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Originally posted by horrorfreak13
Oh and the whiny bitch hurt his hamstring again. God I hope someone gives him a career ending injury I really do.
Oh come on. I am by no means a supporter of Owens, but there is no need to wish a terrible injury upon him. I sincerely hope this year he stays quiet and just plays the game. If he does, we are going to be treated to some great highlight reels.
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There may me more wrong with T.O. than it appears. Don't know if it's true, but I heard a rumor that T.O. has a chronic groin muscle problem that was discovered during his rehab with his broken leg a couple years ago. This may be why Parcells has been so laxed regarding his usual take on so called injured players who don't practice.

As you guys may be aware, one specific leg injury which is chronic affects other areas of that same leg. In other words, the bad groin causes overcompensation with other muscles, and those muscles eventually end up being injured. We'll see what's going on with T.O soon enough.
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I think his problem is after shattering his ankle a couple years ago, he came back strong for the Super Bowl, a recovery that no one thought was possible. People rationalize that if he can do that, why is a hamstring keeping him out this long? His body should be able to recouperate. People think that the reason he's not practicing isn't because he's hurt, but because he doesn't value practice the way a professional athlete should. And it's clear he doesn't: when the media told him that Parcells said he needs to see something from any one before they play, TO responded by saying he has 10 years of game footage to look at. He also brings up a time when he was hurt for the 49ers, didn't practice the last few weeks of the season, and still performed well on Sundays. He comes off as a spoiled dick who doesn't want to do what every one else on the team does even though he should be physically capable. THat's why no one takes him seriously
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As long as he practices the week before the reg season starts, then that's cool by me. If Parcells doesn't much care, then neither do I.

Personally I'm TIRED of all the unnessecary T.O. coverage. All year the media, especially ESPN, has been hyping a T.O. controversy...there was none, but ESPN keeps at it....thru minicamp, and now thru camp and this injury.

It's a media circus, and THERE IS NO STORY! My god, there's just nothing there. There have been half a dozen hamstring injuries this spring, yet they keep bugging Parcells and buggin T.O.
He got hurt and he ain't practicing...That's not news! Especially since was at minicamp and the OTA's. Last I heard Adam Vinitieri was hurt and not practicing either, but there's no news or controversy about it. If the rumor I heard about his groin was true, that would finally be news....maybe.

I really wish they'd stop.
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I totally agree. I am anxious to see how he fits into the Dallas offense, but I really don't think he's just being a spoiled athlete and not practicing just because he don't wanna. I think he most likely learned a lesson when he burned the Eagles, and knows this is probably his last chance.

However, a nagging thought in the back of my mind keeps coming up that he won't play in any games until the 1st season game for Dallas, because it would definitely be a boost for ratings. First game of the season, plus the first chance to see T.O. actually playing in a Dallas uniform? It would be a no-brainer. But, I still think his injury is legit; I really think he wants to make sure he's 100% before hitting the field. Remember, this guy plays for one reason only (well, besides the fame): to win the Super Bowl.

Please commence with the T.O. hate posts at your leisure.
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I'm an Eagles fan, but I love TO, and in my mind there are 2 problems with him not practicing that are making people hate him. First off, like everything TO does, he's going about it the wrong way. When he wanted more money from Philly, he went about it the wrong way (very publicly with a douchebag agent) and made a disaster out of the situation. Now, he's calling attention to himself by wearing the Lance Armstrong jersey while riding the bike, quoting Allen Iveron's famous speech about "practice" and how worthless it is, and alluding to the fact that he once played the last 6 weeks of a season with the 49ers without practicing and still performed. Comments like that makes him come off as thinking he doesn't need to practice, like he's better than every one else and deserves special treatment, when he should just sit out and shut up. Considering Dallas took a chance on him, he should be greatful to be in the league instead of thinking he's doing them a favor.

Secondly, this man heals like no one I've ever seen. Look at his physique. He's a perfect specimen. He came back from a broken ankle in 6 weeks. I don't think any one believes a hamstring can seriously sideline someone like TO. Therefore, a lot of people think he's sandbaggin it.

At the end of the day, he's the most complete receiver in the league but he's a headache and really has to learn how to not talk. Why is he answering these questions and getting himself into trouble? Remember when Irvin said the Eagles would be better with Favre than Donovan, and TO was asked about it and agreed with it? That was a question he just shouldn't have answered, and this is the same. He shouldn't answer questions about anything other than his health, and maybe people won't get on him. But he's an attention whore, and that's why no one likes him
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Terrell Owens gets fined $9,500 for a series of tardies and absences.

Wow. First guy in history to probably ever get fined for doing exactly what he was brought in to do....
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Originally posted by TheDeadWalk
Terrell Owens gets fined $9,500 for a series of tardies and absences.
Now THAT is news...
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Originally posted by Moviefan1234
Oh come on. I am by no means a supporter of Owens, but there is no need to wish a terrible injury upon him. I sincerely hope this year he stays quiet and just plays the game. If he does, we are going to be treated to some great highlight reels.
He won't stay quiet and neither will the media who never shut up about him especially ESPN.

And yes I do wish a career ending injury on him and him only. So he and ESPN can finally shut up and move on to something else. It's getting as bad a Barry Bonds.

Oh and can someone please explain how Jeff George gets a contract from the Raiders. Are they that fucking desparate for help at QB. Now the Titans and Kerry Collins that's somewhat understandable but come on.
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Jeff George I'm not surprised in. Frankly I think it's being exaggerated.

George stayed in shape and actually joined the Chicago Bears in 2004 when the quarterback situation got ugly the first time when Chad Hutchinson was starting. Then, last year when the situation was getting ugly again, he was getting calls from the Bears again. He was on a variety of talk shows last year, citing how he was ready, he was proud of what Vinnie was doing, and that if the Bears needed him to start tomorrow, he'd be ready. Of course, The Bears skimmed through the weak NFC North and got a first round bye with Orton still at the helm, so he never got the call.

So in the past two years he's been on a team, or studied playbooks and prepared to be called up for a team. Not the same as actual NFL experience, but it's not like the guy's been sitting on the couch eating chips. Not a real shocking thing, to me.

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Originally posted by TheDeadWalk
Jeff George I'm not surprised in. Frankly I think it's being exaggerated.

George stayed in shape and actually joined the Chicago Bears in 2004 when the quarterback situation got ugly the first time when Chad Hutchinson was starting. Then, last year when the situation was getting ugly again, he was getting calls from the Bears again. He was on a variety of talk shows last year, citing how he was ready, he was proud of what Vinnie was doing, and that if the Bears needed him to start tomorrow, he'd be ready. Of course, The Bears skimmed through the weak NFC North and got a first round bye with Orton still at the helm, so he never got the call.

So in the past two years he's been on a team, or studied playbooks and prepared to be called up for a team. Not the same as actual NFL experience, but it's not like the guy's been sitting on the couch eating chips. Not a real shocking thing, to me.

When you join the Bears as a QB that's not saying much. He hasn't thrown a pass in 5 years and the last time he did he was so damn awful he was cut I think after the 2nd or 3rd game. There has to be a better option than Jeff George.
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I'm almost hoping Brooks or Walter or Tuisopopo get the chance to start for the Raiders before Jeff "Team Cancer" George...
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Some surprising... and not so surprising cuts.

Lee Suggs is cut from the Browns, though Crennel says it has nothing to do with injuries, or else he would have been cut last year. Former 1st rounder William Green is being put on IR, unless a settlement can be reached where he will be released and allowed to sign on with another team.

