain77
Why don't we all take up a collection and put up a bounty on Randy Moss's spinal cord for the upcoming game with Philly? I'm dead serious. I'd love it for Brian Dawkins or other Eagle to put his helmet square in the back of Moss and end his career.
That's a little over the top, don't you think?

Jesus, this is just football.
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What Randy Moss did was classless even more classless than anything Owens has done it was ridiculous and I wished someone on Green Bay knocked the shit out of him.

I'd cheer for someone from Phily to knock the shit out of him and hope they do but my hatred for Phily comes first so I hope like fucking hell Phily loses to Minnesota next week.

As for the rest of the games the Jets-Chargers game was the best game of the weekend going down to the end and Kaeding has to make that field goal I know he's a rookie but the best kickers make those and Schotenheimer played it a little to conservative at the end.

While I was disapointed how Seattle went out this year Bobby Engram has to make that catch Seattle was supposed to take that next step foward instead they just took a step backwards and Alexander and Hasselbeck might not be back next year.

The game I'm real excited for is New England-Indianapolis this is the game I think Indy might win it and finally beat New England they should have had them in week 1 and New England won't have Ty Law I know Indy's D is shit but Indy's offense looks unstoppable.
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Playoff Picks - Division

Pittsburgh over New York - Kudos to the Jets for keeping the Chargers on their heels the entire evening. Now for the bad news: Pittsburgh. That about covers it. The Steelers are red hot and have few injuries, most of which aren't significant. The Steelers defeated the Jets 17-6 during week 14. I predict a tougher game for the Jets this time around, with the Steeler's defense keeping Pennington under pressure.

Atlanta over St. Louis - I hate to say it, but the Falcons are more prepared than the Rams. If I'm wrong, I'll admit it. There are critical issues on the St. Louis defense that need to be addressed, along with the missing offensive guard Chris Dishman. But the Falcons are in a position where they need to be wary of the Rams' varied running and passing game in order to contain them. Michael Vick, on the other hand, will go crazy with passes. And well he should. St. Louis's secondary isn't ready for a high-energy aerial game. And I think this will be the key to winning.

Indianapolis over New England - The Patriots are suffering from more than a dozen injuries, including a season-ending injury to Ty Law. Their secondary is severely banged up. In their previous matchup, the Pats won 27-24 in week 1. Before that, the Colts lost big during the 2003/04 playoffs, including 4 interceptions thrown by Manning, two of which landed in the hands of Ty Law. The secondary will have to scramble and the front line will need to apply serious pressure to rattle Peyton. And it won't work. The Colts defense will also play a factor by smothering Tom Brady and forcing mistakes that he wouldn't typically make. The Colts will finally turn the tide Sunday and make a trip to Pittsburgh for the AFC Championship.

Philadelphia over Minnesota - All the mooning in the world won't fix Randy Moss's injured ankle, much like it won't fix his overinflated ego and Sideshow Bob hair. MInnesota is almost out of gas. But the Eagles are suffering injuries to their defense, including the likes of Derrick Burgess (DE) and Jason Short (LB). Fortunately for them, they have the staff to cover injuries, even the usually feisty Terrell Owens, who would have made Buckwheat Moss look like an altar boy. (I hate both of them, but it would have been fun to watch the two of them show each other up for an entire game.) I look for Daunte Culpepper to pass the ball often. And this will work against him in many cases, especially with that front line of Eagles defenders invading his space. When it's all said and done, Philadelphia will host the NFC Championship next week.

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I'm going to make my picks now just to get them over with

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh - Congrats to the Jets on winning and beating San Diego thank you for coming.

Pick: Pittsburgh

Indianapolis @ New England - This is the best game of the week and something tells me Indy will take it this time this is their best chance to beat New England and this will be hard for New England to win without Ty Law.

I somehow have that feeling that New England will somehow pull it off maybe Troy Brown will make a difference.

Pick: Indianapolis

Minnesota @ Philadelphia - Randy Moss that was a classless act pulling off that celebration against Green Bay and mocking the fans like that that and walking off the field in week 17 with 2 seconds left just lost all the respect I had left for him.