Marcus Vick, cut from the Dolphins. I guess some folks saw this coming. I thought he was going to stick around, because he could in-fact be a trick play specialist. I would like to see him turn his life around and sign on somewhere and be a third-string QB. If Shockley wasn't in Atlanta, I would've suggested he go there.

Carson Palmer was the 1st pick in the 2003 draft. The 2nd pick was Wide Receiver Charles Rogers, who was cut by the Lions yesterday. Some felt that it was going to be either him or Mike Williams who would get the axe, and it wound up being Rogers. In Rogers rookie year, I thought he hooked up nicely with Rogers before he went down with consecutive collar bone injuries. (Substance abuse policy didn't help) I think that had some significant impact on his career. As for Mike Williams, from what I heard from Chris Mortensen, his problem is that he's got a huge ego chip on his shoulder and holds himself above the team. He thinks because he's a 1st round pick, then he's a celebrity. Mort also said that the Lions intend on keeping his ass warm on the bench until he sees things their way.

Ron Dayne and Wide Receiver Darius Watts were released from Denver. Watts was a 2nd round pick in 2004 who stated that he totally did not see this coming. "Tell me if anybody did." Dayne made no excuses other than the fact that after he got injured in the offseason, his teammates stepped it up. In the offseason, Dayne was slated to be the starter before having his throne taken by undrafted rookie Mike Bell.

The Steelers cut their fifth round choice, QB Omar Jacobs from Bowling Green. At one time, some thought he could have been a #1 overall selection. From a report I read on the Browns message board, he was in danger because he couldn't get a grasp of the playbook and often forgot the play in the midst of the huddle. I think this is another prospect who could jump ship to a team with patience.

Kicked off of the Florida St. team for gambling, Adrian McPherson was given a second chance with the Saints when they drafted him, after he had seen success in the Arena football league. McPherson's situation didn't get any better when he was injured in the offseason when the Titans' team mascot slammed into him with a golf cart, spraining his ankle.

And Cincinnati cuts Texas A&M Quarterback Reggie McNeal, whom they had tried to turn into a wide receiver. When he was selected in the draft, the ESPN analysts spoke of the irony of taking McNeal. He had stated prior to the draft that he had no interest in playing wideout, and that pocket quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady were a dying breed.

On a final note, I see a lot of teams going down to just two quarterbacks, and I think that's scary. There's this predisposition now that if your first two QB's go down you can just call in a veteran off the couch and have him start in a week.
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Jeff George got cut wow very surprising

That was well worth signing him about 2 weeks ago.

Now it is time for me to predict the 2006 NFL the long version before ESPN unveils their picks which will probably include Dallas making the playoffs like last year. Which a couple predictions you might not expect then again it's the NFL.

Miami Dolphins (10-6) They surpsied the crap out of me last year and that won't happen this year. Finally have a legit QB which will make Chris Chambers happy.
New England Patriots (10-6) Bold prediction #1 will not make the playoffs. Which will be due to the fact the competition in the AFC is tougher than in the NFC.
Buffalo Bills (6-10) Please get better please if I have to suffer through all 16 of you god damn games shoved down my throat since you haven't been an intresting team to watch in 7 years.
NY Jets (4-12) Where do I start Pennington is injury prone, they have no RB or a defence so good luck Patrick Ramsey if you get playing time you probably will once the Jets start the season 0-6

Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) Palmer seems to be back which is a good thing......
Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5).... and Rosthlisberger being out in week 1 for now isn't a good thing if the Steelers want to repeat or even make the playoffs.
Baltimore Ravens (8-8) Could be good with McNair but defense has aged and dosen't look the same
Cleveland Browns(5-11) How many centres have they gone through in training camp like 7 or 8?

Indianapolis Colts (14-2) Will be fine until the playoffs start.
Jacksonville Jaguars (9-7) Last year's 12-4 wasn't a fluke but with their schedule they could easily start the season 0-4
Tennessee Titans (6-10 Could be good in 3 years or if they were actually were in the NFC North division
Houston Texans (3-13) Dominic Davis is done for the year don't you wish you took Reggie Bush now or what.

Denver Broncos (12-4) Despite the fact they will be good I just don't like Jake Plummer.
San Diego Chargers (10-6) Phillip Rivers has the best TE and the best RB in the NFL to help him out this year plus an easier schedule.
Kansas City Chiefs (8-8) New coach and new offense.
Oakland Raiders (3-13) Replace a bad QB with a worse QB and lets keep the same horrible defense that they had last year.

AFC Division Winners Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Denver, Miami
AFC Wild Cards Pittsburgh, San Diego

NFC EAST - note Paul Zimmerman from CNNSI picked every team to go 9-7 which from some strange reason I could see happenning but anyway.

Washinton Redskins(10-6) Depth wise have the best team in this division.
Dallas Cowboys (9-7) Probably have the best schedule out of this division which really dosen't surprise me. Oh BTW ESPN there are 32 teams in the NFL but that whiny arrogant piece of shit player who shall remain nameless in my post and this stupid team shouldn't consist of over half of ESPN's radio air time.
NY Giants (8-8) Eli Manning's year to get it as a QB or there could be problems especially if their MVP Tiki Barber starts breaking down this year which could happen but not likely.
Philadelphia Eagles (7-9) Before aquiring Stallworth you couldn'tr name WR on this team.

Chicago Bears (12-4) easily win this division by default due to the fact that about 17 other NFL team could easily have better records than the other 3 teams in this division
Detroit Lions(6-10) So when do the Lions fans start their overzealous superbowl parade after they win their opener again like the past 3 or 4 years.
Minnesota Vikings(6-10) Brad Johnson now had no WR to throw the ball to not like it matters in the first place team still sucks.
Green Bay Packers(4-12) Brett Favre should have retired.

Carolina Panthers(12-4) Will be a good team but seriously how about a Panthers cheerleaders reality show? Also note you have cursed by SI.
Tampa Bay Buccanneers(10-6) Can Chris Simms keep it up for a full season now lets find out.
Atlanta Falcons(8-8) when the coaching staff quits trying to make Michael Vick into a pocket passer is when this team will make the playoffs again since this team and Dallas remain the 2 most overrated teams in the league.
New Orleans Saints(6-10 After they play their first home game they will be back to obscurity where they were in the first place, but team is on the right track

Seattle Seahawks (13-3) So when does the EA Sports curse catch Shawn Alexander?
Arizona Cardinals (8-8) Were the only NFL team with a top 10 offense and defense last year.
St.Louis Rams(7-9) No Mike Martz that has to be a positive.
San Francisco 49ers(4-12)Have about as much as a chance of making the playoffs as I do at winning the lottery.

NFC Division Winners Seattle, Chicago, Carolina, Washington

NFC Wild Cards Tampa Bay, Dallas

Superbowl Pick Cincinnati over Carolina

NFL MVP Carson Palmer
NFL OPOY Larry Johnson
NFL DPOY Sean Taylor
NFL Breakout Player Steven Jackson
NFL Coach OY Nick Saban
NFL OROY Lawrence Mahoney
NFL DROY Mario Williams
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Very differenting opinions we have.

AFC East:
New England (10-6)- This is still the team to beat in this division. Miami may have a solid all around team but I don't think they will be able to beat NE quite yet.

Miami (9-7)- Sure they were 9-7 last year, but it sure didn't feel like it. They'lll compete with NE but I still don't have enough faith in them to pick them to win the division.

New York (5-11)- The offense is really just a mess. The O-Line has two rookies starting at two key positions and right now they aren't in much of a position to succeed. I have faith in Mangini to eventually turn the team around, but not yet.

Buffalo (4-12)- Their defense is much better than it was last year with a healthy Takeo Spikes and their offense will be better, but I still don't see them above last place in this division.

AFC North:

Pittsburgh (11-5)- I picked Cincy to win this division last year, but this year I feel different. Pitt still has a very good defense and will be perfectly fine on offense.

Cincinatti (10-6)- The legal problems they have faced is just huge. Odell Thurman isn't exactly an easy loss to get over on defense for the first four games and their defense just hasn't improved much.

Cleveland (8-8)- I wanted to pick this team to make the playoffs and I did originally. I just can't get over the loss of LeCharles Bentley. He was just a huge gain for the O-Line and losing a star FA transaction is ugly. But, their defense is very improved and Frye is improving, and getting back Winslow/Edwards and gaining Joe Jurvecious certainly won't hurt. They could suprise everyone.

Baltimore (7-9)- Eh. I hate talking about the Ravens because it bugs me to talk about them. I don't trust Jamal Lewis and while I still think their defense is very very good with Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, and Chris McCalister still there and Haloti Ngata coming from good ol' Oregon to help the defensive line. I refuse to mention Ray Lewis because he's just past his prime. But, I just don't see Baltimore above the three teams in this division.

AFC South:

Indianapolis (12-4)- Of course they're winning the division. Next.

Jacksonville (10-6)- This team is still very good all around but they aren't as good as some make them seem. They had a simple schedule last year but they have improved on the defensive side this year and with the combo of Stroud and Henderson, they still rule.

Houston (6-10)- While I hate putting them as this bad, they just aren't very good. Mario Williams WAS the smarter pick then Reggie Bush even if D. Davis is gone for the year. The defense will be better and the offense will be better, but there record still will be ugly.

Tennessee (4-12)- Hello Calvin Johnson. Of course, I could be wrong here, but hey if they do as bad as I think they will Calvin Johnson is a one of a kind receiving prospect. With Tennessee trying to for some reason destroy their relationship wtih Billy Volek, they just will struggle on offense. Young shouldn't play a down until the last two games of the season but he will probably figure into snaps because Tenn. is obsessed with him doing great. Their defense just doesn't do much for me.

AFC West:

San Diego (10-6)- Phillip Rivers is a better QB than Drew Brees and I'll say that now and mean it. With a very good defense and a good offense, they'll be a contender.

Denver (10-6)- Ugh. They have a great team as usual but you just never know with Denver. Still, this team will contend for the division and WC.

Kansas City (8-8)- This is an insanely hard division to pick and KC could just as easily win this division as the other two. On the otherhand, I don't think they will.

Oakland (5-11)- Blah, I don't feel like talking about the Raiders.

East: New England
North: Pittsburgh
South: Indianapolis
West: San Diego
WC: Denver
WC: Jacksonville

I'll predict the NFC tomorrow.
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NFC East

1.) New England - They play the entire NFC North, Houston, Tennessee, and get two games a piece against Buffalo and the New York Jets. They are a shoe-in for the playoffs, the only question is whether or not Miami can catch up with them.

2.) Miami - I can see them tying with NE with an 11-5 record. The division I feel will be decided upon whether or not A.) They win the games they are supposed to. and B.) They can somehow knock off Indy and/or Jacksonville.

3.) NY Jets - Not as bad as what people think, injuries plagued them too much last year in a fluke season. Pennington is a good quarterback, his line just needs to stop letting him get mauled.

4.) Buffalo - Really an awful team, with an awful quarterback situation. They will have the first pick in the draft. I hope everyone likes Brady Quinn in blue & red.

NFC North

1.) Cincinnati - Toughest schedule in the NFL, period. KC, New England Pittsburgh (x2), Tampa, Carolina, Atlanta, San Diego, and Indianapolis. But I also happen to think that Cinci has proved to be one of the toughest teams in the NFL, only now they need to prove it. Additions of Sam Adams on the D-line, Jonathan Joseph at CB, and former Superbowl MVP safety Dexter Jackson help revamp this D who had an awesome knack last year for forcing the turnover. With Thurman gone for four games, I see no problem with 2nd year David Pollack, Landon Johnson, and Brian Simmons anchoring the Linebacker core while Thurman's out. I also like how Cinci went and drafted their own Samoan badass, Domata Peko for the D-Line.

2.) Pittsburgh - With Big Ben out, I seriously see Miami threatening to beat their ass this Thursday. Willie Parker is fast, but he's not a dynamic runner. Bettis will be missed, as well as trickster Randle El. Cedrick Wilson is not a huge threat as a #2 guy, so I don't think we'll find Hines Ward constantly opened, instead double teamed more often. Heath Miller will be the key to this team, and whether or not Ben can throw the ball 35 times a game, and not underthrow his receivers on the deep ball. 9 wins at best. Potential wild card.

3.) Baltimore - Could be the darkhorse team to knock Pittsburgh off for the second place spot. McNair had awesome chemistry with Derrick Mason in Tennessee, and Mark Clayton has the chance to shine, not to mention Todd Heap at TE. The Defense is always stingy, and people forget that they have a good coaching staff.

4.) Cleveland - Bad omens so far, I still think this is a developing team who will be shooting for an 8-8 season at best. I'm not sure if Charlie Frye is the answer, but if he goes down, this team is fucked with Ken Dorsey. They need to sign Omar Jacobs immediately and shove his face into the playbook at third string for insurance.

AFC South

1.) Indianapolis - Everyone thinks this is a given, but I don't think so. Jacksonville has been on their tail, and really give Peyton a run for his money every year.

2.) Jacksonville - Tough team. The only question is the running game, and whether Matt Jones can pick it up and be an elite #1 guy.

3.) Tennessee - Struggling team that is going to cost Jeff Fisher his job, even though he's a great coach.

4.) Houston - Even I am starting to feel stupid for thinking they shouldn't of drafted Reggie Bush.

AFC West

1.) San Diego - Has the potential to knock off everyone with the growing defense, and emergence of the Rivers era. No elite wideout, and Rivers' unproven ability is the only questions.

2.) Denver - I really don't know what to think of their running situation. Javon Walker is a nice addition, but I think this team is ready to self-explode. I was going to rank them number three, but their schedule looks somewhat soft. New England, Indy, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati will be their key games.

3.) Kansas City - Growing defense, new attitude, and if the running game stays the same, I expect big things from these guys. Willlie Roaf's retirement could cause Johnson some success, but I think he'll do just fine. Like San Diego, they really lack an elite wideout and the aging Gonzo needs to step it up if they want to win the division.

4.) Oakland - I don't think this team is all that terrible. I like Aaron Brooks, I just think he needs to get smarter. I think the problem with this team, is that the rest of the division is just too damn talented. They remind me somewhat of the Browns, hoping to vie for an 8-8 slot.

NFC East

1.) Philadelphia - I could name Reggie Brown. Donte Stallworth will pull his hamstring while running bathwater. Even without him, the defense is stacked, and like New England, the bit players on offense will succeed. If Westbrook can stay healthy, they can squeak by here.

2.) Dallas Cowboys - Bill Parcells is creating a mean machine. Bledose looks primed to return to his old Buffalo days when he was leading the league in yards. Owens could be the key to winning the division with his playmaking skills, but injury and attitude has kept him from finishing 16 games the past two seasons. I like where Parcells is leading the defense as well.