Unfortunatley that can all be forgiven if you bastards beat the living fucking shit out of Philadelphia one of the 3 teams I can't fucking stand with a damn passion and that huge laugh you will hear will be me when Phily loses.

Pick: Minnesota

St. Louis @ Atlanta - Let's see pick between a bipolar Rams team and a bi polar Falcons team the difference is Mike Marts coaches the Rams and not the Falcons.

Pick: Atlanta

This should be a great weekend but nothing tops last year's divisional playoffs
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I'd thought I'd add a couple pics from ESPN very funny shit.

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The horror.

I'm in the minority when I say "big fucking deal", but I really cant see all that much of a problem. I mean sure, it was stupid (what do you expect from a guy walking around the sidelines with a fro? ), but not nearly enough to cause all this boo-hooing. (Maybe its because i'm a vikings fan but) But again, big fucking deal.
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What an unusual weekend for the Wild Cards. The AFC showed us just how exciting and dominant they are. The NFC showed us just how pathetic and depressing they are. I was shocked in the Chargers-Jets game as I was really expecting the Bolts to come out on top. No shocker in Indy though...well, shocked that they only beat the Broncos by 25. I wasn't shocked in either NFC game. This Conference is in shambles right now. There's a very good chance that the NFC Championship will be played by a couple of teams with 8-8 regular season records.
And I think it's a damn shame that we're talking more about Randy Moss' hairstyle, his endzone antics, quitting last week and generally being one of the biggest assholes in the business. He just didn't have the balls to do all of this stupid shit while TO was still playing. The Vikings are just like every other NFC team...paper thin. The mighty Eagles are injury plagued, the Falcons are a "tad" overrated ("Tad": See Airplane 2: The Sequel ) and the other two teams totally backed in to the playoffs. No matter who represents the NFC in the SuperBowl, they might as well hand of the Lombardi Trophy to the AFC representative (even the J-E-T-S). I know this is the NFL and "anything can happen", but come on! The NFC is a frickin' joke.
Thankfully, we have 2 great games to look forward to this weekend.
I'll pass on the NFC snooze fests, thank you very much.

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Originally posted by chilli pepper

The horror.

I'm in the minority when I say "big fucking deal", but I really cant see all that much of a problem. I mean sure, it was stupid (what do you expect from a guy walking around the sidelines with a fro? ), but not nearly enough to cause all this boo-hooing. (Maybe its because i'm a vikings fan but) But again, big fucking deal.
I have to agree with you. I'm a Packer fan for crying out loud, and I don't care if I was in the crowd. Moss was having fun and being dumb(he is an egomaniac after all). I don't see a problem with this and I had no problem with any celebration from the NFL yet(and I still think Chad Johnsons sign celebration is the best).

And now for my next week predictions:

Saturdays Games:

New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers: This will be a close and good game. I see this going down to the wire, with Pittsburgh pounding the ball all game and Pennington with the occasional big pass here and there. The Jets could suprise everyone and pull out a win, but I don't see them doing it. Roethlisberger will win with a last minute drive.

20-17, Pittsburgh

St. Louis Rams at Atlanta Falcons: This is a tough decision. Atlanta is a team that is the best currently left in the NFC, but the Rams are on turf and they are on fire. As good as game as Marc Bulger will probably have, I still think Atlanta will pull out a win somehow.

31-20, Atlanta

Sundays Games:

Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles: Everybody is constantly saying that the Vikings might pull this out because of no Owens(I have been saying maybe). But the more I think about, the more I say it's not going to happen. The Eagles will shut down the almighty Culpepper and advance behind McNabb and Westbrook.

28-13, Philadelphia

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots: Probably the toughest game to pick in the playoffs. Both are excellent teams, with one just waiting to crack. The Pats don't have Ty Law, but I still think somehow they can shut Manning down. I think this will be Edge's game and not Mannings, and he won't be able to do it alone. Brady will win it again for New England.

24-21, New England
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Hilarious stuff there, horrorfreak.



New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers - This will be a very interesting game. Chad Pennington and the Jets played way better than I thought they would last week, so I expect them to give the Steelers a hard fight. But the Steelers have Ben Roethlisberger, and he will help them pull out the victory.