3.) NY Giants - Really this division is a three-team rat race to me. Young Eli needs to show why he was worth his weight in gold and pound the fuck out of this division, but it's not going to be easy. Adding LaVar Arrington will help this team a lot, but the competition is going to be thick. Atlanta, Tampa, Seattle, Indy, Carolina, and Jacksonville may put a damper on their playoff hopes more than the division foes.

4.) Washington Redskins - Regardless of the preseason and Indianapolis losing all preseason games last year, I don't think the Skins have it in them this year. Portis' shoulder could mark a nasty year for him, and ever since he came to Washington I haven't felt like it was the same Clinton that we saw in Denver. I think Brunell is past his prime, and really wish the Skins would get on the ball and see if Jason Campbell can sink or swim.

NFC North

1.) Minnesota - Chester Taylor and the development of WR Troy Williams are going to be the key. Playing conservative last year with Brad Johnson turned out to be a pleasant surprise, and I think this team will play some sound, low-risk football and work on controlling the clock as opposed to high scoring.

2.) Chicago - Rex Grossman, will he last? That's a good question. Also you've got the running back situation which is exposing some of the team's true feelings about Cedric Benson. The Defense has the tools, but seriously, I don't think this defense feels like carrying the team again after the star QB goes down.

3.) Detroit - Kitna is a bad mix with a Martz offense. McCown could be good, but needs to mature. Then you have Dan Orlovsky. I really don't know what to make of this team, and you really don't know who's got skills and who doesn't, because the people you think will turn out to be great on this team wind up looking like shit. Kevin Jones needs to step it up and get his 1,000 yards in this year, or they will quickly get surpassed by Green Bay.

4.) Green Bay - A really poor looking team that is going to at least look good by playing teams like Houston, Buffalo, Tennessee, and the Jets. That alone could help them work their way toward an 8-8 finish behind Favre. I think Ahman Green's tires are a bit worn, and the two rookie guards are going to have everybody wondering when Favre is going to miss his first game due to injury.

NFC South

1.) Carolina - The NFC equivalent to the Steelers. Playing this team literally tests your manhood. Delhomme, Steve Smith, along with the insurance of DeAngelo Williams for when Foster goes down will allow for this team to have a couple of shutouts.

2.) Tampa Bay - Nowhere near their 2002 season, but still looking sharp. Hopefully wideout Michael Clayton can step it up after some nagging injuries last year kept him without a touchdown. Along with David Boston, Joey Galloway, and rookie Maurice Stovall... this WR tandem could surprise a lot of people!

3.) Atlanta - I really think Vick is starting to hit his downside. He's not a great thrower. Sure he can gun the ball down the field, but his accuracy is for shit. Hopefully they can work Jerious Norwood into the mix a little to give some diversity to the run game, because I think the tread on Warrick Dunn's tires are about worn.

4.) New Orleans - This team has a chance at either a wild card spot, or just faltering back down to the bottom of the pit like usual. With Drew Brees, they should see a few extra wins, along with the duo of Bush & McAllister. Could be a fun year for N.O., but they have to prove it first.

NFC West

1.) Seattle - Team has only gotten better and wiser. Hopefully addition Nate Burleson brings some flair to the passing game, and Shaun Alexander doesn't let the curse sting him.

2.) Arizona - Offensive potential to light up the field! With Edge, we could see some vinatage Kurt Warner who has one of the best WR duos in the league. If they score enough points, they won't have to worry about a medicore defense.

3.) St. Louis - Could crack into the wild card spot. Bruce is aging, but Torry Holt is still one of the best. With the offense focused on the ground game, it's up to Stephen Jackson to lead the way.

4.) San Francisco - I'm sorry but this team just looks as pathetic as ever. Literally everyone is unproven. Hopefully Alex Smith develops and can get the ball to Antonio Bryant and Vernon Davis before he gets squashed. Frank Gore gets to sink or swim which could be nice.


1st seed - New England
2nd - Indianapolis
NFC North - Cinci
NFC West - San Diego
WC - Miami
WC - Pittsburgh

1st round - Cinci over Pittsburgh
1st round - Miami over San Diego
Divisional - Miami over New England
Divisional - Cinci over Indianapolis
Conference - Cincinnati over Miami

1st seed - Seattle
2nd seed - Carolina
NFC East - Philly
NFC North - Minnesota
WC - Dallas
WC - Tampa Bay

1st round - Philly over Tampa Bay
1st round - Dallas over Minnesota
Divisional - Seattle over Dallas
Divisional - Carolina over Philly
Conference - Carolina over Seattle

Superbowl - Cincinnati over Carolina
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Source - http://sportsline.com/nfl/story/9636314

PITTSBURGH -- Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had an emergency appendectomy after becoming ill before practice Sunday and will miss Thursday night's season opener against Miami.
Click Here

Coach Bill Cowher is not certain how long Roethlisberger will be out following the quarterback's third operation in 10 months and second in 2 months. Roethlisberger began having pain and was vomiting Sunday morning, and was taken to UPMC Presbyterian for surgery after being examined by the team's medical staff.

"The surgery went well," Cowher said. "He is obviously going to be out this week and we will go week to week from there."

Charlie Batch, the former Lions starter who was 2-0 as a fill-in last season when Roethlisberger hurt his knee, will start against the Dolphins in the NFL's season-opening showcase game.

"This is why Charlie is here. Charlie will be fine," Cowher said. "It's a situation that can happen to any football team. You can go out there and have a starter go down, whether it's an ankle or something else of that nature. That's the nature of the business."

Ben Roethlisberger winds up back in the hospital with more drama. (AP)
Ben Roethlisberger winds up back in the hospital with more drama. (AP)
The appendix attack is yet another medical setback for Roethlisberger, who nearly died in a June 12 motorcycle accident only to make a remarkably fast recovery. He missed no practice time during training camp and played better in the preseason than he did last year, when he went on to lead the Steelers to their first Super Bowl victory in 26 years.

Roethlisberger missed four games last season because of two knee injuries, one that required surgery, and injured his right thumb late in the season. He later said he broke it, though the Steelers never have confirmed that, but he missed no playing time because of that injury.

It was not immediately known if the motorcycle accident might have caused any internal damage that subsequently resulted in the appendix attack. All of Roethlisberger's known injuries from the crash -- a broken nose, orbital bones and upper and lower jaw, damaged teeth and a concussion -- were to his head.

According to various medical journals, one cause of appendicitis can be a perforation in the appendix. Unless there is severe bleeding, an otherwise healthy patient such as Roethlisberger often is released within 24 hours of surgery and has a relatively short recovery time.

Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward also had an appendectomy in 2002 and missed the final two exhibition games, but returned to make eight catches in the season opener against New England.

The Steelers were to begin the season with only two quarterbacks, Roethlisberger and Batch, plus rookie Omar Jacobs on their practice squad. But Cowher said they would bring in another quarterback this week.

One possibility might be former starter Tommy Maddox, who knows the Steelers' system better than any other quarterback they could bring in on short notice. But Maddox played poorly while losing two starts when Roethlisberger was out last season.

Unhappy at being cut after the season ended, Maddox was the only Steelers player who did not attend a White House ceremony honoring the Super Bowl champions this summer.

"We will assess the backup (situation) as the week goes on. This is the situation we are being dealt and we are not asking for any pity nor are we going to make any excuses," Cowher said. "We are going to get ready for Miami accordingly."

Roethlisberger is the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl, doing so at age 23 as the Steelers beat Seattle 21-10 on Feb. 5. He is off to one of the best starts of any NFL quarterback in history, leading the Steelers to a 27-4 record in his 31 starts and to two AFC Championship Games and one Super Bowl in two seasons.

The Steelers made the playoffs last season even with Roethlisberger sitting out one-quarter of their schedule, and Cowher said they will overcome this latest setback.

"Adversity is not what knocks you down, it is how you handle it and how you respond to it," he said. "This football team with its veterans has been down this road before, facing challenges and adversity."

The Steelers may be without their two top skill-position players against Miami. Ward, a four-time Pro Bowl selection and the Super Bowl MVP, didn't have a full training camp practice after Aug. 3 because of a sore hamstring and is listed as questionable. He did not play in the preseason.

The dude just can't catch a break.
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Originally posted by horrorfreak13
Detroit Lions(6-10) So when do the Lions fans start their overzealous superbowl parade after they win their opener again like the past 3 or 4 years.

They aren't going to win their opener, but I think they will finish 7-9.

And no sane Lion fan is going to think Super Bowl IF they some how win their first game against Seattle.
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Now the NFC predictions:

NFC East:

1. Philadelphia (10-6)- This is going to be an extremely tough division as all four teams are very close in quality, but I'm sticking with Philly. If the run game can stay consistent with Westbrook/Buckhalter/Moats, they will be fine. The defense is still solid all around and they have a very good balance.

2. New York Giants (9-7)- NY is very talented on both sides of the ball but they do have their weaknesses. I do doubt their defensive backfield(outside of Gibril) and Tiki has reached that 31 year old plateau. But I still think they are above Dallas and Washington, although I get hate for that.

3. Dallas (9-7)- Probably the best team overall on both sides of the ball, but I don't think they can keep it together enough to pull it out.

4. Washington (8-8)- Blah, next.

NFC West:

1. Seattle (11-5)- Still far and away the best team in the NFC West and I doubt the superbowl losing curse will hurt them.

2. Arizona (7-9)- Potentially a very good team but the biggest question still remains their offensive line. If Edge can have a good year, they could contend for a wild card spot. That and Karlos Dansby is too much of a question mark health wise and he's probably the 2nd best player on that defense(next to Adrian Wilson).

3. St. Louis (6-10)- Linehan will probably make this team a playoff team next year, but I don't think this team has it quite yet. They are very talented and Steven Jackson could be poised for his breakout year, but eh.

4. San Francisco (2-14)- It's San Fran, I just don't think this team can do anything. Smith will be a good QB once he gets a stable offensive line and a couple more weapons.

NFC North:

1. Chicago (11-5)- Still the best team in the NFC North, not that that takes much, but still. The defense is still god like and with improved CB depth, could get even better. The Offense could be better than people expect it to be and it probably will.

2. Minnesota (7-9)- I just don't know with this team. They could challenge the Bears if Brad Johnson plays decent and Kenechi Udeze/Erasmus James fullfil their potential this year and make the D-Line as great as it can be, you never know. But I don't see that happening this year. Plus, their LB'ers still do nothing for me.

3. Detroit (6-10)- I just don't feel like much of an improvement here. The O-Line sucks, there are constant injury issues, blah blah can't take anymore.

4. Green Bay (5-11)- If Ahman Green can play as well as he did a few years ago, I could be wrong here. Then again, I doubt it.

NFC South:

1. Carolina (12-4)- Sure they have a hard schedule, but you'd be hard pressed to find a team as good as this team is all around. The O-Line is good, the QB is good, the RB depth is very good, the receiver core is good, the D-Line will be great if Kris Jenkins can avoid the season ending injury, the LB'ers are solid and the defensive backfield is very good. This is the team to beat in the NFC.

2. Atlanta (10-6)- I also think their D-Line can be an absolute nightmare when they're healthy, and their overall team is just solid. Jenkins/White should be good for Vick and the team is just well rounded enough.

3. Tampa Bay (9-7)- The team is probably better than I give it credit for, but oh well. Shit happens, and while I don't like the Bucs, they'll probably make the playoffs to spite me.

4. New Orleans (5-11)- Reggie Bush was a dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb pick. I don't give a shit about his potential, how he was a once in a lifetime prospect, how great he can be, how young and talented and versaitaile and how great of a kid he is, it was a bad pick. They should have traded down and taken AJ Hawk, who they needed MUCH more than Bush when they already have a top 10-15 back in the league in Deuce.

NFC East: Philadelphia
NFC West: Seattle
NFC North: Chicago
NFC South: Carolina
NFC WC: Atlanta
NFC WC: New York Giants
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My turn:

AFC East

1. New England Patriots-(12-4)-Ah yes, the Pats haters are out in full bloom-"Wahh, they've won enough." "Oh, they're not the same without Branch or Givens." Keep in mind though, that Brady is STILL the best QB in the league and can get the ball to ANYBODY, and that defense is starting to look solid again. Breakout player should be Watson at TE, could be the next Coates...

2. Miami Dolphins-(8-8)-Definitely a team being overestimated by EVERYBODY, but with a tentative QB in Daunte, a shitty backup in Heatherton, and no decent running game to speak of, they'll win some and lose some...

3. New York Jets-(7-9)-Look for Pussington to get injured (again), and for Ramsey to come in and do a decent job, then get signed to a long-term contract at season's end following Chad's retirement...

4. Buffalo Bills-(2-14)-Easily the worst QB situation in the league, with J.P. "Never had it, never will" Losem arguably one of the worst starting QBs EVER, and Kelly Kelly on backup ain't much better. Expect the offense's bright spots to come from McGahee until he gets the season-ending injury, and expect the defense to give up LOTS of points...

AFC North

1. Cincinnati Bengals-(11-5)-If they can install a bail bonds office in the stadium, and Palmer stays healthy, this team can go a LONG way...

2. Pittsburgh Steelers-(9-7)-Definitely NOT the team they were last year, losing talent and if Big Ben goes down Charlie Bitch probably can't pick up the slack, while the running game and defense look decent...

3. Baltimore Ravens-(6-10)-McNair is one hit away from being in a wheelchair, Billick is one losing season from the unemployment line, and Ray Lewis and the rest of that formerly vaunted defense are one step from the retirement home...

4. Cleveland Browns-(4-12)-Charlie Frye should go down hard, and the rest will follow him to football Hell...

AFC South

1. Jacksonville Jaguars-(13-3)-Ready to roll after a good but not great season last year, Lord Byron and his boys should show a vast improvement now...

2. Indianapolis Colts-(10-6)-WIth the Edge now off, all the opposing defenses have to do every play is "think pass", and Peyton will suffer much because of it...

3. Houston Texans-(8-8)-I'll take a chance and predict this to be a great year (finally) for Carr, while the defense should show vast improvement...

4. Tenneseee Titans-(6-10)-If Volek starts, this record will be worse. If Collins starts, it might be better, but this should STILL be the year Jeff Fisher takes a powder...

AFC West

1. Oakland Raiders-(11-5)-WILL be the surprise in the division this year, and Randy Moss will make another Pro Bowl...

2. San Diego Chargers-(9-7)-Not expecting much out of Rivers, but LaDainian and Gates should carry the offense, while Schottenehimer's threats of 50 wind sprints for every point given up should inspire the defense...

3. Denver Broncos-(7-9)-The Broncs missing the playoffs for the first time in a while should inspire Shannahannadingdong to finally retire...

4. Kansas City Chiefs-(5-11)-Finally the year that Trent "Wuss" Green gets exposed for what he is, that Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzalez underperform, and that Ty Law shows he is the new Lawyer Milloy by doing next to nothing in the defensive backfield...