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons - Honestly, I think this game could either way. The Rams are looking hot right now, and so is Marc Bulger. I would not be surprised if they pull an upset victory. Nevertheless, I'm going to play it on the safe side, and predict that the Falcons will win the game by a small margin. They do have Michael Vick after all.

Winner: Atlanta Falcons


Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles - I still don't know if the Eagles will make it to the Super Bowl. I think there's a chance that they will choke again, but it won't take place this week. I cannot imagine seeing the Vikings winning this game and advancing to the NFC championship. Granted, they shocked the Packers with a victory, but I don't see them upsetting the Eagles as well. That's just too much for the Vikings to accomplish. The Eagles will come out victorious to advance to their fourth consecutive NFC championship game

Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots - Damn! If I thought the Falcons-Rams game was hard to predict, this is ten times worse. Without a doubt, I can say this will be the best game of the entire weekend. It's going to be a thriller, but I think Peyton Manning and the Colts will finally shut down the Patriots. There are two key factors for the Colts to win this game: First, Manning needs to avoid any kind of pressure from the defense. And second, the Colts defense needs to put serious pressure on Tom Brady, and force him to screw up. Brady isn't perfect, and he could make huge, yet shocking mistakes. But in order for that to become reality, the Colts defense needs to be tough, relentless, and unmerciful. If Manning performs well, and if the defense gives Hell to Brady, the Colts will win this game. It's do or die time for the Colts, and they will do it.

Winner: Indianapolis Colts

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Well, looks like Mike Vanderjagt really is an idiot.. Way to give the defending champs even more motivation and way to hurt your karma (again). If he misses a big field goal again, Peyton better throw him a beating.

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Yeah, I love Peyton's response: "He's just a kicker."

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Vanderjagt what are doing man you don't give any motivation to the Patriots a team that has won 29 of their last 31 games.

And here's some news for Lions fans.

Joey Harrington's career as a Detroit Lion could be ending sooner than expected, according to a Booth Newspapers report.

Sources close to the situation say Detroit is pondering whether or not to release the quarterback in late February, before he is due to receive a $3 million roster bonus.
Harrington is also scheduled to make almost $5 million with the Lions for the 2005 season in addition to the scheduled bonus.

Harrington's status in the Detroit franchise has been a subject of great debate. Detroit president Matt Millen would like to bring Harrington back, but the team's offensive coaches reportedly would like to go in another direction.

"That decision hasn't been made yet," said a Detroit source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "We're looking at all the options."

Former offensive coordinator Sherman Lewis, who was forced out of his position after the regular season ended, wrote letters to owner William Clay Ford and Millen, among others, saying that the Lions would never win with Harrington at quarterback.

The Lions staff is expected to meet several times in the next few weeks to discuss Harrington's future. Although money will be an issue, it should not be the deciding factor one way or the other.

One factor in the decision will be what other options the Lions would have. Mike McMahon, the backup last season, doesn't appear to be in the running for the 2005 spot.

After 44 career starts and three years, Harrington hasn't lived up to the billing of being the third overall pick in the 2002 draft.

As the Lions continue to debate the future of Harrington, one thing appears certain. If Harrington returns, he will not have his contract restructured. Harrington has offered to get his deal re-done but the Lions aren't interested.

If Harrington were to play the 2005 season with Detroit, his salary cap number would be just under $10 million. The Lions can absorb that for this year and also make it easier for them to release Harrington next season (for a cap hit of less than $4 million).

If the Lions were to restructure Harrington's deal, however, and then want to cut him next year, the cap hit would be closer to $8 million.

Looks like another high pick bust. Maybe the Lions are going to closely watch and see what happens in San Diego with Drew Brees.

Althought I expect the Chargers to franchise tag Brees or sign him long term.
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Old 01-12-2005, 03:07 PM
That's bullshit. They can't release Harrington. If the coaches bothered to watch the game, they would notice the constant drops. He had his best season as a lion, and would have won a lot more if not for injuries. He didn't have his number one receiver, and Kevin Jones was hurt for a quarter or so of the year. He had a few of his best games ever against the Viks(they would have eliminated the Viks if not for Don Muhlbach). If they want to build toward a future, they NEED to keep Joey Harrington.
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