NFC tommorrow...
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NFC East

1. Dallas Cowboys-(14-2)-Bledsoe looks ready for a return to prime form, Terry Glenn looks primed to be a number 1 receiver(regardless of if TO plays well or not), the running game looks solid, and the defense is good as well. This may very well be the end for Parcells, but he should go out on top...

2. Washington Redskins-(10-6)-Some may say Brunell is too old, others may say Portis is too banged up, but like Parcells, this may be Gibbs' swan song of a season, and he WON'T go out a loser...

3. New York Giants-(8-8)-Lil' Eli has got a VERY big spotlight on him, and I see him wiltering under it as Tiki looks to be going back to "fumble" form, and Shockey's due to be exposed as the overrated poser he is(if he hasn't been already). Add to that an aging Strahan and a coach who has a bit of trouble handling the glare of the New York sports media, and I see an average team at best...

4. Philadelphia Eagles-(6-10)-Let's face facts: They've got McNabb, and what else?? Many say they're gonna emphasize the running game, but Westbrook is a wuss and the other backs ain't shit, once again with TO's departure they've got no receivers, and the defense looks as limp as it ever did. Donovan's good, but he ain't that good...

NFC North

1. Chicago Bears-(12-4)-As with many, the Bears win the division by default, with a good QB situation, great defense, and a solid, if troubled, running game...

2. Detroit Lions-(9-7)-I have faith in Kitna, and I think Martz is back to where he should be as solely an offensive coordinator. The defense though, might prevent them from making the playoffs...

3. Green Bay Packers-(7-9)-This IS the end for Favre, and despite maybe the worst team he's ever had, should will them to victory a few times before riding into the sunset...

4. Minnesota Vikings-(4-12)-Brad Johnson is past his prime, and if he goes down, who've they got?? Add to that a first-year head coach who probably shouldn't be a head coach, a glaring lack of talent at just about all the major skill divisions, and you pretty much got the whipping bitches of the NFC...

NFC South

1. Carolina Panthers-(15-1)-The cream of the NFC no doubt. Delhomme and Steve Smith look to be in their prime, Keyshawn is a MAJOR threat as the no. 2 receiver, Deshawn looks hungry as hell, and that defense-ouch!! Should pretty much dominate the league as everyone expects...

2. New Orleans Saints-(10-6)-ALOT better team than they've gotten credit for and it seems to be falling in place. Brees is a fine QB who San Diego should've kept, the receivers are capable, the defense is okay, and it can NEVER hurt to have Deuce and Reggie Bush in your backfield...

3. Atlanta Falcons-(8-8)-Expect Vick to be a lot more tentative, and for little ol Jim Mora to join his dad at the ex-coaches Home after the season concludes...

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-(6-10)-Baby Simms does NOT have what it takes to be a capable QB like his (overrated) father, Ronde and the rest of the D are wearing down, and only the Cadillac will be the bright spot for this team...

NFC West

1. Seattle Seahawks-(12-4)-As many have said they've lost very little, and should at least repeat as division champs...

2. Arizona Cardinals-(10-6)-These guys should get a winning record almost by default, cause with Warner, Leinert, Edge, Boldin, Fitzgerald, and the rest, how could you NOT win games with all of that??

3. St. Louis Rams-(7-9)-Look for Bulger and Steven Jackson to do well, and then look for total ineptitude from the rest of the team...

4. San Francisco 49ers-(1-15)-First pick of the draft next year indeed...

AFC First Round byes- Jacksonville and New England

Colts over Raiders
Bengals over Steelers

Patriots over Bengals
Colts over Jaguars

Patriots over Colts

AFC Champs-Patriots

NFC First Round Byes- Carolina and Dallas

Bears over Cardinals
Seahawks over Redskins

Panthers over Bears
Cowboys over Seahawks

Panthers over Cowboys

NFC Champs-Panthers

Super Bowl 41:

Patriots 28, Panthers 21

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And now the opening pick of the season:

Miami Dolphins over Pittsburgh Steelers-expect Daunte to outplay Bitch, and if the Miami run defense holds up, this is a lock...

More picks later...
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Crticisms on yours flamingo:

Volek is a MUCH better QB than Collins is, Harrington is a very good backup QB to have and hardly a shitty backup, Minnesota has very good talent at nearly every position(except maybe QB, LB, and WR), Philadelphia never needed good receivers to win before(although Brown is perfectly suitable) and the Eagles do have a quite the solid D actually, Peyton can still rule the world if defenses focus the pass on them and if he can't, there will be tons of holes for his RB's.

Oh and yes, Carolina/NE is my SB pick for the 2nd straight year(and has been for about 6 months now).

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AFC East:

1. Miami - Even in the worst division in the NFL, a sorry team can look good. Miami has made a lot of improvements, but the defense still needs work.

2. New England - Lost lots of talent and even more coaches. Everyone is picking them to go back to the dance (journalists and bloggers alike). Seeing how they pretty much did nothing to grab some high caliber talent in the off season, I think they'll be lucky to go .500.

3. Buffalo Bills - The only thing this team can be thankful for is they aren't the Jets.

4. The Jets - I'm guessing three wins at best.

AFC North:

1. Cincinnati - Division champs? Maybe so. But they need to shore up that defense if they want to be a SuperBowl contender. And even so, Pittsburgh is waiting in the wings.

2. Pittsburgh - I don't see this team slowing down, even with Big Ben sitting out a couple. They are primarily the same team they were last year. If that passing game doesn't stay consistent, then the Steelers may be lucky to get a wild card.

3. Baltimore - I don't see this team being as good as they think they will be. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they fall to Cleveland.

4. Cleveland - Stepchildren always. This team won't always be in the cellar. Give them a couple of seasons of building and they could be a contender.

AFC South:

1. Indianapolis - The Colts are looking like a lean mean fighting machine. If their defensive game holds any water, this team could pull off a SuperBowl season.

2. Jacksonville - The only team to push the Colts this year for a division win. But much like the Colts, they have a pretty rough schedule.

3. Tennessee - They're rebuilding in grand fashion. I'm pretty confident that Indy and Jacksonville both will do better this year...but time is on the side of the Titans. It won't be long before this team is in the hunt for the big dance.

4. Houston - If the offense doesn't get it together this year, then I see a few coaches going to the unemployment line. Houston's defense may have made some strides, though.

AFC West

1. Denver - This pains me greatly. If the offense remains consistent (Jake Plummer included), the Broncos could repeat their division title in 2006. And they could remain a threat for years. Pardon me while I groan aloud.

2. Kansas City - Yeah, yeah, I know...new head coach, no Al Saunders, no Tony Richardson, no WIllie Roaf. I say this could still be a playoff year for the Chiefs, and I could see them winning as many as 12 games, although I'd consider this year a big success if they were to nab a wildcard spot.

3. San Diego - Is Phillip Rivers qualified to replace Drew Brees? He has a very short time to find out. This team has a lot of unanswered questions. If the Chargers don't come back to the playoffs soon, Marty Schottenheimer could bolt right into retirement.

4. Oakland - As long as Al Davis is in charge of the Raiders, I'll never have to worry about them returning to a SuperBowl. Sadly, this once great team is micromanaged into the ground. He needs to learn to keep his hands off and let his coaching staff do their jobs.

Division champs: Miami, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Denver

Possible wild cards: New England, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Kansas City

AFC Champions: Cincinnati

NFC East:

1. NY Giants - Until now, Eli Manning may have wondered what it would be like to have the kind of success his brother has enjoyed. Start spreading the news, Giants fans...the younger Manning is about to emerge a superstar among a very strong team.

2. Dallas - The 'Boys need to dump that lost luggage they call T.O. and get back to reality. Drew Bledsoe is a decent enough QB, but does he have a supporting cast to watch his back? I think not. And Owens will wreck this team, as always. Lose the dead weight, Bill.

3. Washington - The Skins have quite a pool of talent at receiver. Too bad they don't have a decent QB or RB. I think it would be safe to say 8-8 is as good as they go this year.

4. Philadelphia - That defense is tough as nails. Too bad Donavan McNabb doesn't have the offense he needs to make it back to the playoffs.

NFC North -

1. Chicago - Easily the best team in this division, but still needs to address offensive issues if they expect to make it to the NFC Championship.

2. Minnesota - Talk about a quick turnaround. The Vikes might not make it to the division title, but they can still be a wildcard. Still some holes on both sides of the ball, but this team could be back in the hunt within another season.

3. Detroit - Damn Lions. Between the up and down offense and all the injuries this team seems to sustain, I just can't tell if there's a good team in there or not. I'm thinking not, though.

4. Green Bay - This is it. The countdown to Brett Favres gold watch party. He deserves better than to go out with a horrible team like this one.

NFC South:

1. Carolina - "And the Lombardi trophy goes to..." Yeah, you guessed it. The Panthers have the tools to win the title. Talent, good coaching staff, solid team play...good luck to any team that has to face them.

2. Atlanta - Better defense and a stronger offensive line make the Falcons a lock for second. But if Michael vick doesn't get his shit together soon, he'll be trade bait.

3. Tampa Bay - This team is still struggling to find its identity, even after a SuperBowl win in 2002. Williams is a good RB, and there are some good players on both sides of the ball. They just can't seem to play as a team.

4. New Orleans - Beyond Drew Brees and some great draft picks, what else is there? The Saints deserve better than this.

NFC West:

1. Seattle - Same as they ever were, only with a tougher schedule. Watch out for the Cardinals, though. Nothing is written in stone with these two teams competing.

2. Arizona - At last, a playoff caliber team for the woeful Cards. These guys could make a legitimate run for the division title. With the additions of James, Leinhart, and many others to the existing team, they are a newborn threat.

3. St. Louis - Only because San Francisco sucks more.

4. San Francisco - Oh well...what could a number one draft pick hurt? I hope Alex Smith has tons of life insurance.

Division winners: NY Giants, Chicago, Carolina, Seattle.

Possible wild cards: Dallas, Minnesota, Atlanta, Arizona

NFC Champions: Carolina

SuperBowl Winner: Carolina over Cincinnati

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Steelers-Dolphins-Well, this just shows Sabin can't coach and Culpepper ain't ready to really play, yet. You have a three-point lead in the fourth quarter and you choose to go DEEP?! Sabin clearly takes the blame for that first pick. Then the Steelers score to take a four point lead, and Culpepper, in essence, throws the game away, making the second pick (and TD by Porter) clearly his fault. As for Bitchbatch, he definitely played better than I expected, though when there's almost NO pass rush from the Fins D, you have the luxury of picking and choosing where you want the ball to go. And I might be wrong, but there were absolutely NO false start penalties the whole game, that's the first time I've seen that in a while. But back to Sabin. He clearly hesitated throwing the red flag on that disputed touchdown, and a true head coach needs to be more assertive than that. Add to that the fact the Fins have a HORRID running game, and, contrary to many opinions, I have few worries about the Pats overwhelming the division this year...
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LOL at you thinking Saban can't coach.

I guess going your whole professional carrer without a losing season, winning a national championship in college and your team having a 9-7 record in your first year is just pretty standard.
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Just because you coach great at the COLLEGE level doesn't make you an Ultimate Football Mastermind in the pros. Spurrier, anyone??
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Average teams (which last years Dolphons were) don't get to 9-7 without a coach who knows what he is doing.
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Week 1 Picks-

Seattle Seahawks over Detroit Lions

Tennessee Titans over NY Jets

Denver Broncos over St. Louis Rams

New England Patriots over Buffalo Bills

Houston Texans over Philadelphia Eagles

Carolina Panthers over Atlanta Falcons

Cinncinati Bengals over Kansas City Chiefs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Baltimore Ravens

New Orleans Saints over Cleveland Browns

Chicago Bears over Green Bay Packers

Dallas Cowboys over Jacksonville Jaguars

Arizona Cardinals over San Francisco 49ers

Indianpolis Colts over NY Giants

Washington Redskins over Minnesota Vikings

Oakland Raiders over San Diego Chargers
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Blown calls on instant replays

Why the hell do they have instant replay in the NFL if the refs dont even know how to use it and make the right call. I am neither a Jags or Cowboys fan so this is completely unbias but there were two important calls challenged and even though it was perfectly clear from every angle on the review the refs still got both calls wrong. This is the type of shit that needs to stop or its going to ruin football. Just look at the Superbowl, get these old refs some glasses or something.
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Wow. The KC offensive line is awful. Kyle Turley and Jordan Black are morons. Trent Green is moving his arms and legs, but he doesn't remember getting his head slammed into the turf. Man, 36 years old and making runs against massive defenders...that's incredible. But he wouldn't have to if his new offensive tackles had done some work.
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Phantom Calls

Ok, once again, completely unbias here. I understand the Colts were leading and they'res no knowing if the Giants would have scored but that fucking phantom offensive pass interference call on the Giants is another example of the refs ruining football. A missed call is somewhat understandable because the refs cant see everything on the field but how can you call something that never ever ever happened or was even remotely close to happening. Football is the best sport bar none but this shit has got to stop. Coaches should be able to challenge penalties. Regardless the Giants fucked themselves for not getting out of bounds on their last drive.
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And that Carter pass interference call was VERY bad.
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E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!!!!!

Dallas and Giants lose, thank you very much!

Also you gotta luv how so many people doubted The Ravens because of there age, when they were a 5th ranked d last year while being completely unmotivated. This year, they have ultimate motivation and yesterday they dominated a division winning team with one hell of a good defense themselves. The Bucs don't suck, they just got dominated.

Yes, by all accounts the Chiefs do have line problems. as well as offensive woes. Green got hurt, but only had 90 yards thru 3 quarters. This would be acceptable ONLY if the running game had been clicking, or the score had been closer. I guess the new O.C. needs more gel time for the team.

Jake Delhomme needs a way to get other recievers involved who are not named Steve Smith...period.

Michael Vick looking good with the new rolling pocket. Took them long enough to figure out what gave Doug Flutie a 16 yr career! Love the new Falcons D. Lets hope they didn't lose both D.E.'s yesterday. Abraham played great, but looked pretty gimpy late in that game.

Brett Favre, take a hint..

The Giants loss helps my Iggles, but dang they had to swallow some really bad calls in that game. I muted 90% of all Manning vs Manning hype, and I'm glad I did!

Somebody, please explain what the hell the Titans are doing at QB? Vince ain't ready yet, and Kerry doesn't know the offense yet. So why not start Volek?

Hey Dungy, the running game(and play action for that matter) is just not working.. Hope you have a plan for this. Although we realize the O is in the hands of Tom Moore.

Jags seemed to find themselves late in that game yesterday. Shame they had to lose there DE in the process. Me thinks Parcells is gonna short leash Bledsoe for Romo sometime soon. Drew is the wooden one.

My god, how do I stay up for both games tonight...lawdy.
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Some week 1 thoughts

First HA!!!! Dallas lost great way to blow a lead and how about Drew Bledsoe I wonder when the whiny piece of shit will start whining when Bledsoe continues playing like shit. I look forward to seeing my Redskins pound you to 0-2. BTW How the fuck do you end up #11 on Peter King's fine 15 oh I know he picked you for the Superbowl.

Oh also Michael Irvin you fucking dolt Dallas nor will any NFC East team go 12-4 this year and Dallas isn't winning the super bowl with Drew Bledsoe at QB.

Giants lost although that pass interference call bas BS. Nice to know officiating has gotten better

Also the most overhyped game actually lived up to the hype.

The Chiefs really miss Roaf as their O-line will have problems. That plus new offense wasn't coming together. Huard should look for Gonzalez more. Oh yeah th eTrent Green hit was very fucking scary. I almost cringed it looks even worse in slow motion.

Baltimore could make the AFC North intresting.

Denver is so fucking overrated it's not even funny.

Buffalo could be better than I thought. Mind you they always play the Pats tough so that might not mean much.

Carolina needs Steve Smith badly or this team might be screwed.

Also nice to see the Falcons coaching staff letting the Michael Vick of 3 years ago come out instead of trying to turn him into a pocket passer.

The 26-0 win by the Bears either means the Bears are really good or the Packers are really fucking horrible. Might be both.

Lions still suck and might win 5 games but don't disagree with Marinelli's decision to noy kick a 54 yard field goal and turned it to his defense, but disagree with the Bills not kicking the field goal that would have put them up 20-7 instead they turn it over and gave life to the Pats.

Shaun Alexander you have been cured by EA Sports live with it.

So to tonight and since experts say don't make a big deal about the pre-season yet they make a big deal when the Redskins first string offense dosen't score any points. You know what they are on the field for about 1 QTR a game and their offensive coach Al Saunders dosen't traditionally show much in the pre-season so ESPN can fuck off. The Steelers went 0-4 in the pre-season and the Colts almost always go 0-4 in the pre-season and none of them say shit about it.

I guess Dallas 4-0 pre-season record was the factor of most of the experts picking them to finish 1st or 2nd this year in the NFC East.

Now to enjoy first destroying the Vikings, and watching San Diego pound the shit out of the Raiders will be nice too.
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Deon Branch to the Seahawks for a 1st round draft pick. I believe this is good for both teams. The Hawks need anothe receiver to go with Jackson.

The Patriots need to rebuild and getting a number 1 pick helps a lot even if it means giving up a top receiver.

Week 1 was exciting. I missed the first half games because I worked till 5, but got to see some second half.

The Cowboys losing to the Jags was a good game. I thought the Cowboys were going to come back and win, but I was wrong.
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Jags/Cowboys- Jags looked bad, dallas looked even worse. Bledsoe has sucked since Tom Brady took his job, dont know why he is starting

Denver/St. Louis- Could last year have been a fluke for Jake Plummer?

NYG/Colts- Peyton Manning probably should have thrown 4 interceptions last night if it werent for the bad hands of NY's secondary, they need to figure out the running game. Eli looked sharp, too bad the refs took away their chance of winning.

Eagles/Texans- Yeah the Eagles looked good yesterday but dont forget who they were playing. I still think the Giants take this division

Bears/Packers- If I'm the coach of a team, lets say the Packers, I dont care who the fuck you are even if you're name may be Brett Favre, you play like that I'm putting in the second year QB. If I just got annihilated by another team in my division why waste my time with a guy who wont be here next year, there is no shame in rebuilding and starting new.

Didnt catch any of the other games but I was glad to see the Chiefs get squashed. I hate Herm Edwards.
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Old 09-12-2006, 07:45 AM
If I could title this as an article, I'd call it "Correcting Common Misconceptions".

The Broncos got punked out last year in opening week, too. Expect a comeback.

Larry Johnson isn't in that much trouble. He's not a scrub like Mike Anderson or Kevan Barlow. Corey Dillon and Barry Sanders are two examples of fine running backs with shady o-lines.

When Rex Grossman lasts past week three, then I'll be impressed.

I feel better about Cincinnati playing Indianapolis now, than I did ever before.

Someone on NFL network yesterday made a good point. "Are the Titans going to the playoffs this year? No. Then start Vince Young."

The Cowboys aren't that bad. One problem is the kicking game. Bledsoe isn't that bad. The offense is high powered, it just needs some tweaking in the red zone. Bledsoe also did fine his first year in Buffalo when he had over 4,000 yards passing and 24 TDs. His stats last year weren't bad either, and I feel he was put in a tough situation in the fourth quarter that would have been better if the rest of the team didn't have their heads out of their asses. Terrell Owens for example, was completely out of shape.

Almost any team can reach the superbowl in the NFC, including the Cowboys. They are a very wishy-washy conference.

Props to Kurt Warner.

I stick up for Brett Favre. He has the rest of his life to sit on the couch, and knows that once he steps down he'll never play pro football again in his life.

I'm not ready to write off the Seahawks and Shaun Alexander.

Deion Branch isn't worth the money.

I'm ready to see Baltimore take on the AFC North. They always play their best against Pittsburgh, but lately Cincinnati has had their number. I think some of this might be that the defense of Baltimore might not carry a total hatred, due to a lot of love and respect for Marvin Lewis. I'm not saying that they don't give it their all, but you can most definately tell a difference with the team's heart when they play Pittsburgh.

Things are going to get a lot worse in Cleveland before they get better.

I can see a few teams trying to goad New Orleans into trading Mr. McAllister before the deadline. I doubt it happens as New Orleans loves that 1-2 punch, but they do have a lot of needs. The more likely factor is the Deuce leaving in the off-season, but I really wouldn't be suprised if something happens.

I feel bad for T.J. Duckett. This league hasn't been good to him.

The Bengals really need T.J. Houshmandzadeh. He's really a top-notch Wide Receiver, and Chris Henry is so focused on playing the slot that he has difficulty understanding what's going on when he has to play the starting role.

I think at the end of the season, Atlanta will have me sticking my foot in my mouth and saying, "I told ya so". I think Michael Jenkins will prove that he is an outstanding talent, which will make Michael Vick look good.
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Old 09-12-2006, 10:03 AM
Originally posted by DarkKnight81
Eagles/Texans- Yeah the Eagles looked good yesterday but dont forget who they were playing. I still think the Giants take this division
I'm an Eagles fan and I'll agree the Giants should win the division. I'm still betting the Eagles have a shot at it though, and will probably get a wildcard at the worst. Good measuring stick this weekend. Giants @ Eagles 1oclock!

God help me I still love that Nike High School football commercial with Urlacher, Vick and friends.

Last night the Vikings really impressed me. The new coach eally seems to have a handle, as the Redskins aren't a bad team. Looking forward to Dallas vs Washington next weekend.

The Raiders need O-line intervention badly. Both QB's got about a second and a half to throw all night. Shawn Merriman is like...Wolverine playing football! Oh, and that unsportsman like conduct flag on Moss last night was bullshit.
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Old 09-12-2006, 11:20 AM
Fuck John Hall couldn't kick that damn field goal.

As long as they beat Dallas next week that's all that matters.

Maybe though Minnesota is a little better than I thought.

Also is Shawne Merriman a beat or what but fuck the Raiders are really fucking horrible, like I thought they would be bad but that is a really fucking bad team. San Diego's D-Line just fucking killed their O-line all night. I think Brooks was sacked more times than he had completions.
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